Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.



  • Good morning all.  I think that my posting on 3 devices has caused a weird repostiing to occur. Sorry if it confuses anyone.  I thought I was going mad.

    Anyway, it seems we are all doing well!  Im impressed.

    My running night is tonight.  Im awake way too early today and had considered going for a morning run, but OH has just beaten me to it!  

    Still, my gear is all ready for later and when I walk through the door it will be to deposit the baby and change, then straight out again!  

    In the meantime Im off to hog the shower while he is busy!

  • Rest day today ... and tomorrow I make another attempt at running before work. I think it is doomed to failure and I will have to stick to evenings but I'd love to start a few days with a run! Would feel very virtuous ...

  • Good morning! Managed day 1 of week 2 last night. Felt fine actually, not too challenging. I think I'm fitter than I thought!
  • Excellent Bella! I think it gets easier pretty quick - my first run was a killer but I did day 2 of week 2 this evening and found it much easier. My legs are fine, it's just the breathing I find a bit tricky.....
  • Well done Becky.  yes I sometimes find the cold air is a bit tough on the breathing!

    Yesterday I punished myself by running into the old town, where the only shops open were the chippys!  And there was a good sea breeze which was pushing against me on the way home!  Oh well.  At least its flat!

    Back out tomorrow!

  • Evening. Second run of week two done this evening ... it was coooold! I'm finding the breathing the most difficult too. I seem to remember someone teeling me you need to breathe in through your nose and out through you mouth? But I don't think I can get enough in and then I get all out of breath!!

    Ah well, I know it will come!

  • Hi All!

    Just found this site today!

    started running on a treadmill a few months ago n i've dropped 4 stones through it but finally plucked up courage to go out on the roads this week.. i started off with a mile which i found oddly hard, i used to do 3 miles on the runner.. then the night after i did 2 which seemed easier as i learnt to pace myself..tonight i did 3 and my pace for 3 miles was faster than my pace for 2??  How weird? 

    Decided i'm going to sell my running machine as i've fallen in love with road running...ultimate goal is a triathlon in 2014 but b4 then i've a 10k next month and a half marathon in October.. nervous about the 10k as i've never run that far and i've all of 6 weeks to get ready for it!

    Off to nurse my achey legs image

  • Hello everyone! I'm not actually running yet but couldn't resist posting. I did the C25k in May 2011, ran my local half marathon in November 2011 but picked up a knee injury early last year and haven't run since last September. I'm hoping my knee is finally on the mend and I can start the C25k again soon. To everyone here who has just started running: YAY!!! Well done you all! image Can't wait to post that I've done Day 1 Week 1 again, let's hope it's very soon!

  • Hi everyone

    Signed up today but have been watching the forums for a while. I'm currently working towards completing the c210k program by the 28th Feb. Finished the C25k program a few months ago & was just running 5k twice a week. Now decided that I want to run further & hope to enter the Bupa 10k run in London in May. Next run is tonight with 3 15mins runs with a minute walking in between. Enjoying the challenge of the extra distance & training myself to run a little slower but for longer.

  • Hi all

    Total newbie here! I've just started on the Cto5k program too - my first run was yesterday. Felt slightly embarrassed by how tired I was at the end of it, but also totally exhilirated,

    I also have a slightly odd question - my problem is not that I need to lose weight, but rather that I need to put weight on. Can't afford the gym etc, so running seemed an ideal way to get fit. I'm not going to lose more weight though am I?!

    Oh, also - the C25K app I downloaded was free and does speak to me too... plus has nice motivational quotes etc!

  • It would seem that you do not have any fat to burn off so your training will add and tone muscle which will add some weight.

    You should look at you diet and find something that complements your running. No need to even think of eating lots of carbs at this stage but a healthy diet will improve your running as you progress. A lot of foods that help runners, pasta, baked potatoes, rice are the cheapest.

  • Evening all.  Quick posting just to say I have done Week 2 Run 2 and found it fine.  Challenging enough, but not so much that I wanted to walk instead of running and I didnt feel the need to stop.  It was flippin cold out there tonight though!

    Next run will be Saturday!

  • Hi - another 2013 beginner here. I started running (away from zombies) just one week ago. I am also starting from absolute scratch, having had a kidney transplant 5 months ago. I'll be running in the Great Manchester 10k in May for Kidney Research. 

    Oh and I've lost 2 stone but still have 2-3 to go. 

  • Hi everyone!

    Looking forward to my next run tomorrow after a couple of rest days.But we're about to  have a cold snap I hear!? How are us newbies going to cope?

    Any thoughts or tips about running in the proper cold?

  • Maisie it's freeeeeeeeezing here so I'm hoping there are some handy tips! Actually I could do with some tips about running in the dark (mornings). I'm trying to stick to "every other day" rather than set days for running, which means on Mondays and Tuesdays I will have to go out early (about 6.15am I think). The alternative is waiting until my son is in bed after 7pm, when it's dark anyway and I doubt I'll feel like going out.

  • Hi guys, I did week 2, day 3 last night - it sure is getting cold out. I wear a long and also a short sleeved top under a lightweight jacket. A wholly hat also. I think I need to get some gloves though....

    As for running in the dark - you need reflective stuff on and also for safety it's best not to wear headphones. Make sure someone knows you're route and what time you expect to be home.

    Good luck!
  • Lying in bed thinking about running but it's so cold out there and so cosy in here. Motivation is lacking, I fear
  • Hi everyone,

    I am starting again. Not quite totally new as I started running in 2010 and completed a half marathon, but since then I haven't really done any running. I have always been a gym goer so I kept my fitness up by going to the gym, but running on the road is a different beast! So I consider myself a beginner again.

