it band problem with no pain?

In march this year I ran my first half marathon and I guess my problem started whilst training for it. I did notice having a tight it band on both legs whilst training, but I bought my first foam roller which helped. Anyway, I ran the race with no problems during or after. It was whilst training for my next half marathon in early november that I noticed a flicking of (I think) my it band when my right knee is flexed. I don't have any pain in the area and it doesn't cause me any pain or problem running. I've seen a physio recently and he pointed out tightness in my right glute, itb, hamstring and calf. I bought a new foam roller as my other one was now out of shape. So, I've been rolling, stretching and also bought a spiky ball to use too, but I can't seem to stop the band flicking. If its adhesions, I would have thought all the rolling that I'm doing would sort it out? As I said, I don't get any pain, but it definitely flicks over the epicondyle area. Is it possible to have an it band problem without pain? As well as running I swim, gym and yoga. I'm having a gait analysis next week so hopefully that will show up something. Any advice appreciated, thanks.


  • Can you put on a strap ( pat strap, etc) to stop it flicking?

    I suspect it is just a mechanical thing, and as long as it doesn't hurt, does it matter?- only thing is whether it will start to rub and get sore if you train more.

  • I had something very similar while marathon training. It didn't seem to impact my training and I also had regular sports massages, which tended to reduce it.

    After the race my physio gave me some balancing exercises and core work (single leg etc) to correct the muscle imbalances she said were the cause. I guess even if it's not causing you a problem now, it might be worth determining the root cause so it doesn't turn into something more serious later.

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