Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.

I have ha d a search but all the threads seem to be quite established. I'm looking for a home and other like minded newbies. Please join me or point me towards another suitable place to ask dumb questions! New to running after a 2year break from any kind of exercise having had a baby. I did do a bit before baby and got part way through the couch to 5k programme. Post baby I find myself slimmer than before, but wobbly and I know that running will sort that out. I would really like to do some serious training for a marathon or something, but I don't want to go mad and fail. Equally, I work full time, and am a busy lady so I need to be enlisting about what I can do and when. Whatever happens, I won't be going out until jan 2nd as I'm away for a few days, but I need to make some plans. I haven't gone mad this Xmas, but I have drunk far more than I should! I'm having a dry January and heading back to my low carb and IF ways, but regardless of what diet I use, I know that the running will help! I hope there a others who will join me!


  • Oh god, I really must check my spelling. Blooming iPad!
  • Hi! *waves*

    I am completely new to running but have decided after having my little boy in May that I want to make an active effort to lose weight - I figure that running will also give me some me time which I desperately need at the moment! Starting running tomorrow!

  • Just popping in to wish the best of luck to the newbies and to wish you all a Happy New Year! image

  • Hi runningbella and novice mummy, good luck on your journeys. I started running the c25k last Feb after having a few years off exercise, didn't want to start in Jan with everyone else image.

    I now run 3-4 times per week and can't see myself not running if that makes sense. What helped me was signing up to a couple of races, first a 5k (parkruns are also a good introduction). Once I could run that comfortably I followed a 10k training plan and ran a few 10ks. I am now signed up to run the Brighton HM in Feb and am currently averaging 20-25 miles of running per week. Although this isn't a huge amount of mileage it is manageable whilst working full time and organising a family!

    Runningbella I also follow the paleo/primal way of eating which has enabled me to shed 2.5 stone since Feb. However since upping my running I have started to introduce rice 1-2 per week and sweet potatoes, butternut squash and the odd roast potato on a sunday. However I have just read Scott Jureks Eat and Run book which is in stark contrast to Paleo and has got me thinking....

    Anyway good luck to all the new runners image

  • Hi Runningbella and novice mummy. Can I join you?? I plan to start on the 3rd -just recovering from chest infection. I think (in fact I know - I am much older than both of you) but will be starting from scratch too and plan to be sensible in taking it steady to begin with. I have done a little running in the past (and then only at novice level) but nothing for a few years. I'm really unfit at the moment and have about a stone in weight to lose. Good luck to both of you -will look forward to hearing how you got on????
  • Hello - add me. Started yesterday and looking forward to a much healthier 2013 image

  • First run done - managed 4 bursts of jogging interspersed with power walking - took 15 mins 28 seconds to do the route I chose... target to be able to reduce time of circuit with more running before increasing length of route 

  • Good to see new threads starting for the new year. Hope you all stick with it.

    Good luck to you all. Take it easy and build up slowly and dont be afraid to walk if you need to. 

    Set some realistic short term goals as ' being fit for Summer' might not keep you motivated. How about 3 runs a week for the next 3 weeks or run for 2 miles without stopping in the next 2 weeks. Give yourself a reward such as some new running gear or a massage if you achieve your goal. 

    It will be hard to start with but suddenly one day you will realise that you have done your run without suffering and actually enjoyed it. When its raining and you are looking forward to your run, then you know you are hooked.

    I didn't start running to lose weight but after 3 months dropped from 12 stone 6lbs to  11 stone 12 lbs and the small tummy is almost gone.


  • Hi guys, I'm doing this a little bit backwards - I want to get fit and running before I start trying for a baby in the summer. I'm hoping that I'll be less likely to balloon from baby weight (I've always struggled with my weight) and have something to go back to after pregnancy - also I read that giving birth is the equivalent of running a marathon so if I can do that maybe labour won't be so daunting! Lol

    Not been out for a run yet - just shaking off a cold, but can't wait to get out! Really looking forward to hearing how everyone gets on image
  • Hi all,

    I completed the first session of my 0-5k program today image

    I've never run before and it's been a good 20 years since I did anything resembling proper exercise, so I'm horribly out of shape. I've been pondering running for about six months now and yesterday I got off the couch and out the door for the first time.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from other beginners as so many of the RW forums are interesting, but really don't apply to me yet.

    Good luck with all your efforts!
  • Guys, great to see some new blood erm I mean fresh faces image

    Just a couple of tips that may be useful ...

