what shoes


hi im looking for new shoes. ive done the feet test and i have been running in mizuno cushoined. ut im unsure if i  have a normal print now. i do feel i run on outer edge of my feet.



any help would be great


  • would you say support shoes?

  • I'd say you have fairly normal feet.  Maybe erring towards underpronation on your right foot.  So certainly not a support shoe, as you would be better with a more flexible shoe.  Assuming you don't want to go for minimalist, which is an option... and you want to go with 'traditional shoes', then you go for a neutral shoe.

    But why not go to a running shop, get their opinion, and run on their treadmill in a few different shoes, to be sure you're buying good ones.

  • hi thanks for the reply


    so these wouldnt be a good choice. i will mainly be doing treadmill running



  • The 2000 series has always been favoured with runners for its fit, ride and stability, the GT-2000™ series just keeps getting better and better.

    Weight reduction combined with a larger Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System improves an already amazing ride, and makes the GT-2170™ the lightest model in its storied history.

    The full length Guidance Line, a groove on the underside of the sole, focuses the runner’s tread reducing energy wastage and fatigue. The main benefit of Guidance Line is a more efficient path through the gait cycle, but it also helps the shoe shed some weight as well


    Thats what they say about the shoe. is this not the right one for me?

  • They are a stability shoe - if you pronate a fair amount, they may suit - but that doesn't appear to be the case for you. On the limited info, I would say - unsuitable

    Run Wales gave you perfect advise - go test ride a few pairs, and get the advice you are seeking
  • ok i will have alook at sweatshop near me i belive they check your feet?


    so the cushioned shoes im running in at the moment though are fine?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Did you have any issues with the mizuno cushioned ones? If not then why change?

    How many miles a week are you running?
  • at the moment about 10 -12. ive just come back to running after a few months break.


    i did have slight pain my last run which has led me to wonder if ive gone to hard to quick or if its my shoes. i had a bit o fpain athe the bottom of my shin and i had a tight pain in my mid calf. would just like to make sure i have got the correct footwear.


    the shoes dont look to worn tbh and there about 2 years olds.

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