Adizero HJ FL versus Adizero HJ Flow

does anyone have any idea what the difference between these two types of high jump are?,en_GB,pd.html,en_GB,pd.html


there must be some difference but I can't see it! and on another point, anybody else used them? Any good for left-footed take offs?


  • Hi Father,

    I'm no expert but I think...

    The first shoe - the HJ Flow - is for jumpers who have a faster run up, approach the bar slightly more straight on and take off further away from the bar - and have a longer, floatier jump arc?

    The 2nd shoe - the HJ FL (also known as the HJ Stability) - is for jumpers who approach the bar very much side on and take off closer to the bar with more of a straight up and down technique.

    The Adidas athlete Blanka Vlasic uses the HJ Stability but if you're not sure, the HJ Flow is the more versatile of the two and probably the one you should go for.

  • And there's no difference between the left and right of either...

  • Very helpful - bless you, Waylon.
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