App for recording runs?

I currently record all my mileage etc in a small diary and have quite a drawer full. However what with it being the 21st century and me having a lovely new Samsung galaxy phone and being fused to my iPad I thought there is prob a more hi-tec option for 2013. Can anyone recommend any apps or sites where I can record my runs and analyse everything in an obsessive fashion?


  • I like my also fo an app, but there are loads of apps / websites mapmyrun etc... Seriously there are tons. I also use garmin's website and 69p app, as I also update the site automatically from my garmin watch but you can use the app on phone then if you ever get a GPS watch just carry on using the same site.

    Seriously there are probably hundreds of apps / websites.
  • I know! Kind of overwhelming...
  • My Garmin 610 is the best thing I bought. Easy to use too. I am not experience both with the Garmin or running, just starting. 

  • Try Strava - it's free and provides great information. 

  • Runkeeper is my favourite. GPS tracking, pace and distance through headphones while running, training programs available, ability to link to other users and other social media.
  • A second for strava. Can compare yourself to other runners and I personally find it great motivation.
  • runkeeper or endomondo

  • Runkeeper for me too.

  • Adidas MiCoach ticks the right boxes too... 

  • is a very popular website, free and based in the UK. Over 1300 people have recorded a run on the 1st of January, and its all in a league table so you can see how you are doing. If you have a GPS watch you can probably upload the data directly.

    As the site owner says 'you can capture everything you do in our training log and spend so long analysing it, you forget to wash.'

    Also has good forums, blogs and one of the best lists for finding races.

  • +1 for Endomondo - Very easy to use + doesn't have to be on mobile internet.

    Very good UI and detailed. Also has lots of expansion (Pro versions + HRM)

    Helps to track PB's and routes, as well as Avg/Max speeds.

  • Runkeeper for me.  Easy to use,  logs it all on a website as well as your phone.

  • Update...I opted for Runkeeper as it was so easy...still fathoming though. Thanks for those who took time to advise me.
  • I use Mapmyrun. Love it. Can't recommend it highly enough and if you have friends or family using the app/website you can see their runs too.

  • Strava; it does get addictive though. Also records how many miles a particular shoe does.
  • run keeper for me as well

  • endomondo + for me, its great as it gives you updates if you want them, records all your history and analyses it all online too

  • Runkeeper for me, links with garmin also
  • +1 as above. even though I got a garmin, runkeeper is still my main site (garmin files sync to RK)

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