Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.



  • Edited because Laptop reposted the same message again.....

    Anyway, I feel for you with all that snow.  The 'sunny' south got off lightly and its all but gone today - but it started again this evening (while I was out running in it)

    About having a few extra days off.  It doesnt seem to matter.  4 or 5 days is probably ok and you will be surprised at how easy you find the next run. Or at least that is my experience from the last 2 runs after a 4 day break.  OH said the same.

    I was supposed to be on Run 3 of week 3 today, and I came home from work, passed the baby to my hubby and gt changed. Stuck the iphone on and went out the door.  Half way through the second run I thought 'this feels like a long 3 minutes' so I checked the phone and found I had moved on to week 4 (I was looking at it last night)

    But I managed most of it (the second 5 minutes was a killer and I had to walk for about 90 seconds of it)

    Anyway, dont stress about the weather.  Its better to stay indoors than break your neck!

    And I've managed to find out how to friend people on Endomondo - you just use the search function. Simple!  You need a full name though so if anyone wants to buddy up with me then let me know and Ill give you my real name!  Ive already found Dom!

    Happy running!  Im shattered - time for bed.

  • Ouch!

    I didn't have to work today so I walked all over the city. First, to the park: 34 mins; then 0-5K training: 34 mins, continuing into a walk out to the Hard Rock Cafe: 26 mins; and finally back into the city for my Japanese lesson: 51 minutes. Everything aches from my waist down, but I think I've made up for the two days I chickened-out because of the rain.

    Incidentally, I had a salad at HRC, so feeling particularly virtuous right now image
  • Well done Kate. It's all exercise isn't it!

    I picked the filling out of a sandwich at a meeting yesterday. Noone took any notice and the boys were just happy they got more chips and crisps (who needs chips and crisps?)

    Weighed myself today and didn't like the results. I feel thinner though.
  • That's a lot of walking Kate! Are you following diets aswell? I'm trying to watch what I eat, currently way to much sugar and general crap - seriously need to cut down. My weight is ok I'm more worried about the health implications of my ridiculous chocolate/empty calorie food obsession!
  • Sometimes it's better to measure inch loss than weight at beginning. If there is ample padding to lose , body shape and tone will change rapidly without much effect on weight . I got well into exercise last year (not running though which is why am on new runner bit) I gained much needed 5kg and now have solid legs - which I love , my abs are nearly visible too , I try to keep some feminine curvature thoughimage

    I only eat fish , or vege alternatives , too much cheese and have a terrible addiction to haribo tangfastics lol my poor teeth x
  • Sophski: not really. I quit smoking last year, this year I've taken up running (after several months to let my lungs get their breath back!), I'll get more serious about dieting some other time. If I try to do it all at once, failing in one thing will probably make me give up on the whole project. I'm very overweight, and I do eat healthy meals, but I eat too many desserts. I'm making something of an effort to avoid the worst stuff like refined sugars and processed food, but at the moment I'm concentrating on forming a solid exercise habit that I'll stick with. If I'm still running 3-4 times a week by next New Year, I'll call 2013 a success regardless of my weight!
  • I wish it would rain here and wash away the snow , I had a half hour slow jog dodging the compacted ice , prob not very far mind , but half hour is prob better than distance .

    Long walks are brill , I love walking , and have an enthusiastic cocker spaniel to accompany me
  • Curly: I agree. I'd rather be heavy and toned than light and wobbly. BMI doesn't consider body composition anyway. My "drop 2 dress sizes" goal is far more meaningful to me than dropping an arbitrary amount of weight. I figure if I do serious exercise 4 times a week, my appetite will adjust to what my body requires, and my weight will take care of itself.
  • Wd with quitting smokingimage I quit in 2009 it took me most of the year to stop I didn't start exercising regularly until 2011 , I was always busy doing FT courses and working and have 2 girls , they are 16 and 11 now so I can leave them and go out without fear of them destroying my house or each other !

    Am always impressed at mums with young children who manage to get out

    change is hard deffo one thing at a time , I will stick to my sweets and sugary teaimage healthy food is a future plan
  • Well done to both of u for quitting smoking! - , and yeah Kate you're right trying to do too many things at once usually ends up in a fail anyway. Refined sugars is the main thing I'm trying to cut down on.

    Curly lol everyone loves a tangfastic! Agree I want the rain to come and wash it away, haven't been for a run for like 5 days, though did play badminton last night so at least I've done something... Maybe I should volunteer to walk my sister Labrador, that's always a workout!
  • Well done to the non smokers. I quit on Xmas day, 2004 at 3pm..... So pleased I did. It's blooming expensive!

