Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.



  • Hi Suzanne and Jon, nice to see other newbies like me. I'm still running on treadmill i'm going to venture outside once i complete week 5 of c25k. Might even repeat week 5 outdoors to build my confidence. I'm so inspired reading the older posts it reallyhelps to think we all started at the same point. And can progress id we increase our endurance slowly. Although i'm a bit worried as my right knee has a niggerling pain which doesn't bother me to much during the actual rin but afterward it feels a bit stiff abd aches when i go up and down stairs. I'm hoing it will ease the more weight i lose. I'm currently carrying and extra 6st i don't need.
  • Hi Jon and Suzanne! Jon- yes running on roads can be quite a shock when used to treadmill! Won't take you long to get used to it though image

    Repeating some weeks of c25k sounds like a good idea as Sharon suggested...
  • Thanks Sophski, second one done today and it's marginally easier already...I do mean marginally though hah!

  • Nice one! I'm off out soon, defo gloves weather again
  • Hi everyone!

    Good to see some new people on here. Keep at it - it's brilliant how you can see yoursefl improving. Don't get disheartened if running outside is more difficult than you think ... I used to cover a lot more distance on the treadmill so I had to build up almost from scratch outside.

    I hit 30 mins running today. Very happy as was only due a 28 min run but wanted to just carry on. Only covering 4k though so next milestone is the 5k and a parkrun!

    Keep at it everyone ...  

  • Hello all! Welcome to Suzanne, Jon and Sharron (did I miss anyone?)

    Welcome and yes, we all started at week 1 unable to do more than 90seconds at a time! I did week 7 run 1 on Wednesday so it's run 2 tomorrow. Managed 25 ,minutes no problem, but I am slow as I'm scared of burning out. I do think though, pacing myself is key.

    At the end I had loads of energy so was able to speed up for the last minute. Actually quite enjoyed it.

    Only just covered 5k but I do include my 5 mins either side in that, and the whole thing took me just over 35 minutes. No records broken, but hey, I ran for 25 minutes without stopping!

    I used to do treadmill running but now I love the great outdoors.somehow I'm less self conscious, as I'm more anonymous. I also get to run along the flat seafront and watch the waves which is a form of therapy in itself!

    Anyway, second run of the week tonight. Can't believe I'm so close to week 8 and the end! I have the crunch to 10k programme ready to go from week 9 but that has you out for 53 minutes from the start!

    I think long term I want to be capable of running for an hour, once a week - perhaps at weekends, but to just do 2x30 minute runs in the evenings after work. That will I hope speed me up a bit and mean that I really can look at that 10 miler in October.
  • Crunch to 10k??? That was couch obviously, although I used to sit on the couch and crunch crisps whereas now I go running....
  • Maisie- well done on your 30min run that's great!

    Bella- 53 minutes from the start?! Is that including a lot of walking?
  • Maisie - 30mins is fab! I did run 3 of week 5 yesterday on the treadmill, the first 15mins were ok then at about 18mins i started getting a pain in my right shoulder then a stich, i slowed my pace a little and pushed myself to the 20mins but i really didn't enjoy it. My legs hurt all night but i felt amazing today and can't believe i got through it. I'n going to plan an outdoor route and do my first outdoor run, repeating week 5.

    Bella 53mins!! How do you plan to build up to that time are you going to steadily increase the time running each run or each week? I'd like to be in a position fitness wise to join in my local park run as of the end of april then bring my time to do the 5k to under 30mins before the Race for life in june. I'm so excited when i think of the future. Even had a silly thought of trail running image
  • Well done Sharon!  Just a thought - but pperhaps you need to have your gait analysed.  Sometimes gait can cause pain in the shoulder!

    Its amazing when you get through the next stage isnt it.  Even if it hurts at the time, it feels so good afterwards.   I felt like that yesterday,

    Oh yes Sophski - the 53 minute plan is a 5 min warm up, then 4 x 10 minute runs, with a 1 min walk inbetween each.  It is a bit of a jump, but the whole 10k plan for the first 8 weeks is the same as the C25K plan, so I am basically starting on week 9.

    So effectively you go from run 3 of week 8 which is a 30 min run and the 2x5 mins walk either side (total 40 min) to being out for 53 mins in total.  Its a big jump of 10 minutes running in total, but Im not going to worry too much if I dont manage to run it all. I just want to be able to run for an hour eventually.

    Maisie - Im using ZenLabs C to 10k (C210k) app on the iPhone, so it will increase the time for me.  Its the same program as most people are doing up to week 8 and then it carries on for another 6 weeks to get you running for 60 minutes total (plus 5mins walk either side)

    Oh - and in a fit of madness, I have signed me and OH up to the Great South Run. All paid for and committed.  So by October, I need to be able to do 10miles!




  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks for all your good wishes about the 30 mins - and the good news is it wasn't a fluke - I just did it again! Though last night involved a few wines as have a friend down staying, so blimey it was a struggle! Frankly, I didn't think I was going to get to 10 mins when I started ...

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. Think I might just try and up my time by 5 mins or so each week until I can do an hour too, but if that doesn't work I'll have a look at the app. I have dowloaded it, but the thought of having to stop for walks again feels a bit weird?  