    Then I moved cities in October and have done no exercise at all for 4 months, plus uppedmy food and wine intakeimage. I started running again this week, very slowly! And it is great to get back into it!  

    Having a dry January too and cleaned up my diet. Currently on day 12...this is the longest I have been without a single drink in YEARS. Rather worrying when I think about it like that...!

    @KateinJapan - My boyfriend has that Zombie app! He hasn't tried it out yet it sounds good! 

    @SusanE Agreed! I am on the sofa in my dressing gown with a cuppa looking out of the window at the chilly greyness and cannot summon up the motivation to move just yet...

  • The zombies are great fun, and the 5k programme is at the right level for me.

    I'm supposed to be running today, but my stomach feels a bit off (was a bit unwell last night). I don't fancy food at all so I'm not sure if it's wise to go out... or is that me listening to my inner couch potato? I don't know what to do.

  • Listen to your body. If you don't fancy food that probably means you are not quite right. If you feel poorly and go out and have a bad run it might put you off going the next time, because the memory of the previous run is bad. (My motivation is always affected by how my previous run went!) See how you feel in a few hours?

  • Bovrilparty, I love your post, i'm listening to you but my problem is I'm an anti-running runner! My body never wants to go out!! image no actually it's probably head that doesn't want to go out. Insanity to run in this cold it keeps telling me ! Just organising running gear for weekend and maybe that'll help. I know after first run (been off for six months) I'll remember some of the joy and no doubt some of the pain. I'm shamed by motivation of those on the forum..very impressed by those who are out there for the very first time
  • Afternoon all! Susan - tough love but I would say go for it. Stay close to home, don't push yourself, but if you are a bit off colour a 30 minute walk won't hurt and as an ex-runner I bet you will be loving being outside again within a few minutes. Take it easy though. You will know if its malaise or just laziness within a few minutes and you can always come home,

    So speaks someone who put off my restart for 12 months!

    Anyway, week 2 run 3 under my belt. Today, it is freezing and pouring (the old man is snoring) the sea spray on the prom was right in my face, and I was running into the wind. Within seconds my face and hands were numb! However, I always find it easier to run in the winter. It's from April onwards that I get lazy because I get so hot!

    I run in a couple of helly Hansen type long sleeved tops and some lightweight jersey trousers. Not ideal, but all I have at the moment. I wore a cap today to keep the rain off my face, but I couldn't run in a wooly hat!

    Previously I have purchased a running shell top in bright yellow with pockets and things but fund it flapping around to be deeply irritating, so I got rid.

    I've also found it easy to run in the ice and snow, I just found an off road route and risked the dog poo and skippy mud. In my mind, I know if I slip I will land on the grass so not too painful. I guess to a risk, it i enjoyed my icy cold runs when I was doing g them 3 years ago.

    Next run for me will now be Tuesday unless by some miracle I wake up stupid early on Monday. Monday nights hubby is out so I can't leave little boy alone. Of course my temptation is to go out again tomorrow, but I know that's the route to injury so I won't.

    Have a good weekend all. Remember, it's only rain!
  • Bovrilparty wrote (see)

    Listen to your body. If you don't fancy food that probably means you are not quite right. If you feel poorly and go out and have a bad run it might put you off going the next time, because the memory of the previous run is bad. (My motivation is always affected by how my previous run went!) See how you feel in a few hours?

    I went back to bed and slept for two hours! Going up the stairs made me feel a bit peculiar so I guessed running was probably not a good idea. I'll see how I feel later on, but may run on Sunday instead. Two rest days won't hurt, will they?

  • Bovrilparty I'm with you on the last run success = next run motivation front. It would have upset me to have done bady.

  • Dear Katy stay in bed! If you've slept for two hours then I'd say you are headed for something. Flu seems rife at moment. Day in bed might mean you don't need a week in bed. Two days off might be just what you need. Nothing worse than going out and having a bad run, takes double the effort then to get back out there. I had flu at Easter but did Great Ireland run after an afternoon out of bed. Pain like I've never felt and it was just plain stupid to have done it. Listen to your body as Bovril says
  • How do you feel after sleeping Katy? Two rest days will certainly not hurt! As your motivation is also directly affected by the success of previous runs it could have done more harm than good to go out and run badly and set you back more than 2 days (and that's without being sick halfway around!). Later you may feel more up for it.

    I think IF you feel better later I would go for it, as the bad weather over the next few days may mean you are stuck in whether you like it or not! Depending on how you feel about running in snow/ice?

    I have never done it and manage to fall over just walking on snow...and plain concrete come to think of I will probably give it a miss!

    It's dry today though if a bit cold, so I managed to get out and ran into the wind on the way out and into the wind on the way back. How is that even possible?! I was hoping for a tailwind on the way back!

    Susan I totally understand having just come back from a break myself. On my first run earlier this week I didn't go far or fast and I walked some of it, but when I got back in and had a shower I felt awesome. And that's what I try and remember when I need motivation, the feeling of achievement after a run.

    Also when I am struggling I force myself to put my kit on and then I HAVE to go, as I will feel a total failure if I put it on just to take it off. It is hard to kick yourself out of the door after a break.

  • I feel groggy but a bit better, thanks. Not sure where I stand on the idea of food though!! We're doing the weekly food shop shortly (yawn) and I'm planning to drag the family to Decathlon to pick up some warmer running kit, which should help me face the early and cold starts.

  • Kit on!! Going out!! Thanks B!
  • Well done SusanE!

    I've had an omlette and am starting to feel more human. I'm unlikely to get flu as I'm vaccinated every year against it. I do work in a school though, so am around a lot of germs and with the medication I'm on after my transplant, am potentially vulnerable to any and all passing infections.

  • Woohoo nice one Susan!!

    Good to hear you're feeling a bit better Katy! Being sick is no fun, especially not on a weekend!


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