Duathlon Tips

I'm going to have a go at Kendal Duathlon.
Any running tips e.g should you run faster on the first run or the second??


  • Only ever done 2 short course duathlons, so 2.5k each run.

    Flat out both ways - and recover a bit on the bike !

    Oh, if there's no-one in sight of catching you on the second run - you can take it a bit easier !! ;-)
  • He's not joking either, I have only done two (10k/40k/5k) could not believe the speed they hared off at the start, so fell in and ended up only seconds outside a pb for the 10k. Do not be fooled by the abundance of cycling tops- they can shift on foot.
  • I've done a couple - found more runners than cyclists - check if draughting is OK and if it is do it.
  • just do brick sessions on a course similar to the race one. if you have time build up to race distance as a steady session with shorter, up to half distance, as harder sessions unless it is short anyway then do the whole thing as a harder but not race pace session with faster intervals built in.
  • Oh and take it easy when you start off with the bike. Deep breath, put one foot in the pedal and set off like you normally would.
    Don't just jump on the saddle as if it were a horse and try to get both feet in the pedals at the same time. Adrenaline does funny things to you !!
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