Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.



  • Welcome Cat boy!  are you following a programme or just giving it a go?  I only ask because it can be easy to push yourself and think you should be more capable than you are.  I wouldnt want to see you disheartened and you need to build up that knee and ankle again.

    Not that Im an expert or anything!  I am just a big fan of the programme a lot of us are doing which really takes you from zero to hero in a few weeks!  

    Well, my kit is ready for the morning.  I often wake up before the rest of the house, so tomorrow I will be out that door!  I hope the weather is as nice as it was today.  It will be a novelty to run in sunshine and blue skies - even if it is still freezing cold!

    Fingers crossed for you Katy - hoping the snow and ice has departed!

  • hey i don't mind if it rains as long as the ice has melted , i want to test out my new shoes , mind you if its real mushy ice i might wear my current shoes so i don't spoil the new ones lol  - such a girl!! 


  • Christen those trainers Curlytwig!  I also love running in the rain....actually, I just like the fact that Im out there!  It makes me feel like a proper runner!

  • i will update tomorrow about which shoes i wore image


  • Hello everyone, I've been lurking around for a week or so (hope you don't mind! image) & thought I'd register so I can post & introduce myself image

    I've been a lifelong shin splints sufferer, and I hoped that with the right shoes & program I'd finally achieve my dream of being able to run, relatively pain-free. After the first day of C25K my shins started acting up. At the end of the week they were aching all day & night. I went to a sports physio & he analysed my gait & said basically my core strength is too weak to pull my leg up enough at the front so I'm kicking forward at the last minute & landing hard. 

    He strongly recommended no more running until my strength is up to scratch. I'm feeling devastated, I was really enjoying running (besides the shin splints) and was totally itching to get out there on rest days as well as run days. The physio said though if I run through the pain the muscle might come away from the bone & I could get stress fractures (ouch!). 

    So now I'm desperately following his strength program & hoping it's more like 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks (which was the period he recommended). There is a 5k run I'd love to do at the end of Feb, and a 7k one in mid-March. I'll also have to do some serious work on my running form.

    Anyone else have shin splint troubles? What helped you (other than shoes)?

  • Hi all!

    Sorry Clevedon Mum ... as a runner for a massive four and a bit weeks I haven't got any experience of shin splints. Must be very demoralising, but I've read some great stories about certain excercises making a massive difference so I'd put my faith in that physio! 4 weeks is nothing really. Sounds a bit dull though ... image

    It's a completely beautiful day here and I'm desperate to get out and run ... but am parked on the sofa watching the tennis and cannot move until it finishes!

  • i am not knowledgeable in shin splints either , but some exercise at home to prep before running sounds a good safer plan

    my ice has disappeared , there is no evidence it ever snowed  - wooooohoooooo - i did a 45 min jog in the sunshine  - 

    but wore my old shoes lol as it was still very wet and many puddles 

    it was lovely being able to run 'slip' free, loads of people out running too, all said hello , great start to a sunday 

  • Welcome catboy and clevedon!

    I've never suffered from shin splints myself but it sounds like you're doing all the right things with gait analysis etc. I'm sure you'll be back out running before you know it!

    Oh and another thing that keeps me motivated.. Posting on here! I was just about to post how I didn't have the energy for a run today after a busy day at work... but instead decided to put my trainers on and go for a moonlit jog (as I knew I wouldn't get out tommorow as its meant to pee down), and it felt pretty good! Took a slower pace but ran the same route that I had to walk a bit of yesterday image

    Tracked it with endomondo- very cool! I like the pace/distance updates aswell. And yes nice not having to dodge icy patches now.

    Curlytwig- 45min jog is awesome! How long have u been running?

    Right I'm off to watch my sky plussed call the midwife!
  • Hi, am hoping i can join this group, i have started a 10 week beginers runners course, and i can honestly say i am loving it. I have four children, and work part time, have a mad house and have had my spine fused just over 3 years ago after havign 17 years of chronic back pain, flare ups, etc. Have since had my youngest son who is know two and a half and i now feel that its time for 'mum' to do something, so running came up, i am following what we do through the Nike+ app just to get a good idea of how I am doing.

    Hope you let you all know how things go, etc, thanks for reading, am looking forward to getting around this site and using the forum x

  • Hi all - well finally got my week 3 day 2 run in on saturday - and then this morning got out again to finish week 3, day 3. Phew!

    Looks like it steps up significantly for week 4... according to my app, in week 3 you're basically running 9 mins and walking 9 mins - but in week 4 that becomes running 16 mins and walking 5 and a half mins. Crikey!

    Anyway - felt good today... and knowing Runningbella was able to track my run on Endomondo meant I pushed the pace a little too!


  • well today i went to boot camp fitness clas outside in the mud and got filfthy  - it was great  - 1 hour effort  - lots of shuttle runs  - hopefully this will improve my fitness and stamina and my running times, i bought 10 sessions 

    much more fun than the gym , 

    and i see my cat photo uploaded  - that cat amuses me image

    run day 2m as boot camp today 

  • Curlytwig- 45min jog is awesome! How long have u been running?

