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  • Morning all.

    I’m totally new to running and this site.  Am starting my running journey this weekend as I could do with losing a few pounds and get back the fitness after giving up football a couple of years ago (in which time I’ve done little to no exercise).

    Have downloaded C25K on to my iPhone, got some decent footwear and am prepared to take it slow and steady respecting the importance of rest days and not trying to do too much too quickly.

    You all seem a supportive bunch so thought I’d say hi and check in now and then to keep motivated and maybe share any successes/milestones.

    Any tips on starting out gratefully received!


  • Evening all

    Went out this evening and had a real stinker of a run ,my first bad one, put it down to it being bitter cold and mentally not with it. got to 1.5k mark of five and just ran out of steam. tried to re-group but to no avail. my last atempt was to. time myself  running back 1.5k at speed half way back earphones fell out jiggling about and then my watch stopped for some reason. so went home trying to think positive for my next run on sunday....

    Thank you for listening boo, hoo,. 

    Go Well.

  • Mon Ami, sometimes, you just have to file these things under 'Sh*t Happens' and look towards your next run. It was bloody cold tonight, just come back from a night forest run, windchill was -6 image and yes, it was quite hard, especially near the end, I reckon it takes almost as much energy not to freeze as it does to run, so you dont get as far .... well thats my theory anyway!

    Look to the next one image

  • hi everyone, hope you all still training 

    between my life sucking 14.5 shifts (2 hour break makes them legal)  i still manage to get out when i eventually drag myself out of bed on days off - i have had a rotten cold  - gosh  - how can a cold knock you off your feet for days? evil little germ they are  - i look a right treat, runny and puffy eyes, sore red nose image get the violin out 

    anyway  having worked last 2 w/ends am hoping to go to park run in the morning , my longer runs on days off i got up 13k, very slow pace though, my girl cycled next to me for company  - she quite enjoyed it as shes off school this week 

  • Hi all!

    I've been a little bit absent this week ... first run today since last Sunday. I wish I could blame work but I can only blame myself and a shockingly busy social life - suddenly everyone was around! All will be back to normal now I'm sure. 

    And to keep up my motivation I did manage 5k for the first time today! In 33.32, which is close enough to 30 mins to make me think it's possible soon! I've used one of the follow on NHS c25k podcasts which gets you to run at a steady pace for 35 mins. I;d really recommend it, though the first ten mins were hard then the last 5 my legs were about to drop off!

    Good to see some new faces here ... and welcome back Kate! A bit of rest and repeating a session or two should get you right back on track!

    Mon Ami - sorry to hear about your dodgy run. Managed to get out again to slay those demons yet?

    Si - my best tip is to have confidence in the c25k programme as it seems to make miracles! With me at least.  

    Sophski - how's the injury looking now? 

    Good luck this week everyone! I'm going to struggle as away with work for two nights then visiting friends for another two ... first time packing the kit to run when I'm away. Wish me luck and motivation!!


    Hi All..

    went out today and slayed that demon..Maisie77..back on track with a 25.05 5k.

    CheesyRider. i think your right, about fighting the cold saps ones energy i work out-side so have been fighting to keep warm all week and friday was especially cold.

    XCURLYTWIGX . power to your spirit "13k" dare i dream...

    Well good luck for the week..

    Go Well..


  • i made it to parkrun, but was 40 seconds slower than 2 weeks ago - how annoying ! i blame my cold and i have to mouth breathe in and out, i went though, just sub 30 .

    this morning i ran 5k  with my dog, the dog loves running and is rather useful on uphil bits as her lead is tied around my waist so i'm hands free, she gives me no choice but to keep pace or she'd pull me over - for a cocker spaniel shes pretty sturdy and full of beans  - my husband takes her to parkruns as she is better behaved for him and i don't trust myself controlling her with the crowds - there were 260 people this week - and 3 dogs image she loves the attention 

    hoping to get out tomorrow for a little run, then boot camp before work  - i have a half day 

    i have got the hang of steady pacing and have some good regular mileage now , i need a plan to start working on gaining speed  , and actually booking an event .... 

  • Hi to everyoneimage I'm a total newbie at running. My first "run" was three days ago. I'm overweight and am determined to get to my goal of running for 30 mins. Sounds easy and when I tell people my aim I get that look, you know the one... The tilt of the head and the smile that really says "30 minutes are you kidding me?" But yes.... That is my goal and I am proud to say I am a few steps closer. My wonderful husband, who is a super fit soldier soon off to afghan has started me off using the 1 min run 4 min walk format.. So I'm only actually running for 5 minutes with a break between each run... My idea of a break is a cuppa and biscuit, feet up with sky plus as my companion.... Imagine my surprise...! But it is hard!!! So so hard! Why are my thighs screaming at me to stop? I expect the usual muscle pain, I warm up, I stretch. I hydrate... Feels like my quads are seizing but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong? I am new to exercise so I was expecting pain but if I know it's not doing me any harm and that it will subside then I am determined to push through it. Any help or advice would be fab, I won't give up I am going to get there!!
  • Hi everyone, well i've finally managed to do an outside run, i've ran 4 times last week, 3 of which were outsideand i completed week 5 again just so i didn't scare myself off running. Really looking forward to week 6.

