50 Year Old Man new runner but reasonably fit from other sports

Merry Christmas every one, let hope we all have a great year and a new experience in 2013. 

I want to be realistic, I am sure there are some very experienced runners out there and I will seek all advice whether you are an expert or not. 

I can honestly say I have a base line of 20 miles per week now, and I feel I could run a 45 minute 10k as I have trained on a 46 minute 10k time. 

I am now getting ready for the Greater Manchester Marathon on the 28 April 2013, but my main aim is to get a 40 min 10k time and 1 hour 30 mins Half Marathon time. 

What do you feel is the best training program to do and what kind of food intake do I need to have. Is it possible for someone of my age who does not come from a runners background to achieve this. If so how often do I need to race. Please help me. 






  • I think there wil be a period of improvement for any "new" runner regardless of age, you won't really know what you're capable for a while but you can expect to improve if you keep running.

    There is one bloke in our club who's gone from 1:35 ish for a half to the 1:20s over two years so it's quite possible.

    Do you have a training plan for Manchester? I think if you complete the marathon you will be surprised by your next 10 k time, then with that endurance base you can target a more specific 10k plan after April
  • Mr Puffy thank you for the quick response. I am looking at a few training plans if I am honest. I am a member of a running club, most of the club runners who are decent runners average around 50 miles per week. I have done a 30 mile week but found it hard to recover enough. That was when I had a week off work too. 

    I have done one 15 Mile run just to see how my body adapted and it was fine time 2 hours 11, felt reasonably comfy. But I would not say it was easy. Thanks again Mr Puffy.

  • I would say stop timing every training session, focus on pacing and just get the miles under your feet. If you're finding it hard to recover, you're pushing too hard and ramping the mileage too fast. Start at 10 miles on a Sunday and add 1 mile every week with a shorter run every 4 weeks. Maybe do a 10k at a steady pace on a Wednesday and fill the rest of the week with 4 mile easy runs. If you focus on times you're going to end up injured, especially doing them in fast runs in training, I ended up off my feet for 2 months with tendinitis in my right foot after a half by training too fast. Good luck on the marathon mate.
  • Spark thanks for the advice, I feel you are right actually I just come back from an easy  6 miles. 56 Minutes. I just going to keep it at that for a while with the 6 miles for at least 6 weeks for a few days a week plus a long run. 

    But I did not look at the watch I just tried to pace myself at 9 mins miles but did not care if I went slower. I did not want to go faster though. After reading a few RW articals recovery and steady miles seems key. 


  • Well today I blasted a 4 Miler just to see what I had in the tank. I made the run in two parts really. My aim is to get under 7 Minute miles for 10k and finish a Marathon in 3 Hours 30 Mins. That will be my first season from 17 June 2012 when I did a Freckleton Half Marathon with very little training and never doing abover a 6 mile run. 

    So the new year. and to date my 4 mile was done in 28 Minutes and 34 Seconds, The focas on the 5K time which was 22 Minutes, I then eased off for the last mile. Over all pleased. I am doing a 6 Miler tomorrow at 9 Min pacing then a Park Run in Bolton. To log a time. Then  a Half Marthon training session in 2 Hours. That is my week ending the 6th Jan 2012 No injuries to report yet fingers crossed. 


  • I have joined a Marathon thread. So there is no point in carrying on with this thread. Thank you for the kind response. Good luck for 2013. 

    Thread ended on my behalf image

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