It's gone all floppy :(

I have an LED Lenser H7R, had it for a year or so. It's never been the most rigid of torches but I'm finding it is trying to spend more and more time pointing at my nose and less and less at the trail.

Maybe its my magnetic personality, but I'd I'd rather it looked where it was meant to.

Any suggestions for stiffening it up? I'm tempted to superglue the bugger, but you just know it'll end up pointing at not quite the right angle.


  • My H7 did exactly the same when I started using it for running (it had 4 years faithful service for camping & hiking), I just don't think that the hinge assembly is designed to cope with the constant pounding.

    I got in contact with the UK distributors for LED Lenser ( and they were fantastic about sorting a replacement, despite the age. Brilliant customer service.

    I would add that I have several other LED Lenser torches, which are all in great working order despite heavy use, I think it is just that the H7 isn't well suited to running.

    Needless to say, I won't be using the new one for running just in case, so I was considering getting the Alpkit Gamma, once they come back into stock at

  • I have the Alpkit Gamma, it's great for the trails. Certainly no floppy issues here image

  • Plus 1 for the alpkit. Stays where you put it.
  • I've got the H7 too, but haven't used it as much as I expected, so the lens pivot is still play on mine.

    Damned good light output/beam-patterns for the price though (think I paid about £45 with the little P3 in a duo-pack)

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