    Right I'm off to watch my sky plussed call the midwife!

    i started beginning jan , i had a plan to run the half marathon in march, i might do the 10k instead as i want a decent time, i am new to running but did lots of exercise previously so fitness not bad , just couldn't run, i  cycle a lot and did the cycletta womens only 40k and london to brighton last year, i did have gym membership and loved spin class but left my FT nurse job to be FT midwifery student sep 2012, so i cancelled gym membership due to study commitments and i have 2 children too, i got a bit lazy  and missed being active, so running is flexible, i can go when i'm free , no restrictions on class times, and its FREE 

    love call the midwife too  - i was reading the books too  but not much time for that as i,m nearly always working studying , cooking, taxi-ing my kids about  - oh or out running 

  • Hi crazylady! Sounds like you have a busy household! The 10 week beginners course sounds great, and yes I've found running great for getting a bit of 'me' time, although I've got it easy with just one bubba!

    Sounds like you're making good progress dominho, it's good when it starts to feel easier when you run..

    Curly- I'd love to do a half this year, there's one local to me in October that I might aim for. I done a 10k a few years ago, my time was around 55mins, no idea if that's any good. I've heard the London to Brighton is tough?! I done London to southend bike ride about 5 years ago...still have memories of how my legs felt after that! Haven't been out on my bike for years, hopefully will again soon, think it compliments running well in terms of cross training. And yer I love how running is free!

    Hope the midwifery course is going well, what a great profession to get into, I loved my student midwife at my home birth she was lovely - gave better back rubs than the husband!
  • Hi all!

    How's everything going out there? First run of week 6 done just now. In the rain! Someone said earlier in the thread how running in the rain makes you feel like a real runner ... and def true. And my lovely little running jacket got a chance to keep the rain out for the first time.

    Tried to up my speed a little. Hard work! I know I shouldn't be thinking about speed yet but I'm very impatient ...

  • Crazylady! Welcome - and keep us up to date with your progress.  Im really finding that it helps to see other people experiencing the same things I am.

    Clevedonmum - welcome to you too,  THat sounds very painful.  I have had shin splints in the past and was always told it was because Im simply too over weight and unfit.  Bit blunt - but I guess it was true (was...did you see what I did then - positive thoughts!) Anyway, I changed trainers and ended up with Asics kayanos.  I ran on them about 4 years ago and they were a revelation.  Bit of a fluke as it wasnt gait analysis or anything, just a backstreet running shop and the girl really didnt have a clue, but they did the trick and no shin splints.

    I have since upgraded my trainers but Ive stuck to the Kayanos - or whatever they are called and I can even buy them online, confident that a size 6.5 will fit.

    Anyway, I hope you get sorted.  4 weeks is nothing.  But Im surprised they havent recommended you at least go out walking or something to stretch the muscle?

    Im here tonight in triumphant celebration, having completed day 1 of week 5 which I was dreading.  It wasnt as bad as I expected, but I was a bit of a slow coach today and Endomondo shows it!  Im so competitive with myself (not with others really) and Im always trying to run further or faster, but this time I took it easy.

    Horrid weather by the sea, but invigorating and Im pleased I went out.  Week 5 is 3x5 minute runs - with 3 minute walks in between.  Not too bad - considering - and because I paced myself, I didnt hurt - whcih is always a bonus!

    Anyway, nothing more to report.  next run will be Thursday I think.

    Keep on running!

  • Well done Maisie and runningbella for your recent runs, I now feel like I need to do a run in the rain! Next run for me will be tonight in this blustery weather, will prob so the same route as Sunday and then try and increase the distance later in the week...
  • Blustery was great fun yesterday ... until I was running up an incline into the wind and felt like I was running on the spot!!

  • Well done all!  My post yesterday seemed to cross with a load of other ones so apologies if it looks like I ignored you!  

    Dominho - I was watching you!  I love Endomondo...I go all over my stats and set myself little challenges each time....which I usually fail to meet, but its good to have a goal.  Its also lovely to get pep talks and comments from people - sort of spurs you on if you know you are being watched!

    Maisie - dont worry about speed.  Easier said than done I know, but you want to get to a point where you are running or shuffling at a pace you can cope with (yesterday I shuffled) theres plenty of time to get faster when you know you can do it!

    Curly - I love your cat photo!  I must upload something so I am less anonymous.  

    Nothing to report today - just wanted to check in.  Legs felt surprisingly good after yesterdays run and Im looking forward to getting out again tomorrow!

  • Oh and as for Call the Midwife.  I do really enjoy it - but last weeks episode was too much for me.  I had my little boy 18 months ago and Im still so easily upset!