    Really do agree with tackling one thing at a time. I have given up so many times! I always seem to look to a challenge too far in ahead, so instead of being focused on being able to run 5km in 30 minutes, my mind is always looking towards doing a half marathon! Of course, then I don't look like I'm going to get there, so I quit.

    This time, I'm aiming to become a 3 times a week runner. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I am however trying to sort my diet out and I've been doing a paleo diet for a while. Basically I've cut sugar, carbs, alcohol and anything processed. I have eaten some cheese, and a few too many nuts over the last few weeks but I feel much cleaner for a good diet.

    Weight wise, I want to be a comfy size 12 by easter. I don't care if I'm still 14 stone - I don't wear my weight!

    I'm impressed at you all. Still getting out there, and still wanting to get out there despite the cold. Imagine how easy it will be in a few months time when there is a hint of warmth and its still daylight into the evening.

    My next run is tomorrow!
  • My friend and her family eat paleo- mainly to help her little boys eczema, which it has... But I do like a bowl of porridge in the morning!
  • Never thought I would be cheesed off because I couldn't go out for a run. Wonders will never cease. I haven't been out since last Wednesday when I got caught in a massive hail storm (but it felt quite nice image ) Was due to go out again on Fri, but the snow arrived. Did loads of walking over the weekend, but the pavements around here are still icy and it just isn't worth it. I have a day off tomorrow and am going to drive to a great park after I have walked the kids to school. First time I've run in daylight! And, my sister gave me a brand new pair of asics yesterday as they are too small for her. It's like christmas all over again.

    Happy running all!
  • Hi all!

    The snow has mostly gone down here I'm lucky there's been not much impact. Apart from it being freezing!! Week five second run done. I just ran for two lots of eight minutes! Sounds so little but feels massive! My podcasts claim I will run 20 minutes solid this weekend. They haven't been wrong so far ... but that would be huge for me!

    Still running at the speed of a snail though ...

  • Well done Maisie that sounds great! Managed to get out this evening, dodging the icy patches and there's still a bit of lying snow, but hadn't been out for 5 days so really needed to, and it felt good image. I'm not really doing a plan but I ran 15 mins straight and felt reasonably comfortable, better than last week.

    Oo and I must recommend these:

    My legs felt much cosier than running in boardshorts!

    Runforest- it's a weird feeling being annoyed not getting out for a run, a good sign though I think, and result on the asics!
  • Ooh ... they look cosy Sophski! Might have to go for it. Are they reasonably long? I'm 5.10 ... want to avoid breezy ankles!

  • Lol! They are lovely, I could quite happily wear them round the house! Also the code LRVTEM gets you 20% off I think....

    Erm im 5.4, they were reasonably ruffled at the bottom so should be ok. Sizing seems quite accurate, the label said ??28 so bargain!
  • Looking forward to finally going for my Week 3, Day 2 run tomorrow - after five days of enforced (work, ice) rest. Hope I've not lost what momentum I had...!

  • Hi everyone! 

    I stopped smoking back in september last year and after an excessive Christmas, my relationship ending and learning my fathers' cancer has returned (and is terminal) I've decided to get off my backside and get fitter! I used to have a very physical job, but now I'm in an office and the pounds have been piling on in the last couple of years!

    So I entered my self into 5k run in May and a 10k in both June and July, all of which are for charity.... Probably a little bit premature for someone who struggles to run 100m but I'm the sort of person who can't stay motivated if I don't have a target or goal.

    I've just completed my first week of training, following the couch to 10k programme and already I feel so much better! I'm tired and a bit sore but I'm enjoying the challenge so far. I have got 5 months until the 5k which should be more than enough to get myself fit enough, even if I'll never be fast!

    So anyways thats my story and why I've started running and I love it so far!

    Chat soon image


  • Hi Gemma, I think it's great signing up to some races to keep motivated- I done this a few years ago, and it really helps you to have something to focus on. Being nosy what was your physical job before?!

    I'm looking for a 10k to do in the spring/summer months!
  • Hi Sophski,

    I Worked with horses for 10yrs; mainly teaching, starting young horses and retraining problem horses. On an average work day I would clock up 4-5hrs in the saddle plus competing and exercising my own horses at the weekend. Due to family commitments and persistant injuries and pains I had to change my career and quit riding. Unfortunately my lovely toned body was quickly replaced with a sqidgy soft one as I have been really bad and not put any time in to keeping myself fit for far too long!

    So how do you stay motivated to go out and train? 


