Looking for my first trail running shoes

Hi, I only started running in May and am loving it. It's all been on the roads though. I have some trails near where I live that I ride on my mountain bike and I have seen runners up there. I wouuld love to have a go at running away from cars and on natural surfaces. As a bonus it is very hilly so I guess it will help my fitness big time.

I would love to get a pair of trail running shoes in the sales. Can anyone give me a steer as to which to get? I want to spend about £60 but am happy to go higher if there is a good bargain to be had. These will be my first trail running shoes. 

I am a mild overpronator - but from what I have read due to the uneven surfaces on trails that is not really relevant to the shoe choice right? I just mention it in case it IS important.


  • These cover fell/trail & some road;

    Don't forget though, the more off-road biased the sole, the quicker it'll wear out on tarmac (ie; if you have a long run to your unsurfaced routes)


    Can vouch for the 'Mud-Claw 333' & 'Roc-Lite 315' myself

  • What are the brooks Cascadia 7 shoes like? Found them on amazon for almost 40% off.
  • I'm a fan of the Adidas Kanadias. Lightweight, sub £40 and soles like an angry tractor. Apparently they not too good on wet rock, though I've never had any trouble. They did me proud in the CTS Gower "10k" (7.2 miles, pah) and that was ridiculously squidgee.

  • Kanadias seem very good for soft conditions.

    If its not muddy try Saucony jazz trail shoes - you can usually find them for ??40 or so.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    New Balance 110 are about 40 quid. Had no problems with mine so far.
  • I've got some Cascadias and they are good shoes. Hybrid style so they are ok on road sections too. Perhaps don't have the traction in the mud that you would get with a pure trail shoe.
  • Once you start on off road shoes you will never be happy with one pair I have a pair of NB 101 awesome for most things except really muddy runs pretty minimal though. . Mizuno Wave Harriers like the NB but offer more protection. Had Kanadias and some asics but didn't get on with them. Also have more mile Cheviots for when it gets real muddy and x country or fell races.

    For a one stop shop I would choose the Mizuno as the grip is good and they are ok on sections of road.

    Hope this helps
  • When selecting a shoe for running off-road you need to look at the terrain you`l be running over then match a shoe to it... eg

    Adidas Adizero XT3: great shoe for when the trails are baked dry or mixed terrain runs with a mile+ of road work..can deal with an inch of mud but lateral grips not great

    Inov-8 X-Talon 212 : Serioulsy capable off-road shoe thats light, flexible, with superb stability for running muddy/technical trails at faster than an MTB pace..image

    Inov-8 Oroc 280 : Amazing off-road shoe that grips wood/rock/snow/ice like you wouldn`t belive..

  • Any good places to get Kanadias at the mo?
  • Am running in Saloman Crossmax. They work great (bar the ties not going into the toungue the way they should), and stand up to the dreadful amount of mud we have had recently. Would not recommend them for hotter climes though.

  • Kanadias are under ??40 from sportsshoes and if you can face it - sports direct have them in too.
  • Thanks guys - i sense that i'm going to end up with more shoes than my wife image I will probably run along the north downs way and since it is a kind of cycle track (although it CAN get very mudy in places) I went for the cascadia's. I will start off there and then look in to the other suggestions you have all kindly made as I progress.

    Thanks very much.

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