This year the forums have taught me...

1. I can't get a lift to Silverstone.

2. American football is being streamed LIVE!!! 

3. That the best training plan is to find a skinny black guy and follow him. 

What have you learnt this year?



  • Despite all the protestations to the contrary, running is all about marathons. All other distances are just training.
  • and Marathons are training for Ultras

  • 1. The world really didn't end, and will not end for many many years

    2. Marathons are bad (but I'm still going to do one)

    3. Running in the rain is fun

    4. Everyone uses the forums for pain diagnosis instead of a medical professionals
  • How to avoid having bleeding nipples, chaffed lady garden/ meat and two veg... blistered feet.....sore calves.......tight ITB.....niggling achillies.........and neck chaffing.............

    yet i think the simpler answers would be to give up running and triathlon image

  • from this forum?

    to slow down and i'll get faster..made me image but it worked, smashed all my pbs this year

  • That runners don't run. We spend all day on the forums instead. image

  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    1. I can't get a lift to Silverstone.


    Could you point me in the direction of the thread where you learnt that?

    I was hoping to get dropped off at Silverstone when doing the half marathon in March?

  • Work at your mileage slowly don't over do it. Work and concentrate on all your muscles in your body core,legs,abs,arms. I have learnt you cant just run and run you have to strengthen your whole body to prevent injury and to be a better and stronger runner.
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