    Bella - Great South Run sounds like a fantastic thing to aim for! And a training buddy too in your OH!

    Sharon - I've had all sort of brilliant running fantasies so trail running not that outlandish! Not sure where you get to do it when you live in the middle of the city though. I can see my local park but it only takes 3 mins to get round image

  • Well done Maisie!  I imagine that after a few wines it is less easy to get out there!

    I do find that the first 10 minutes are the hardest though.  Once Im beyond that, and my rebellious 'I want to stop' side calms down, I just get on with it.

    As for walking again, I know what you mean, but I think there are good reasons for it.  I find that the walking breaks help make my intervals a bit faster.  The long runs help me learn to pace myself and the shorter ones give me the ability to push a bit harder without fear of burning out.  I actually manage to cover more distance on my interval runs than I do on my long runs.  

    Well, yesterday I did week 7 run 3.  Wow. That was hard.  The problem was because I didnt drink enough water during the day.  I can run without food, but to try and do it on one americano 7 hours before, is a bad idea.

    Lesson learned.  I just found it really, really hard. Legs like lead etc.

    I will be out again tomorrow night for my first run of week 8!!

    Actually, I cant believe I got here.  Its so exciting that I have finally got to the point where I am running for 30 minutes (or will be by the end of the week)

  • Hahaha on one Americano - good attempt but no wonder you learned your lesson!

    4 sessions down - 24 to go! Actually I've just shelled out on some Nike Lunarglide+4, in anticipation to keep this a long term thing. Does anyone use them and does it make much difference or have I been conned by marketing bumph?

  • WHat are they?  Funny you should mention it as I am looking for some new running trousers.  It seems like a good graduation present to myself for completing the C25k!

  • These! Running shoes. I was using some old five aside trainers before, but I tend to supinate quite a bit (in fact I broke my 5th metatarsal twice playing football in my right foot) so trying to avoid injury with proper shoes.

    Sportsdirect seemed to have LOADS of discount trousers image

  • Ah - I see.  Well, they look pretty swish!  Im a sucker for a good bit of advertising myself!

    I have SD trousers already, but the ankle zip has already gone on them.  No problem with spending another £15 on some more, but I do hate Sports Direct!


  • Oh - what's wrong with SD? I've never used them before tbh!

  • Oops accidental post!

  • Because I have no barometer of how I'm doing, can someone tell me please?

    I'm on a C25K plan (Runkeeper which is every other day for 28 days of activity).

    Day 6 - (based on a 2.5km run) is averaging 6m38s per km. I know that's terrible based on my friends who achieve well under 4m image I know I'm new but it's a little disheartening. Also, that includes 2 bouts of having to walk not jog! Eek.

  • Hi all! Holiday's over and I'm back down to Earth.

    Welcome Jon (and the rest of the newcomers!) I also run in Nike Lunarglide +4 trainers, and I love them! I chose them on the strength of the RW shoe review articles from the past couple of years, because I'm very heavy and need a lot of stability. I love them so much that I bought a second pair last week image
  • Well, I went out today for the first time in almost 3 weeks, and it was good AND bad... Bad because I didn't get to run at all on holiday, but good because we went around the Disney Parks and did HOURS of walking every day... and I didn't gain any weight while I was away image

    Good because it finally stopped raining today and I got to go out to the park, good because while I was running my jeans were slipping down and I had to keep hitching them back up, good because that gave me a shot of heroism after 3weeks off running, BAD because I road that hero high a little too far and now have a painful Achilles tendon image

    It's heartening to hear from those of you getting up to the 30 minute mark, it's good to see some light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm kicking myself for not repeating the last couple of sessions after such a long break!
  • Hi everyone image

    So pleased to hear everyone is doing so well; Its really encouraging for someone just starting (me!) to hear how quickly all of your fitness is improving to the point where you can run for 30 mins!

    I've had to take a break from running for the last week as my shins were hurting, so I've been riding my bike instead to try and help get me fit. I've also just had a very disapointing session with my physio regarding my shoulder problems. I mentioned that my shins have been aching a bit and he basically said I shouldn't bother running due to my shins, swimming due to my shoulder or riding a bike due to my hip. I think I'm going to try and get referred to a different physio as personally I don't think being encouraged to sit around doing nothing is good advice from any physio. They should be encouraging you to get out and exercise and be helping you to find a way,anyway to do it! 

    On the plus side I have managed to ride 40 miles on my bike over the last week, with 10 of them being very hilly, which can only help my fitness when i get back to running. I know that doens't sould a lot of miles but seeing as 4 weeks ago I spent all of my time on the couch I'm quite pleased with it! If my shins continue to improve the way they have then I'm going to try and go for a run on Mon next week. I've bought a foam roller and have spent many agonising hours on that in the last couple of weeks trying to stretch out my calf muscles which hopefully should help with the running/biking. Its now getting to the point where its a good pain not torture!

     Sharon - I'm also looking forward to trail running! I've booked in for the bedgebury 10k run in June which I'm really excited about running that as I used to ride and train my horses through that forest and love it there! Also perhaps you should try getting a foam roller, apparently its really good for stretching the IT band which can cause quite a bit of knew pain when running.

