Lady 56 years old, blind located in South Harrow

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I wonder if anyone can help. I have recently received a request from a colleague on behalf of a Lady 56 years old, blind located in South Harrow area. She has completed London Marathon2009 and several 10Ks. We would be grateful if someone could spare one day (or two) each week and run with her, the pace is moderately slow. Preferable you should be local to the South Harrow area. I would like to say this person is special and the world needs examples like her to keep us all uplifted and positive. I really hope you can help, recommend or advise me. Please email me for details. Happy New Year.



  • Ooops, I thought this was another call girl thread!

  • Labrunner...a noble request, but quite a specific one.

    You might have better luck contacting a few local running clubs to South Harrow?

  • I will continue to investigate South Harrow Clubs but so far no luck hence post.image 

  • I would also contact goodgym too - I don't know if they would be able to help, but it is worth a shot. I would like to help - but live too far! Good luck.

  • Hi All 

    Thank you for your thoughts and replies. I'd like to bring you up to date, I'm in correspondence with Harrow Observer, they have agreed to publish my appeal this week, great news!  

    Wes1 thank you for your suggestion about Goodgym, I've emailed them and I am awaiting a response.

    Please continue to spread the word, I am sure with everyone's help we will successed for Linda. . 



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