Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.



  • @sinbad - Oh no whats happened?!

  • Just remembered Monday (the day I said I would definitely start running) is actually my birthday............hmmm....Wednesday, for sure!! :P I swear, Wednesday the trainers are going on and I'm starting moving- promise!

    @GingerG, love your dream, sounds like quite a feat, I'm sure you were exhausted when you woke up!

    @Sinbad, what's happened!?!? image

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Mooly Happy Birthday. Your getting closer each day for your running image

    GingerG I just let some people get to me. Hopefully I can draw a line under it now. As long as I reach that 20 mile training mark by the end of the first week in  April, I can start pulling back ater that.

    Hope everyone is okay?


  • all good in curly land, 5k run yesterday, park run tomorrow, a run this eve maybe, depends, its raining  a lot, usually doesn't bother me but tired from commuting all week 

    i have 3 weeks weeks off, one study, 2 for annual leave , lots of running to be done , good start to training for the HM and studying, only fair as i'm paid full time to study , however i will work some shifts during my 3 weeks , but not many 

    HB mooly 

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi |All,

    XcurlywigX what are you studying? soundslike a plan you have there.

  • Hi everyone,

    Hiding inside at the moment looking out at the rain. Need to go run! But the rain is definitely the killer for me.

    I have a shower proof jacket which sort of does the job, but the hood is just generally annoying. Not sure what's best. Should I just get myself a cap just to keep it from my eyes?

    Any thoughts about what you all do v welcome!
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    maisie77 give the cap a go, if it does not work for you, you can just leave it at home.

    Hope all okay.

  • Hi thread ... I've changed my name btw. Off for long run now. Hope everyone's still getting through the miles!

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Rivergirl, what was your name before hand?

    I have pulled out of the Manchester Marathon, after a disastorous 8 mile LSR. I even had to sit down for five minutes. Yet the week before I did 15 miles in 5 hours not fast, but this week has been difficult.

    Hope your all okay?

    I'm not giving up, I'm going to try and push myself to volunteer and run some park runs, do a few 10k and a couple of half marathons, let the body and mind get used to the longer distances.

    I have alsocome down with my second cold due to the ever changing weather.

  • Hope everyone's off to a good start to their week? I am - big big day today (no I haven't started yet, though I was halfway there, trainers were on!), happy 16th to me. Only 12 days until I go bald for charity and next week is piercing time woooohoooo :P Decided I must start running if only for the slimming side of things, because if I lose enough weight I'll do my belly button, see how impressed Lee is with that haha (he's told me off for the head shave and the piercings and for several other things!!!!) :P

    Have a good week all!!! image image

    M xxx

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    As long as its not harmful for you, then go for it and be an individual safely mooly.

  • hey all... thought it was about time i introduced myself here!

    im kat..34, mum of one from Belfast. started running about 3 months ago, have had a few horrible aches and pains / MCI ligament issues, but seem to be coming out the other side a bit now! I had my best run ever last night, which has remotivated me a bit after a crappy last week! im up to week 3 of c25k... i keep repeating each day until i can do it comfortably, so im going slow! Ive signed up for the 5k race for life at the start of June, am im determined to run the whole thing!


  • Welcome Kat! Sounds as thought you have a good start going there - don't worry about being slow, my times are pretty much just a fast walk! Good luck for the Race for Life, I've signed myself up a 5k in May and a 10k in July and like you I am determined to run them both!

    @Mooly Happy Birthday for yesterday - Sorry I missed it! Well getting trainers on is a start - just need to get out the door as well! I think the first time is probably the hardest  after that its easier as you know you can do it!

    @Sinbad - Sorry to hear that you've pulled out. It's hard but try to keep your chin up. It sounds like a good plan to break it all down a bit and get used to the longer runs first

    How was everyones run over the weekend?


    I had an awful run on Sunday - Everything hurt and I had no energy at all. I struggled to walk/run 3km! Note to self - do not try to run the morning after a night out with the Girls - dehydration and hangovers do not mix well with running! Aah well I had a rest day yesterday and made sure I drank loads of water and ate really healthily so fingers crossed my bike and run session tonight will be a lot easier. 



  • I'm technically brand spanking and shiny new to running. I tried to get into it seven years ago but failed miserably and now I want to try again. Off for my first run tonight, so I'll let you know if I survive :P

  • Good luck and welcome @Bored Robots! Are you following a C25K programme?

