Coniston Half Marathon

Does anybody know where I can find out some information on next year's Coniston race ? I've searched on Google and the RW event finder but nothing has come up.

Its a few years since I have ran it and now I'm getting back into the running, I want to make Coniston my first half marathon for 3 years. If anybody hasn't done it, its the best ever !!! Thanks....


  • I thought it was 14 miles? I did it last year, was really enjoyable. Try runnerswebuk. I'll ask hubby tonight if he has the details as we've entered next year - having said that we might not be able to go now!
  • Its on Saturday 27th March,not sure what time the race starts?Tequila is right,its 14 miles so you'll be disapponted with your time if you're hoping its 13.1!!
  • It has a site at

    Great race hopfully i'll have a good race this year after last years PW.
  • Hi Chunky D and Tequila

    That website link does not exist and there is nothing on Coniston on runnerswebuk - does anybody have a number I can call ?

  • The link worked for me...
  • Go to - it's on there on 27 March and there's an info link.
  • Sorry but i wont have any details until tomorrow as need to ask hubby!
  • Try this - go to and see if they have link to the race, or go to and go to running clubs - cumbria and there are two clubs there that will probably have the information.

    I got thru to the coniston14 site and there are full details there.
    Good luck!
  • Hi All

    Must have been something up with my browser - I'm now through, so thanks for all your help ! See you at Coniston
  • You're welcome!
  • Thanks Dave - I was going to start a thread on this but you've saved me the effort.

    Basically, my question is what's the race like? I've looked at the website, printed the application form and noted the positive comments above. Anything else I need to know before entering?
  • Hi CumbriAndy

    Well, me and my brother are both amateur plodders, lucky to do 2 hours. But we have done it twice as it is such a lovely scenic run with minimum pollution. For a road race in Britain this is pretty rare ! It is a very hilly run but obviously once you have tackled the up hills the down hills are a welcome relief ! Aside from the benefits of a fantastic looking place to run for 14 miles, you have a great place to go out in any of the nearby towns if real ale and good conversation is your bag. Go for it ! I'll be the red faced pot bellied geordie struggling over the line around the 2hour 20min mark ! See you there and good luck !
  • I'm really wanting to do this race, however the fact it is surrounded by hills worries me a lot!
  • Hi my favourite race of all time done it 10 times I doont particularly like hills but all of the other aspects of the race are so good you wont even notice Beverley

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