Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.



  • Blimey, pleased you didn't go out after all Katy! 2 hrs nap probably did you the power of good!

    Susan, well done. The hardest part one times is getting your kit on. After that, it's only 30 minutes isn't it?

    Just spent some money at sports direct on kit. Nothing special, but a day glo yellow top and a black one. I don't want to be seen but I think it would be irresponsible to run in black after dark!
  • Lovely run and walk. Probably a bit too far for first run of year but lovely
  • Managed to get out the door for "run" number 8 image

    I've decided to repeat the first week of the 0-5K programme, I have a lot of weight to shift and feel I ought to spend a little longer on building strength before distance. Comparing my times from yesterday and today to the first time I did them, my average speed has increased so there's definitely some improvement. Also, I no longer feel like the running intervals will kill me, so I guess my lungs are getting used to it, too!

    Katy - I'm in the "sleep it off" camp. Whether it's flu or something else, soldiering through will probably just mean you prolong your suffering. Rest up and let us know how you feel tomorrow!

    Well done Susan! From the news sites it looks like Blighty is chuffing freezing this week. My hat's off to everyone who manages to force themselves out the door!
  • An extra rest day did me no harm. I was up and out today, testing my new (cheap) kit. I thought I'd got the right size leggings, but apparently not, and I very nearly exposed myself! Fortunately I noticed the draught before it was too late!!

    I'm doing the Zombie 5k programme, which amuses me greatly and seems to be pitched right for my (in)ability. I'm on week 2 and after a ten minute wam up walk, I did 30 second runs followed by heel lifts and 90 second walks x 5, then a ten minute free form run. I timed myself during this section and ran for 40, then 50 seconds, before managing to do A WHOLE MINUTE. I know it sounds like nothing, but it's a big deal to me and I'm really pleased with myself.

    Roll on Tuesday!

  • Hi all, 

    Just did my third week three c25k run and am looking forward to the challenge of running for five minutes solid next week. Will be a bit of a milestone for me!

    But blimey, it IS cold out there. Really don't want to go out without gloves again but can't see myself getting to the shops for a few days.Think I may be out in suede gloves for a couple of runs at this rate!

    Great to see a few more people who are starting/restarting on this thread. It's a real morale boost thinking of you all striding out through the door too!

  • Well done Katy for your minute run! I am always surprised how LONG a minute feels. I follow a runners world programme for getting back into running and a minute is always a long time when running but incredibly short during the rest walk!! I use c25 as well Maisie five mins constant running is a big jump Nd I can't remember which week it is but it suddenly jumps to eight mins or something and that really does feel like a killer.

    Four hours on the hills today. Prepping for a bit of trail running with my beautiful new Osprey rucksack. (Treat to myself) feel all rosy cheeked and healthy. Sun was bright for once and it was a really beautiful day
  • I'm starting Week 2 today, Katy! Just giving the sun another hour or so to dry up the remains of last night's sleet... Glad to hear you're feeling better.
  • The dreaded blisters have arrived. I always get them on my arches, particularly my left foot! When I was half marathon training a few years ago they were a real annoyance.

    I have changed my trainers, laced them up looser/tigher, changed my socks, tried plasters, compeed and electrical tape wrapped around my foot to reduce friction, used vaseline! I used to run home from work and my colleagues used to think I was mad wrapping gaffer tape around my foot!! It worked ok though as it didn't slip off as easily as the plasters.

    The vaseline was working this time but after my last run on Sat they have increased in size noooo! I had a rest day yesterday so I didn't go out but they might have prevented me from going as I have no plasters or electrical tape atm! Must try not to let blisters stop me from running, perhaps I need to enter a race so that I have no choice but to run on them like before!

    Good luck to all running in the cold today, I will be trying to force myself out of the door soon-ish...

  • Hi all - just run Week 2, Day 1 this morning... the step up from running 1 min, walking 90 secs to running 90 secs, walking 2 mins was surprisingly hard! Feel great though - nothing like getting out and running across the snow as dawn rises!

    Hope all the other newbies are hanging in there!

  • Had a meeting today. Walked in like John Wayne! Think I did too much this weekend. Legs felt like two rigid planks of woo
  • Wood. Felt better so much better for the doing.
  • I am really looking forward to being able to run properly, rather than just these tiny 1 minuters. 