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Go for it runflatkat.

    GingerG I know the feeling after a night out. I have decided to do the Hal Higdon 30 week marathon schedule. Although I can do more, it will give me a chance to listen to my body and mind a lot better, than a shorter scheduale.

    Bored Robots, keep us informed on how it goes.

  • Hi all,

    Kat - hope you are coming through your injury problems ... hopefully it is your body adjusting to the running (I say with no understanding whatsoever of physio and injuries and stuff!!)

    Ginger - yep, had that hangover run too! Even when I felt ok it was just torture moving my legs at any speed! Trying to construct my social life around running and running around social life ... complex. Have even written 'no drinks' in my diary on Friday so I can hopefully get up for my first parkrun.

    Sinbad - have changed my name so it didn't give any personal stuff away, so no point doing that if I then put it down for posterity in a thread image

    Good luck bored robots. Come straight back here and tell us how it went, good or bad. It got me round a couple if early runs when thinking I could come back and share!!
  • GingerG wrote (see)

    Good luck and welcome @Bored Robots! Are you following a C25K programme?


    I am now, Ginger! Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

  • This looks like a good place to ask dumb questions so here goes!!!

    What is the c25k program?

  • Hi Lanky Lad! Welcome image Its not a dumb question at all - Its the Couch to 5k app or podcasts which you can download onto your phone or ipod which helps you start by mixing walking and running and builds it up slowly to help your body get used to the stresses. There are quite a few developers of apps on adriod/blackberry or iphones or you can download NHS podcasts. It really is fantastic as it builds up week by week over an 8 week period. I really would advise following it!

    You're welcome Bored Robots. (love the Nickname btw!)

    I had planned to do that Kat as wasn't meant to be drinking Sat night - Opps! Well they say you learn best from your mistakes! 

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Lanky lad its not a dumb question, i have no idea also about what is a c25k run.

  • Apps? Hmmm! Must look for some.

    I'm starting my running tonight after a 2 year lazy period. Back then I was a bit fitter but I would not say I am exactly direct from the couch. All the beginner programs seem to assume you can't run for more than a minute or so. I think I can probably run for about 10 minutes before needing to walk. Well if I pace it that is which is always hard as my mind says I';m fitter than I am so I always push it.

    Anyway, I am too "fit" for the beginner but I am not sure I can manage 15 minutes straight running which I think the intermediates start at. I do like the idea of that smart trainer function on this site. Think I will time and distance my run tonight and enter that into it to see what I does. I'd like to start from where I am not from where the programs seem to pidgeonhole the newbie.

    Anyone else noticed the same thing with online training programs??

  • A lot of them are aimed towards the beginner runner. The good thing is that it you want, you can skip ahead to where your fitness levels are now. If you can run for 10 mins already then perhaps get the Zenlabs couch to 10k and start from week 5/6 and carry on from there.... image

    I can't really comment on any online prgrammes as haven't really looked at those yet image

  • Does anyone else on here use Endomondo? I've just started using it and I'm quite impressed with it as can log my cycling on there which I wasn't able to do on the Nike running app image

  • Yes, I've used Endomondo before - very impressive and accurate to boot! Going to have to download it again (not used it in a couple of months) and use it on tonight’s inaugural r*n.

  • Hi all ... I love endomondo! Definitely the most user friendly of those tracking apps. 

  • Hi all, 

    Any running excitement today? Reached a major milestone for me ... busy day at work after a insomniac night and all I wanted to do this pm was get back and go run! Just did 5k but fastest so far ... though I am supposed to be slowing down and getting the miles in.

    Too much of a beginner to judge my pace well yet I think image

  • Little bit of running excitement, rivergirl.

    Went for my first run and it went quite well. Didn't feel as bad as I thought and the only reason I couldn't run the full distance was because I got a bloody stitch. My ankles and legs felt fine so it was doubly annoying that I had to walk so much.

    Hope the stitches go away soon! :P

  • Bodes well for your second run back BR!

  • Well, it's the third day in a row I've failed to start running again. Seems I'm set for an epic fail with this week.

    Day 1 got dragged out with partner, pram and baby for a walk

    Day 2 I got home late, straight into 2hours of trying to get a baby to sleep followed by a very late cooked dinner.

    Day 3 I got home a little late, baby to sleep early, dinner was already cooked and I procrastinated until it got too late.

    I swear that the first run is the hardest. I will make it...
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