    Thanks Gemma for the roller advice, I just bought my husband one so think i'll start using it. My knee is giving a bit more trouble but think i jarred it dancing round with my 2yr old lol.

    Running in the snow was interesting!

    Jon- did you goto a specialist shop and get advice on your new footware? I'm going to treat myself to a new pair of trainers once i finish the c25k, as my old nikes are a bit small.

    There is a running shop in my town which does gait analysis which i thought i'd try as suggested earlier.
  • Hi guys! Will you tolerate an interloper?

    I used to run a couple of miles a couple times a week, but just to maintain fitness for rowing. Since giving up rowing and becoming blobby I've tried, and failed, to start running for running's sake, but have no discipline. Then I moved to London where I didn't know anyone, was lonely as sin at first and after 24 hours feeling sorry for myself I went to a free beginner's running session at the Sweatshop up the road, just for some human contact - and whaddya know, I'm finally hooked. Now 4 weeks in and I'm running 3 times a week of my own volition and longingly eyeing up watches and windproof jackets. Who'da thunk it?

    Oh - and this evening someone told me I run like a gazelle, which made me so happy I want to record it for posterity.

  • Sharon: Actually no I didn't go into a shop. I just did the old paper / water test to see how my foot falls! Ever tried that?

    Terpsikhore: You sound flattered that you run like a gazelle! I'd like to see that!!

    Just thought I'd post my progress as I'm here!

    Today was day 8 of 28 of my C25K program and it was raining. But I did it anyway. Using Runkeeper, it was a test of 45m of endurance at a steady pace. Couldn't believe it when I got home to find that I ran 7.2km! I did have to walk twice in the last 2kms but I feel great. It actually took 52:46 but I'm still pretty happy for session 8. Oh and I didn't push it - it was a very steady pace (approx 8.1km/h).

  • Hi jon, wow thats ace!! I think i'm just to say covering 3.5km in my 30mins sessions, i'm following the nhs couch to 5km. I've alsi git the nhs c25k + sessions and have just intalled Zen labs couch to 10km which i plan to pick up at week 9.

    I've not triedtge water paper thing but i already know i land heavy on the outer side of my foot as it corresponds with the ache in my knee.

    Wellcome Terpsikhore image

    Well i've just set my alarm for 5:50am so i can get out and do my run 1 of week 6 before dropping my other half of at the train station.
  • Will apologies now for my typos, i'm on my stupid phone and i have fat fingers
  • Jon UK 80 wrote (see)

    Sharon: Actually no I didn't go into a shop. I just did the old paper / water test to see how my foot falls! Ever tried that?

    Terpsikhore: You sound flattered that you run like a gazelle! I'd like to see that!!

    Just thought I'd post my progress as I'm here!

    Today was day 8 of 28 of my C25K program and it was raining. But I did it anyway. Using Runkeeper, it was a test of 45m of endurance at a steady pace. Couldn't believe it when I got home to find that I ran 7.2km! I did have to walk twice in the last 2kms but I feel great. It actually took 52:46 but I'm still pretty happy for session 8. Oh and I didn't push it - it was a very steady pace (approx 8.1km/h).

    Well it beats my previous description, which was "I run like a trotting pony"!image

  • Hahah, yes it does indeed - although I'm sure that would involve you using your hands as legs too!

    Thanks Sharon. I nearly did the NHS one, but I decided I prefered Runkeeper because I could use my Spotify music playlists while I 'run'. Good luck for tomorrow.

  • By way of explanation, I run on tippytoes - toe-heel, rather than heel-toe like most (normal) people. Add in the shiny bobbing ponytail I currently sport, and the pony thing makes a bit more sense!

    We did 3 minutes running, 1 walking tonight, 6 times, plus a couple extra minutes running at the end because the route was longer than anticipated. 4.2km, about 32 mins. Was great fun - had to rein my speed in a bit though to stick with the group, which meant I finished feeling like I still had too much left in the tank. But then most of the reason I always crashed and burned when I tried running solo was terrible pacing and setting off like a greyhound all the time, so no doubt a good thing for me to be forced to chill out for once!

    Sharon, much like you my 5k 'treat' will be a snazzy new pair of shoes. Crossing my fingers the nice people in the running shop will tell me Nikes are my best bet, there's a Nike discount store not far from me. image

  • Hi folks, another newbie here.