    Firstly and mainly (and this is the one that gets everyone .... Speed ... don't try and run everything eyeballs out ... take it at a slow comfortable pace in order to get your body used to running, you can build on your speed once you have your endurance up. (and yes it will be hard to control ... I know I still struggle with trying to run slower!).

    Get a plan, and a goal ... if you haven't got a plan get one, there are loads out there for every occasion ... it doesn't mean you have to stick to it letter by letter, but it works wonders for adding a bit of structure to your running as opposed to just going out and 'running a bit'.

    Rest days are also another thing that are so oftenly overlooked when you first start (again .. guilty as charged!!) ... they are considered by some to be even more important than the days you actuall do go out for a run, as that is when your body rebuilds and strengthens ready for the next time. It will be soooo tempting to go out and run everyday when things start coming together as the feeling is fantastic, but be warned ... that way lies injury ..

    And last, but by no means least ... enjoy it !!! image 

  • Yes - that way lies injury for sure.  Another thing to remember: at some point you might get In The Zone and feel like you can keep going for ages.  In the meantime your body might just be telling you to cut it short and go home.  Listen to it: I didn't - twice - (wanted to hit my target, didn't I) and that resulted in a knee problem that kept me out for months, after which I had to start again from scratch.

    Don't forget to stretch as well.  The word now is that 'dynamic' stretches are better before your run, while the static stretches we all know are good for afterwards. image

    Cross training's a great idea as well, to strengthen the muscles that running doesn't use.  I do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) three times a week on my exercise bike. image

  • Hi All 

    Due to go for my first run tomorrow, have run in the past but not for more then 3 years due to a knee injury and then last year a very severe case of Phenomena and pleurisy, where i was hospitaliesed.

    So really looking forward to getting fit again.Any help and tips would be greatly recieved. 

  • Hi! Am starting over with my running as I've been slack the last few months and seem to be back to square one. Have done the 1st session of couch to 10k and will be doing day 2 tomorrow.......
  • Great advice Bruce C & Roadrunner, I'm going to have to google dynamic stretches - and what do you guys think of rollers, I've seen them on tv but not heard any feedback.

    Hi Kateinjapan - the threads wih really experienced runners can be a bit daunting, my 10 minutes hardly compares with 20 miles but great to read for inspiration image

    Hi Becky, day two for me too image
  • Hi all. I'm brand new to this too and have yet to go for my first run, though I walk quite a lot - as part of my commute and on weekends. I'm going to be starting out by doing one session a week on the weekend, which I know isn't much compared to most but it's all I can manage right now and it's better than nothing!

  • Hi sleepy_mum, I think the first run is the scariest - just getting into your kit and stepping out the door is an achievement! I'd say as you're doing it, no matter how silly you feel, remember to smile and enjoy it!
  • Hi all,

    All really good reasons for starting to run.

    Lisa123 wow, well done on the 2.5 stone loss. image

    I hope I get to the stage where I can't do without running 3 times a week either.

    KateinJapan- I started the couch25 on Sun and did my second run this evening. Felt easier already and I really enjoyed it. Haven't run since seniors (23yrs ago.....depressing). Sounds similar to you.

    Done swimming and zumba, but this running really gets your heart rate going.

    Mrs V- have researched all positives about running (I am a bit ocd and do this with everything) and actually you might be doing this the right way around. Apparently running should also increase your libido!

    not sure I need to tell my hubby this though image
  • All good advice!

    I have to giggle, though, every time someone suggests starting slow... at my weight that's the only speed I've got image What I do around the park probably doesn't qualify as "running" to anyone but me, but I'm definitely feeling it in my backside this morning!

    Out of curiosity, and if it's not too personal, is anyone else here seriously overweight? This isn't false modesty, my BMI is somewhere around 45 or 46. All the C25K plans that begin with "jog for one minute" are laughably above my ability. Fortunately, I found an app that prompts me for 15-second "runs", and I CAN do that!
  • Hello! Can I join you?

    I joined a local running club last night - after speaking with friends the club had come highly recommended. I have been out of any exercise action for about 9 months, I had trained as a zumba instructor, and then my FT work got really busy - so I had to stop my classes; and then in the summer I contracted meningitis, and its only really within the past month that I have felt "normal" energy wise! So I thought - here comes the New Year... I'm going to do it! and I did... Aching a little this morning. 

    Really appreciate the advice from Bruce and RoadRunner - good to have - thank you! 