  • well our snow is now solid ice - we are due a lot of rain  - wooo  - wash it away please

    went for a jog this morning , but ran on the road as  the cycle pahs/pavements not clear - it was very early , not much traffic and i had my hi viz cycling jacket on image

    am impressed with entering events already - i was going to see how training went then enter in march, now i might just enter to make sure i train harder, well i'd put more effort in minus the thick ice. my intentions are always good but sometimes my pattern interferes with what i'd like to do and i get very tired if i've worked long days (7am-9:30 pm) i don't run those days and normally need good sleep day after too haha 

    the running tights looked good, i treated myself to skins running tights  - they've not arrived yet  - hopefully intime when the snow has thawed x 

  • Welcome Gemma, it's really great that you have decided to get out there and o something positive. It would be so easy to wallow with all that going on but this is a much better use Of energy.

    I think we all have different motivations to get us out there. For me, it's knowing that my husband is doing it too. I have done it before so I know that the couch to 5k programme really works, and I'm always banging on about it, so I should put my money where my mouth is! Also, I really want to lose some weight and I know that running helps. Big motivators for me.

    There are a couple of races I want to do this year too. The great south run in October is one. I did it last year with no training and had to walk most of it, so I'd like to have a proper go this year.

    I guess e other thing is that although I do have to make myself put my kit on and step out the door, I actually really enjoy it when I'm out and i love the feeling after wards. I just want to be a 3 times a week runner. I don't care that I'm slow.

    Dom - good luck out there! I will be watching you on Endomondo!

    I did week 4 run 2 yesterday, having accidentally ended up on week 4 the previous run ( instead of doing w3run3) and I managed to do it although the 5 minutes were a killer. I have to admit I am dreading the 8 minute runs in week 5 so i wont be skipping forward again!
  • Early night last night but spent an hour on the iPad looking at events for this year! Must hold back though as my usual trick is to look too far ahead and see an impossible task so I quit.

    I've found a couple of 5ks, then I'm going to find a 5 miler, and then a 10k. Who knows, perhaps the half marathon might be mine next year!
  • Stupid weather. We had a window of suitable pavements yesterday afternoon, but I couldn't get out of work early enough. I don't like treadmills!!

  • Hello runners! Luckily the snow didn't get to essex last night, so went for a run this morning in the SUN!! Lovely! Very slippery pavements though....

    Lol bella that's what I was doing on the iPad last night, trawling through lists of events, trying to find something local... Think I'll set a date in my diary for my first 5k parkrun and take it from there. Is a good idea doing it gradually like a 5k, 10k etc.

    Gemma your old job sounds great, but difficult if you get injuries!

    How do you all track your runs? Currently I just take out an iPod mini which uses nike+ but I don't think the accuracy is great- it just uses a pedometer I think rather than GPS. I like it because its nice and light, my phone is a beasty samsung - though I suppose its safer to run with a phone aswell...
  • Sophski - Im a bit of a gadget nerd and I did look at Nike Plus for a while.  Im really into my Endomondo app on my iphone (I pay for pro - but the basic version is free) it uses GPS to track you (hubby has it on Blackberry too) as you run and will report back on distance, speed, laptime etc.  It also gives you stats to challenge you - and tells you when you hit a personal best for 1km, 1m and cooper rating too.  I run it in the background while my C25k App is running.  


    And the website gives you more info - you can map your run, and look at other peoples too - so if you are visiting a new town, you can find recommended routes.  You can also 'friend' people, and look at their running stats.  It works a bit like Facebook and you can see a newsfeed of what your friends are doing.  Ive just looked at mine to see that 'Domiho' has been running and I can even see where he went and send him supportive messages!

    I like it!

  • I get stats from my Zombies, Run app. I think not being able to use it is part of the frustration at the moment. I feel like I'm not making progress because I'm not able to follow the programme on the treadmill.

    We've had  a thaw so unless it freezes tonight I should be ok to pound the pavements tomorrow morning. Fingers are firmly crossed.

  • i need gadgets,  just time myself and run for lengths of time, half hour, or 45 mins, sometimes i set myself goals like run fast as i can to next lamp post then slow jog etc, 

    i run around lakes sometimes , i know their distance as they have helpful info saying this, small lake is 2.5k , nice jog distance, 2 or  3 laps, the parkrun lake route is 5k. 

    today i went to sweatshop and have some new running shoes  - very pleased with them, they did the video test thing to check gait etc

    they were in the sale , adidas supernova navy & pink  - £53

    i tried some saucony trainers on, they were amazingly comfy, but at £95 they can stay in the shop until i get a bit more pro or they go in the sale

    parkrun was cancelled today due to ice - but went for a jog with husband and got very muddy image

  • Just joined this forum . I used to be a regular runner , but gave up about 5 years ago due a knee and ankle injury . As a result I put on a few stone pretty quickly , but as I stopped drinking in October last year  I'm now trying to get back in shape . I went out on my first run in 5 years today , but got tired real quick so I'll be taking it easy over the next few weeks i guess.

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