Zero to Hero in 5 months



  • Carbohydrate intake manipulation has indeed been shown to modify weightloss in controlled conditions - though interestingly a paper in the journal Obesity (Sofer et al., 2011) points that carb intake in the evening had significant health and weightloss benefits over 6 months.  I doubt though a GP should say "eat as many carbs as you want in the morning" (in fact I imagine they didn't mean it literally) as if you exceed your daily energy intake compared to your expenditure you will realistically not be able to lose weight.  The research points to modifying a calorie controlled diet to take in the carb allowance in a certain time period, not to have carte blanche image

  • Daeve, you seem knowledgeable on food intake.

    Does my food sound about right or totally wrong? I dont want to crash diet, but lose it over a period of a couple of months.

    2 wheatabix for breakfast with semi skimmed milk.

    Microwave rice and tuna in spring water for lunch at work.

    Normal meal in the evening such as pasta or chicken salad etc.

    Snacks is fruit if i have it. Drinking 2 litres of water a day at least now.

    Runforest I totally agree but even now i can tell that my body is moving better and i feel like i have more energy. albeit it is probably psychological.

  • I'm not a nutritionist (analytical chemistry/cancer my areas of speciality I suppose).  And I hesitate to offer any advice that borders on medical as I subscribe wholeheartedly to the premise that the internet is not the place to get that advice from!  Get advice from an expert - and by that I don't necessarily your GP who by definition are anything but experts.

    I just thought your breakfast was a bit sparse to set you up for the day - not much necessarily wrong otherwise (depends on your weight/activity and calorific intake).  The proof is in the results - see how much you lose in a week, if its much over 1lb eat a bit more (healthily add some balanced calories), if it is less reduce a bit.  You're unlikely to do yourself any serious harm with that diet image

  • sounds good to me.

  • WOW lovely run, Managed 1.90km on week 1 day 3 with 45 seconds left because i was at my front door.

    So could say did 2km in the 30 mins which is 1/2 km more than Week 1 day 1.

    Shins felt better, only slight ache.

    I guess I best not keep bumping this thread now as I feel i am on the right track and dont want to annoy anyone.

  • Nice one - it really is a good feeling when you enjoy a run - I often bore my other half (*not* a runner!) with how good it was for a while afterwards - that's why this forum is good.  I sometimes miss that feeling of massive improvement that you get at the start - saying that I've lost a fair bit of fitness since Oct so there is some ground to be made each week.

    The key is to keep it up, and keep enjoying it.

  • Daeve wrote (see)

    You can eat too little as well which makes your body want to store fat, so you get diminishing returns - a lot of people fall into that trap.

    What a load of rubbish.

    There were no fat people in Auschwitz.

  • Erm well thats probably this thread over and done with now.

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