  • Hi everyone! So how are we all doing? I went for my second run after work this afternoon image I didn't really want to cos felt tired but I feel much better for doing it - it helps loosen my muscles and helps me to de-stress. I guess that's the thing to remember if you struggle to get motivated - once you're doing it, it's great!
  • Hi all. My first run / walk completed this evening. Very pleased with myself. Using the 0 - -5K app so getting step by step guidance all the way. Well done to everyone else who have managed to get started. It's great to know others are doing the same thing and really motivating.
  • Just popping in to say hi.  Not completely new but have only been running 7 months or so...on and off due to man flu and a broken foot image

    New thread is a nice idea for recent joiners as the forums can seem a little clicky sometimes (although everybody seems nice).

    Only advice I can offer is take it easy. If you think you're taking it easy already...maybe take it a little easier image  My injury time out has been due to me taking things too quickly even when I've thought I've been sensible.

    HAPPY 2013



  • Hi KatieInJapan,

    I've got a BMI of 44 so I'll be going pretty much walking pace but in a running style. If it gets the heart pumping and as long as I can breathe it's a good starting point and it'll get easier ... I hope!

    First run planned for this weekend and I'm rather looking forward to it even though I'll probably look like a bouncing beetroot! lol!

  • Second run done earlier and actually managed to run more than I walked!


    My BMI is in the high 30s, not sure of exact figure, but haven't got a phone that does apps so just building it up gradually with a circuit - am planning on trying to run most the route once I can run the current one if that makes sense? I'm also alternating which way round the circuit I go

  • Evening newbies...

    I'm also a fellow newbie, did my first run (or attempt) last Sunday.

    I've put so much weight on over the last 18 months and I'm now at my biggest weight (13st 12lbs) which for a 5ft2" female is a good 3-4 stone overweight. image

    So, this year I want to shift at least 3 stone & tone up so I decided to give running a go. 

    I'm really unfit & although I've done loads of exercise in the past, I haven't done any for almost 8-9 months.  I tried to start running June 2011 but it went terribly wrong, and I ended up suffering with shin splints which completey put me off & I haven't tried it since.  Well, not until now.

    I have downloaded the Couch 2 5K app on my i-phone & with some additional guidance from a runner friend I started following the plan last week.  Just completed day 3 of week 1 today. image 

    I'm not sure how well I'm going to do as I've already started feeling some discomfort in my lower shins again (currrently sat with an ice pack on whilst typing), and I don't know what pain is normal & what isn't.

    Next run is Sunday but I'm ggoing to repeat week 1 I think.

    Good luck everyone, it'll be great to keep track of how everyone get on.

    Emily xx

  • Emily have you got your running gait analysed by someone professional? You're from Doncaster iirc from another thread so a trip to sweatshop at meadowhall or metres to miles out at epworth would be an excellent idea for you.

    Also sounds that you might be being over conscious of how you appear out on the road and are not "letting yourself down" correctly in that your trying to maintain a rigid running form.

    Best thing though is that you sound determined to stick to it this time and your mate should help you with the motivation side of things no end.

    Im only just getting back into the swing of things again myself after being wholly inactive for about 2 months prior to xmas. Did a whole lot of drinking and not a great deal else. It's shocking how quickly you lose your base level of fitness.

    The best thing though, which is what l noticed last march when l first took up dedicated running is the improvements you make in the first few months and year are gob smacking.


  • HI folks, i am new to this and have my own thread that I put up to get some advice.

    Everyone seems really friendly and helpful.

    Using the C25K and it is awesome. Shin pain is slowly going following cramps but still hurts after 4 runs. I expect it will be a month before it goes probably. Running every other day is good I find.

  • Using the couch25 too and due for my 3rd run this week. Week 1.

    John, you are right the pocast is great.

    Am already looking forward to my next run. Haven't have shin splints yet (touch wood). They sound awful.

    Have had an achy lower back though. Had a read and looks like as a beginner my muscles will take time to strengthen.

    Also might be down to not running in a more upright position.

    Other than that, all good.
  • Hi everyone,  I've never ran before in my life, but used to be very active with other sports.  The last 7 years I have not done any excercise at all and finally realised it is time I do something.  I started running just before Christmas and did my 9th workout yesterday.

    I do try and stretch before and after runs, but everything I do is what I remember from rugby practice in the eighties and I just do not feel like I am stretching all the muscle groups properly.  I've also noticed roadRunner76 mentioning dynamic and static stretching.  Can anyone point me to somewhere where this is explained including some examples of how to stretch properly?


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