    Jon – have you tried running in the Nike LunarGlides yet? I had a look at them yesterday and tried them on. They seemed very comfortable but was a bit reluctant to buy them as a) I didn’t like the garish pink my size was in and b) couldn’t really try running in them in the busy shop as was a bit embarrassed! Might try and go back when it’s a bit quieter!


  • Hi Can I join in too? I am a 34yr old mother of a nearly 3yr old and I used to be able to run 5-10k 2/3 times a week before I had my little one!.

    I really want to get back into running

    1) To keep fit (although I am lighter than I was pre baby!)

    2) Have a bit of me time (full time job and terrible 2's lol!!)

    3) I want to enter my local 5k Park run and complete it!!

    Been reading this thread and seeing how well you are all doing has inspired me to get out there!!

  • Welcome. Please do join in image I know how you feel, I'm 32 and I used to be able to run so much further, althought I haven't had to deal with pregnancy!!

    Gamma/Kate: I've just given the LG+4 a 'spin' and they are so so so comfy and I really feel they are supporting me extremely well. It does feel like you're running on air - highly reccommended!!!

  • Hi all! And welcome kw2013!

    Jon glad to hear the trainers are feeling good- definitely the most important piece of kit you'll ever need!

    Gemma well done with the cycling sounds like you are doing well trying to keep the fitness up... Bella the 10k plan sounds good, this time in a few months you'll be logging those hour runs!

    Hope you enjoyed your hols katie....I'm sure you'll get back into the running swing in no time!

    I've been enjoying my recent runs but the last one brought on a bit of an tells me it's this..

    Tibialis posterior tendonitis is usually an overuse injury, which commonly occurs due to repetitive or prolonged activities placing strain on the tibialis posterior tendon. This typically occurs due to excessive walking or running (especially up slopes or on uneven surfaces), jumping, hopping or change of direction activities. It is more common in patients with poor foot biomechanics (i.e. flat feet), inappropriate footwear and in those who have had a recent increase in training or activity.

    image very likely to be due to too many hills and increasing mileage too quickly, so will try and just do some easier runs the week ahead. Is annoying though as I feel as though I was doing pretty well and am injured already! Oh we'll hopefully it'll feel better tommorow...

    Hope you're all having a good week image
  • Jon UK 80 wrote (see)

    Because I have no barometer of how I'm doing, can someone tell me please?

    I'm on a C25K plan (Runkeeper which is every other day for 28 days of activity).

    Day 6 - (based on a 2.5km run) is averaging 6m38s per km. I know that's terrible based on my friends who achieve well under 4m image I know I'm new but it's a little disheartening. Also, that includes 2 bouts of having to walk not jog! Eek.

    Jon, try not to fall into the 'new' trap of comparing your early days runs to anyone elses ability! If you try and match someone else who has been running for some time, you will end up injured one way or another. Try and concentrate on building yourself up, and if you feel slow in comparason, so what! you will speed up as you imporove. On the other hand, you will slow down if you get injured by trying too hard image

    6:38 is 9kph, which isnt to be sneezed at in early days BTW! if anything, its a bit fast. Your friends 4:0 is getting on for 15kph which at your day 6 stage will almost definately wreck some part of you, calfs, shins, IT, hams. You feel disheartened now, wait till you cant run because you tried doing too much, too soon AND too fast! (guity here of that so speaking from experience, took bad advice early last year cos I wasnt as fast as the person giving the advice)

    Slow down, do stuff at YOUR comfortable pace and enjoy the journey.

    Oh, and Hi everyone else image

  • Hi all.

    just started running mid january, after seeing my work coleague in a 10k .stopped smoking two years ago (after 35 years) and i am so chuffed at the way i feel.

    Haven't ran since school Soooooooo Loooooooong ago got up to 5k without stopping but, try and speed up at the end its like running through water.....

    so just to say Hello to you all..


    Go Well.image

  •  Hi Mr.Rider!

    I have to say, that's so encouraging - thank you very much. I will do what you say and slow right down rather than trying to hit the same targets as my friends who've been running far longer. Today was run 7 of 28 and that Runkeeper has upped the stakes! On the 60s run 90s walk (x8) now I have to run "fast", and as you say Mon Ami, it's like running through water after a the 4th fast bout.

    My knees, and thighs are aching (a nice "I've worked out" ache though) so I'm not too worried. 

  • Gemma - your comment made me laugh! I live in Japan where the shops don't stock women's shoes in my size so while on holiday in USA last week I was delighted to find a pair of Lunarglide+4s in my size, in garish pink, so I bought them! They are the first girlie trainers I've bought since I was about 18 and I took them into my local Nike store just to prove that Nike DO make women's shoes in my size image

    I find them really comfy but, like I said, they are classified as "stability" shoes so might not be for everyone. After years of blundering around buying random trainers, though, they're the only ones I've found that seem to fully support my arches without feeling like the heels are too "high".
  • Absolutely! They are support shoes and designed for those who over-pronate. Apparently around 85% of people over-pronate (according to anyway) so this shoe would actually be suitable for most image

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