Friday 28th December 2012


Lyrics - Stop your pretending

Apt on a couple of counts since it's been raining heavily since at least 0510hrs when the sound of it lashing against the window woke me. Glad I got that run in yesterday as the weather is not looking conducive for the next few days.

Blisters - you are truly a man of many talents.

What:                   easy swim
Why:                    recovery/Mark wants to go
Last hard:            2/12
Last rest:             22/12

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Back at work again and a wild wet windy morningimage
    What: just work and hopefully dispatching daughters south - one by air, one maybe (not) by boat.
    Why: working through to 6pm
    Last hard: a while ago
    Last rest: Christmas Day

    Weather was cold but nice yesterday so got a family walk (LMH - brough of Birsay) and a run (5.7miles) - just Elspeth and I out on (JS) runimage

  • Morning

    What: Just walking Geordie

    Why: Still got this heavy cold.

    Catch up time.

  • Morning all,

    Not at work until the new year (sorry for you OH !)

    What: Tennis... so probably no run.

    Why: I committed to it - but I could certainly live without it!   But it's a challenge to throw the ball up into a gale, chase it and try to hit it before lands.

    Last hard... it's been a while. Did a nice steady 9 miler yesterday. Still not injury-free yet though.

    Last rest...  many days of lounging and overeating.

    Lyrics:  No


  • Morning!

    Funeral went at least as well as these things can do, thanks.

    What: drive East Mids to West Mids to North West

    Why: mum's to son's then pack up car as he is moving home as his present contract has finished. He has been hit by the BBC cuts: not sure that saving ??20k or so on him is actually the answer! Hope he isn't home for long on several counts! A nice flat round the corner would be good though.

    Lyrics: no
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Hello!

    What:                  hill practice on treadmill followed by weights
    Why:                   nothing to do at work so can go to gym during the day
    Last hard:            15/12 - 18miles for first time
    Last rest:             boxing day


  • Morning all,

    Legs are telling me it should be a rest day, but know my new inov8 trail shoes have arrived today, early birthday present from the missus image
  • Morning all

    Well, the promised run this morning never happened - got up late and now at work all day until 10pm.

    Will have to run twice as far tomorrow.
    Sweep - what Inov8 trail shoes can you recommend?  I've got a race across country later in the year and should get some trail shoes but don't know where to start... 

  • I've just got a pair of x-talon 190's, they might be a bit minimal for what your looking for, but could be worth having a look at.

    I know the trailroc ones are pretty popular, and my missus has a pair of mudclaws that she thinks are great for cross country.

    Probably worth finding a shop that stocks them so you can have a proper look yourself though mate.
  • Blisters: impressive skills - I wouldn't know what to do with one broken CD player let alone two ...

    Beautiful morning for a run today - no wind for once, full moon, stars ... loved it!

    what: 11 miles of the above
    why: it was the perfect morning for it
    last hard: at work today image
    last rest: 23/12
    lyrics: no

  • Ok then spread my wings......

    what: 2hour run, 1 with mate and 1 lonesome

    why: popped button on trousers this morning Ggggrrrr

    last hard: 23/12

    last rest: 26/12

    lyrics: not a chance


  • Afternoon

    What 8 Commute
    Why Because
    Lyrics no

    First run in the rain for ages, which shows my current lack of mileage. Enjoyed it all the same though the legs are now aching. Rest day tomorrow and hopefuly something for Sunday. Things will stay eratic until the kids are back at school.

    Oh looks like there are plenty of new faces whilst I've been away so hello to all.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    hello all, and welcome to the newbies!
    Davey - there are a whole load of trail shoes. I suspect some of the choice will depend upon what your road shoes are. Personally I've found Asics, Saucony (and indeed innov8) good ones in the past. I use asics on the road.
    what - mile or two easy this morning - set up and marshalled club xc for the kids. may do another 3 or 4 easy later as youngest has swim training.
    why - easy day, last nights club run was just over 7 , and I was with the fast lot
    last rest - 2 weeks
    last hard - yesterday

    lyric - not sure, yesterdays were Kraftwerk's The Model. Incidentally they are playing the Tate (southbank) early next year 

  • Welcome Bri - what are you training for?

    Davey - I think it's worth going to a shop, taking some advice and trying a few pairs on. That's a long shift you're working.

    chickadeee - you seem to be doing quite high mileage at the moment.

    Glad it went ok Alehouse. Sorry to hear that your son is looking for work again. Anything on the horizon?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Evening all.
    What: Just a gentle dog walk.
    Why: Nearly went for 15k but decided to save it for Sunday. Been feeling some very minor aches and pains but I don't want to overdo it this early on in marathon training. Still parkrunning tomorrow though!
    Lyrics: Don't think so.
    Christmas is well and truly over isn't it? Back to sensible eating...

  • Good day to the new faces, or those sneakily hiding beneath the duvet of pseudonyms.
    Lyrics: Oh very much YES.
    Wife was less than pleased that I wanted to do a 3 hour run today, and reminded me of the couple of odd jobs I'd promised. Like shopping, taking Small to Slimbridge, converting a mountain of turkey into a different mountain of meatballs, etc.

    I almost had enough time for something, much shorter, but hey ho.

    Weather forecast definitely looks like the bike in the garage is going to get a hammering. It could be a 2 film session. Winds around here are forecast at 25 gusting 50, with the NW of Scotland getting 85mph. That's going to shake branches off trees, and cyclists off their bikes.

    GGG cock to sensible eating, there's still chocolate and cake left.

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