Wednesday 26th December 2012


Lyrics - That place we all run to

Hope the service went well last night Blisters. I didn't realise it was the church choir you were singing in - I was a chorister in the dim and distant. I think the voice is like everything else though, use it or lose it and I've certainly lost mine. The turbo is an excellent training tool, requires some discipline to use it effectively but good for mental strength too. Riding in a pack is nice but we race solo.

Inventive emzap. Hope the cake was nice.

What:           long bike - though on the mtb
Why:            time, opportunity and flooding
Last hard:    2/12
Last rest:     22/12

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Afternoon LMH. Very quiet on here today!

    What: 3 slow miles
    Why: day 1 of marathon schedule
    Site of biopsy giving me some pain today, think the 6.2 I did the other day was a bit much for it.  Hopefully the dressing will be off in the next few days though...

    Off to UK at 5am tomorrow, hope the roads aren't too wet...

    Have a good one all.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    hello all, hope you all had a lovely day yesterday!!

    just done 5 and a bit, lovely and mild out there but the cough/throat has refsurfaced so was a little wheezy.oh well...
    Sneaked off for 30 minutes yesterday over the fields, well I say fields , more like flood plain and shin deep mud. But it did give me an appetite (and a thirst!!)
    Ought to enter some races/get a goal as training been steady if unspectacular of late. (One 10+ miler in 4 weeks)
    last hard - a week ago
    last rest - 12 days

    not sure of the words... 

  • Afternoon all, just got back from my 5 mile road race, missed out on a pb by 7 secs image

    Was really windy in the middle and my mile splits suffered, other than that I was fairly consistent, first mile done in 6:48, second mile in 6:46, then dropped to 7:10 in the middle, fourth mile back to 6:43 and realised I had to run hard on the last mile and just missed out image

    Never mind, was still a good time and know I can improve in perfect conditions.

    Hope everyone has had a great christmas
  • Afternoon!

    What: 3k walk including 5 x 80 metres slooow jog.
    Why: Building up, I hope. No Achilles or calf issues...but my "good" shin was tender. Suspect it is from the walking where I am getting a pretty decent pace going.

    Well done, Sweep:  you can't get a PB every race!

    Lyrics: no doubt I should, but don't.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • emzap - hope it's just a question of having over done it slightly - there's no redness, swelling, itchiness around the wound is there? Much drier here this morning so hopefully you'll be ok travelling.

    sweep - that's so infuriating I know but you seem to have a good perspective. When's the next attempt.

    Dustin - are you doing VLM next year?

    Walked Grace this morning and was surprised by how much the ground had dried overnight then arrived home to find that Mark had a flat tyre on his mtb so we took the road bikes out in the end - just over two hours done with minimal standing water (though we did avoid the two roads that we found were closed yesterday).

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • What: 6 miles
    Why: day 2 of marathon schedule
    (Day 1 - yesterday, 4 mile run).

    First week of 16 week marathon schedule for Brighton in April.  First two days all good!

    Hope everyone has had a great Christmas and is enjoying a good Boxing Day.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Yesterdays lyrics were "London", vocals and music by Thea Gilmore, lyrics from a lost notebook of the late and lamented Sandy Denny.

    Todays lyics - no, but have just googled them to find that the album is on my Christmas wish list and not all my prezzies are in yet! I thought that their last album was a bit patchy but "Dustland Fairy Tale" is a brilliant track.

    On Sunday I was expressing concern about a sore calf, so didn't run yesterday or Monday. Managed a very comfortable 5M (having only intended to do a couple of miles) with no tangible discomfort. So my mantra had now become "any mile run is a good mile.......but sometimes a mile not run is better!". Rest of this week is going to be short and easy efforts.

    Welcome Davey...2 days gone. 100 days to go image

    Alehouse: This are looking promising don't you think.
  • Nothing planned just yet, I don't have a spring marathon but will probably tag along with club mates with their training, so hopefully get a decent fitness boost over the next few months and then have another go
  • Afternoon! Hope everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday. Any good running gifts received?

    What: Resting.

    Why: Covered 30k in four days, my legs felt really restless on Xmas Eve. Got a Garmin Forerunner 10 under the tree so took that out for 5k with the dog between Dr Who and Call the Midwife. Love it and will help with my VLM training!

    Lyrics: Don't know.
  • I got a pair of inov8 road shoes that I test run today, very pleased with them, I already run on my toes do had no problems with running in minimal shoes.
  • Tom - I received the CD as a xmas present and think it's quite different, and on first couple of listenings, better than their last offering.

    Welcome Davey.

    My best running related gift is probably my RW training diary. I love to keep a paper record as well as the Garmin download and much prefer it to the Triathletes Training Diary which I have been bought previously.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Thanks Tom and Little M.iss Happy!  Hope you are having a good Christmas.

    Need to get a running diary to record my training.

    Rest day tomorrow for me before getting back out again on Friday morning.

  • I'd recommend the rw training diary as well, can start it any time of the year, plenty of tips through out.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Hello Davey, have you tried fetcheveryone as an online running log?

    Re running related gifts, mine was a pair of windproof, breathable gloves.  Tried them this morning and they are great image

    LMH No more redness or itching than before, so think it's ok, just a bit of a shock to the system I guess! 

    So excited about coming back tomorrow, even if it is underwater!

  • Thanks Sweep and Emzap - just ordered the RW Training Diary.  Just hope it comes soon so I can start recording my training.

    No running gifts for me this Christmas, but have been enjoying my Sweatshop band earphones I bought myself the other week (and only £8)!

    And emzap - I love my GORE running gloves for cold and wet weather.

  • What: 4 mile gentle 'yak on lovely cool but bright morning to one of Orkney's gloups (sea caves with open roof)
    (LMH - into the Gloup and on to Brough of Deerness)
    Had thought about a short run after but having to change a flat on the trailer put paid to that.
    Why: Lovely weather for  winter, yesterday and today (more gales forecast for later this week)
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last Hard: a while ago
    Lyrics no

    Some steady miles going in for folk on here despite the holiday

    Other than on here, I have ye to record a (non race) mile image

  • OH - holidays are the best time to get the miles in. I have fond memories of the Gloup and the seals image

    Davey - are you targeting any particular races/distances next year?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
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