    I too followed Laura on the NHS Couch 2 5k plan, and thought it rather marvellous. In fact I got a little carried away with myself at the end of week 5, and instead of doing my first no-stop run of twenty minutes, carried on for an extra lap to complete a full 5k!

    I've since introduced myself to the parkrun scene locally, which opened up another avenue of running, as most of it is off road. I found it quite disconcerting not having to look over my shoulder for traffic constantly!

    I am now convinced that I am single handedly responsible for the continuous snow fall we've been having in the East of England, as each and every time I'm out, it snows. Bring on the summer!

    With the support of a colleague (read arm-twisted) I've signed up for a 10k race on Easter Sunday... depending on the day of the week I'm either excited or petrified at the prospect. Any suggstions?

  • Result already then Jon image Nice one!

    Jon UK 80 wrote (see)

    Today was day 8 of 28 of my C25K program and it was raining. But I did it anyway. Using Runkeeper, it was a test of 45m of endurance at a steady pace. Couldn't believe it when I got home to find that I ran 7.2km! I did have to walk twice in the last 2kms but I feel great. It actually took 52:46 but I'm still pretty happy for session 8. Oh and I didn't push it - it was a very steady pace (approx 8.1km/h).

    Run keeper is great, I also use ismoothrun too, as I prefer its voice feedback and the ability to program your own workouts, interval steady's etc.

  • Maisie- well done on your first 5k that's great! I do love reaching a milestone! Injury not great, am trying to rest but getting itchy feet, played badminton tonight which probably didn't do me any favours....
  • Well i'm a bit miffed my niggerling knee pain which usually goes away within a few hrs of finishing my run has persisted through out my rest day. It even went pop today as i moved around my kitchen. I found a fab website that provides loads of information on knee problems, injuries and what to do to help recover and prevent further issues. The problem i have is that I want to run. It feels better after it popped but i don't want to risk damaging it further. I've started some quad and hamstring strengthening exercises as suggested by the website. Question is do i go for a run or rest another day or so. I know if i run i'd not want to cut it short asi see that as more of a failure. I am not a happy bunny
  • I feel your frustration, Sharon!

    I strained my Achilles tendon last week, nothing serious, but it's on top of a more severe strain last spring (I actually heard a "pop" that time!) and my physiotherapist has banned me from running until she's managed to pound some flexibility into it. It's frustrating because running is my New Year's Resolution and mentally I don't want to give it up. But... I am very heavy and I knew from the start that injuries to knees and ankles were high on my list of stuff likely to go wrong.

    On the positive side, I found a clinic five minutes from my house that accepts my national insurance, my therapist lived in Australia for two years so she speaks perfect English, and I can go for massage and stretching every day, if I like.

    So the plan now is to go every day, work on strength and flexibility with the physio, drop a couple of kilos, and restart the running at the beginning of April.

    Sharon, your knee problem could be a gait issue, the doctor had me walking up and down the clinic for about an hour on Tuesday trying on a variety of insoles and arch cushions. It was far more detailed than the treadmill videos they do at the shops, and the set he prescribed for me have made a difference to my "normal" walking pains already. If its free on the NHS you should take advantage and talk to a doctor before it gets worse. Could be a simple thing like a proper pair of insoles could prevent a serious injury in the future.
  • Hi Katie, oh no your achilles problem sounds painful. its good that you can see someone about it everyday.

    I was planning on going to my local running shop to get my gait looked at. My experiences of my local nhs and physio are wholly unsatisfactory to say the least but think i'll refer myself and see what they say. I too am carrying a lot more weight thant is healthy for my height. But i've lost almost 2 stone since Jan still have a lot to lose but its coming off gradually. I'm going to try a run later today as my knee feels fine this morning and seek a professional opinion and advise.
  • Hi Sharon,

    Two stone is a fantastic start! Your joints must be really enjoying the lighter load, even if your knee is complaining at the moment.

    It sucks that your NHS experience wasn't good, it sounds like your knee is taking longer and longer to recover each time, and that sounds like something that is getting worse rather than better. Going to a different doctor might help, finding someone to take it seriously is so important. The Japanese insurance system is a bit different and I was lucky to find a good place so close to where I live.

    If the pain is just on one side it sounds more like a gait issue than simple over-use, I hope you manage to get some proper attention for it.
  • Well I've been to see a sports physiotherapist, he has assessed my knee and said that i overpronate which has led to my foot arches collapsing. Which inturn has caused patella tendinitis. I've been told to invest in some running shoes specifically designed for this problem and a pair of semi ridged heat moulded inner soles. As well as a series of strengthening exercises. oh and to lay off higher impact activities until i'm pain free. Not happy about the last point but i've caught it really early so hopefully will be able to get pain free relatively quickly. I'm off down the running shop tomorrow to buy me some new trainers.
  • Yes, that's annoying, but at least you caught it before it turned into something permanently damaged. My physio had me standing on a tennis ball, rolling around on a foam roller, and scrunching up a towel with my toes this morning. My feet don't crack and pop as much as they did last week, so I think it's doing me some good.

