Talkback: Increase your ‘Athletic IQ’

Another excellent article; on par with the 12 commandments. I was reassured i'm not a crazy one by (often enough on my down hill pursuits) imagining myself as a warewolf hunting down my prey - sometimes being chased by one* (makes you forget about the pain). *Yes an imaginary one. (try not to look behind you too much or you will end up on your face in the mud).

On a more sober note. The 'another 30 seconds and ill be at the top of the hill and the pain is over' tip, is very useful.



  • This really struck a chord!! I haven't been running for long so I'm a rapidly improving beginner but I find that mind over matter really helps.

    I run a lot of trails, it sounds mental but I like to imagine myself as sort of half man, half beast, ripping through the countryside like a wild animal!!

    So interesting to read the comments above as others seem to have similar thoughts!

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