  • Keep at it Katy you are encouraging me to get back at it
  • Planks of woo sounds so much better!!
  • Managed first day of week 3 c210k this morning. Was bloody cold but bright(ish) and perked me right up image

    Kathy, before you know it you'll be doing a good chunk of running at a time - the problem is then that it's tempting to really push yourself to do more too quickly. Don't deviate from the plan!
  • I'm thinking of going to get some new footwear later. I've got trainers that feel supportive etc but having read around a little now, I'm scared that maybe they're not right and I could end up with an injury. If I were to get injured I'd probably struggle to find the motivation to keep going or start again.

  • My new running trainers arrived today (I say 'new' - my first ever pair of running trainers!) - along with a nifty iPhone armband thing to save me holding it as I run. Very excited!

    Tomorrow will only be Week 2, Day 2 of my C25K program and I can't wait to get back out there...

  • Dominho we're at about the same point in our training then, as tomorrow will be week 2 day 3 for me.

  • Hi Katy - do let me know how it goes then (or warn me how much it hurts when you step up a week!)

  • Oh my. Just got home from work and due to go out and do my first week four c25k run. I have been looking forward to it all day and it is soooo cold out there I am having to sit here in my running stuff trying to warm up before I go out! I really need to sort out some cold weather gear. I have nothing that covers my poor calves! 

    Wsih me luck!

  • Woop! Done. That was fantastic!

  • Well done maisie!

    Dominho I think there's a lot of variation in the challenge between the different C25K programmes. I'm doing the Zombie Run one which is a bit easier for duffers like me who need a very gentle learning curve.

  • Thanks Katy! Keep running from those zombies!

  • Ran week 2, day 2 of my C25K plan this morning - it was -2 outside and snowing, but I loved it. Once I got going and warmed up it was beautiful. Also today's run felt much easier than week 2 day 1, so I must be making some progress!

    Katy - I'm not doing the zombie one, but a C25K free app for iPhone - but I think they're all pretty similar in the early stages. Week 2 has me running 90 secs, walking 2 mins repeated six times.

  • Seem to have stalled on the running - last run was Tuesday last week - I have been doing a lot of walking tho as my daughter's nursery is a mile away so been brisk walking when not with her and walking at toddler pace the rest of the time! Was planning on going for a run last Friday but had mini snow fall overnight which put paid to that and the ice didn't clear locally for a few days - this coupled with being full of cold and not being able to breathe properly haven't been good. Been better able to breath last few days but annoyingly have had a nasty pain in my left calf - kind of to the side - when I walk faster than normal walking pace, so been a bit hesitant to run in case I injure myself image



    Have decided I am going to sign up to a local 2.5 mile fun run on 19th May (haven't yet as its not open) - the course literally goes right past my doorstep so can gradually increase my training til I am running most of the actual route!


    Only thing is I really wanted to do the Race For Life this year and all the local races are either just before/after or same weekend as the local road race so not sure what to do - would I be ok to say race locally on 19th then do 5k race for life the following week or would this be too much for my body?

  • I think that sounds reasonable to do both, especially seeing as there's quite some time before the events.

    I've been running again today - week two now complete on the Zombies Run 5k programme!! It was cold and a bit icy, and I think it takes longer for my muscles to warm up in these temperatures. I did it though and I'm definitely getting fitter and faster. 

  • Hi all,

    did week 2 run 1 on Monday. Almost didn't go as it was so miserable and dark. Wasn' t so bad once I started and I am finally realising that doing a little more each week is making that mountain a smaller one to climb with the whole 30 mins on week 9.

    Got caught in a torrential hailstorm towards the end, but it actually felt quite exhilarating. Soaking wet when I got home but really pleased and a well deserved hot bath. Can't wait to run in fresh snow image

    Was supposed to run tonight, but one daughter had a friend for tea and then Brownies and my other daughter had a sore throat and was laying in bed.

    How many rest days are people having between runs? I seem to be averaging 2 and not feeling like I am back to square one when I do get out again.
  • Maisie77 re your calves.

    Maybe leg warmers could make a comeback again?
  • Evening everyone.  I haven't had time to read back yet as had long days at work this week.  Hope everyone is well. 

    I have downloaded the c25 k plan and hope to start it this weekend . After losing 3st last year I have been on an eating binge since Christmas and gained 6LB back so now I not only have another 4st to lose I have the 6LB gain to get rid off too . 

    Hoping that I manage to do the runs as I am so overweight . It took me 15 years of running to do a 4.30hrs marathon and only 3 years of no running and over eating to get to this unfit blob I am now . 

  • Hi all, 

    Runforestrun ... the days between my runs really vary as sometimes I work away from home. Had to have 3 days off last week and still improving each run. I'm just concentrating on having at least one day rest in between (even though I am having no ill effects day after) and all is working!

    Hope I haven't got a cold or a strain or anything round the corner ...

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