    Let us know which trainers you get!
  • Thank you Mr.Rider! Run 10 today - interval training (60s run 90s walk x 10). I quite enjoy this because I get to run as fast as I can averaging 4:40 per km over the 10 intervals. I'm really pleased with my progress, although not pleased that my weight hasn't budged one iota :/ I need some tips from Sharon I think!

    I have an Android phone so saldy I can't use ismoothrun, but I'm happy with RK, it's doing the job just nicely.

  • Oh my goodness me - so much to catch up on!  I havent read back properly, but I wanted to check in quickly.

    I caught that stinker of a cold 2 weeks ago, so that stopped me running.  I got rid of it for 2 days and managed a treadmill session (I was staying at a spa for the day) which was ok, but 2 days later the cold came back and my motivation left.  I just couldnt face it.  Im still a bit sniffly, but I decided to get out again today after 9 days.

    So pleased I did.  I was supposed to be on week 8 run 1, but I decided that I would rather succeed than fail, so I went back 2 weeks to week six and did 2x10 minute runs instead.  Pleased I did as it didnt feel too bad at all, and I managed a PB according to Endomondo of 5k in 34 minutes.  

    Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say Hi - before I read back over the last week or so.  x

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this thread. I generally go into the giving up the booze thread.

    Runningbella thats a fantastic time for the 5k, I'm averaging the the 45 minute for that distance.

    For those with injuries, I hope you manage for them to heal properly as steadily as possible.

    I did the 5k Mo Run in November I think. I have been training for the Manchester Marathon, on the 28th April, I think it will be finish time of about 8 hours lol. As long as I finish. I'm just trying to concentrate on distance rather than times at the minute.

    Hope you have all had  pleasent Sunday.image

  • Phew, I finally got some time to catch up with you all! Next time I will stay online despite being ill. You have been a busy lot over the last few days! Forgive me if I missed anyone...

    Jon - Welcome and I agree with the others. Dont compare yourself to other people. I remember telling someone proudly that I managed to run 5k in 38 minutes and he asked me if I had stopped for a fag on the way round. I felt mortified. I was so pleased with myself. But it seems you are doing REALLY well - 7k? Well done indeed.

    Other people are a bad measure.

    My answer to how you are doing - is that you are doing more than before, and you are taking another step on your journey.
    You are also doing a lot more than all the people sat at home on their sofas.

    Kate - your post made me laugh. I think we all have good things and bad things in the day. The key thing is recognising the good and learning from the bad.

    KW2013 - welcome! Your goals are like mine. I am also a full time worker with a 20 month old toddler who is going through the terrible 2s! I have a volunteer job too, which takes over my life. Getting out in the fresh air 3 times a week is really my only 'me' time and I love it.

    Soph - yes I am looking forward to talking about hr long runs. its a bit scary but I am excited. I have dropped back a few days though after being ill but I will soon get there again I am sure! Take care of yourself and dont overdo that injury!

    CheesyRider - great advice thank you. I learned that I have to compete only with myself and I will progress at my own pace.

    Si - welcome. My tip? Just get out there and give it a go. Dont try to 'run' straight away - jogging is probably the best (unless you are already fit!) But it sounds like you have the right idea already. Good luck and keep coming back. I have really enjoyed sharing this with like minded people.

    Curley - sympathy for the cold. It really is a nasty bug and it is lingering. It hit me twice and curtailed my progress for 9 weeks, but the break doesnt seem to have done me any harm and I am back into it from today with a small PB to celebrate! Love the dog running image. I used to run with my German Shepherd, but she is too old now. At 12 years old its probably a bit much to expect her to keep up (although she would try and it would kill her!)

    MonAmi - hugs. Can you think of a reason why the run was so bad? Not enough food? Too tired? Not enough water?

    Maisie - did you go for that run? I intend to pack my kit but I think its hard to go out running when you are away - especially if its out of character for you!

    Katelake - your thighs are just getting used to the effort. It will get easier I promise. Well done!

    Sharron - well done on getting outside. It can be such a hurdle. And Im using the Zenlabs 10k programme. From week 1 it is exactly the same as the 5k programme. I find it really good. I really do think that another day or 2 rest wont hurt if you have a knee problem though.

    Terpsi - welcome and well done on getting going. Its a good feeling when suddenly it becomes fun isnt it!

    TwistedSole - Welcome to you too! Impressed with you signing up to a 10k so soon! Respect!

    Phew. Just caught up. I hope I havent missed anyone. Now Im off to bed!

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    I can imagine you took a breath after you finshed catching up runningbella?  image

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