  • christened the new trainers , as it was dry this evening , 8.5k in 51 mins ,  i am quite pleased as it took me an hour last week, but i guess that was due to snow, and my pacing hasn't improved that dramatically in a week lol but it was deffo easier , but am trying hard not to overdo it and stress my joints too much, my feet arches start to ache at an hour, but lungs can do more  - frustrating 

    i have read lots on training so now i am not too hung up on time and focus on a steady pace  i can sustain, i prob could go faster or harder but not for long , 

    i like evening runs , they are good for thinking and de-stressing 

    the grumpy cat makes me chuckle - when i have done a race/event i will put a running one on, it took days to get approved. 

  • Ugh! I've missed a whole week!

    Last Friday I woke up with an ominous scratchy throat that took 48 hours to develop into a proper get-back-to-bed cold. On Tuesday and Wednesday I made it into work to mark 92 exams and calculate grades for 260 students. By yesterday the fever, sore throat and bunged-up nose had all cleared up, but I still have a chesty cough that explodes when I get even slightly out of breath image

    BUT... I'm flying out to Florida on Monday, where the weather is good and the morning runs will be followed by a dip in the pool, so I'm hoping to make up some lost ground then.

    I heard this week that my cousin is getting married in August, so I think a trip to Blighty is order. After reading about you all signing up for races, I think I might have to find one for while I'm there. I'm off to browse the events boards image
  • oh kate i am positively jealous of your travels, japan, USA, erm Uk not as exciting i have to admit lol

    hope you feeling better soon, no point training unwell, will only prolong illness and not improve fitness

    i want to run this evening as i prefer evening, but also want to do park run in the morning and beat my 5k time, which  may not be possible if i run this eve, maybe i will do a slow walk jog with the dog instead of a 'run'

    oh exams image at least you get o mark them, i have to sit one monday morn, well speak one, i have my oral exam , groan....... i talk to myself in my head while running

  • Euh kate colds are rubbish! Hope you feel better soon, I'm sure Florida with sort it out, sounds great! But yeah there's not much you can do running wise but wait it out...

    Got out this evening, rather chilly glad I wore my gloves, gradually building up to 30min runs... Feeling good so far image
  • Evening. Went out last night so just a quick report!

    Week 5 run 2 was 2x8 min runs with a 5 min walk in between. And I did it.

    Really pleased with myself but dreading Sunday as its one solid 20 minute run! Oh my god, how did that happen? How did I become capable of running for 20 minutes when 5 weeks ago I couldn't run for 90 seconds!
  • Hi everyone!

    Good luck with your 20-minuter Bella. I did mine last Sunday and it feels soooo good after it's done! Loving the idea of running in Florida on hols Kate. It'll be a bit of a struggle going out in the cold when you get back though I reckon!

    I've only got out once this week as dead busy so need to get off my bum today. However, I celebrated the end of my dry January a little too hard last night and not feeling very "get up and go."


  • heyyyy i am so pleased , did park run this morning, i was 200th women finishing, and 10th in age category, and finally got sub 30 mins, i finished my 5k in 28.32 , whooooop, obvs this beat my PB by a whopping 163 seconds 

    can you tell i am rather excited about this? its funny doing all these runs on your own you don't feel you are improving, but i guess you do 

    well done everyone else still at in , lol at maisie , enjoy your hang over , poor thing , i am due one of those in a few weeks when i have finished my weekends on rota 

  • Well done Curly! I'm so looking forward to starting park runs. They sound really motivating!

    And my update is I've been out, hangover blown away. And from now all my runs have no little walking breaks ... yay!

  • Wow curly - Im so impressed!  Well done you must feel epic!

    Hangover gone is good news!  I finished my dry Jan as well - but have been a bit scared to drink!  I used to have about half a bottle of red a night, and although I dont think I was addicted, I do think it was a habit.  I also think I was permenantly thirsty as everytime I think about having some wine, I drink water and the feeling goes away.

    Anyway.  OH and I are off to London (with the little one) for an overnight in a couple of weeks so I may treat myself to a G&T then.  Im avoiding wine as it is just so carby and will spark off cravings for food Im not allowed on this diet!

    Talking of which, the scales havent moved (I lie - they went up)   I really dont believe them - because I am definitely smaller than I was 3 weeks ago.

    Anyway, I just returned from my Week 5 run 3.  20 minutes solid! Im not fast, but Im learning to pace myself.

    Happy running all! 


  • Well done everyone, looks like everyone's coming on leaps and bounds! I've finally managed to finish week 3 after two weeks off recovering from infection and then having my wisdoms out. It was a killer but I've done it!
  • Measure inch loss not weight , wt can stay static as less toned areas firm up with exercise, muscle mass weighs more than adipose tissues !

    I'm a lot firmer toned and smaller but weigh more , people don't believe my weight as they assume I'm less . Sturdy legs weigh more than my none toned ones pre cycling a few years ago.

    I did a long slow run, steady slow pace I could talk at for hour and 10 mins this morn, not measured distance yet on pc,

    I was aiming more for endurance than distance anyway

    still waiting for work rota before I can book a 10k event .

    Keep up good work guys, enjoy the rest of Sunday
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