plantar faciitis and inspire 9

I am building up for a marathon and when I run over about 7mls I get arch pain (demonstrated in last two runs of 10 miles). Ive experienced this arch pain before (post 3peaks challenge) and physio diagnosed plantar faciitis. The problem went away after some stretches, taping etc but mainly as my activity level decreased to just running and football. I am running in NB 860 and this has reared its head again with these longer runs (so I'm stretching again). Today I went for gait analysis at up and running. I've been put into mizuno wave inspire 9 after he tried me in another pair of mizuno and a pair of brooks. Will the inspire 9 provide more support for the arch than the 860? Don't mind having paid out if it solves my issue. I suppose tomorrows run will tell me.


  • Hi paul i've just developed PF after 28yrs running ,I'm having a look at the barefoot stuff (born to run ,lee saxlby , barefoot ted etc )and they reckon most of the injuries are caused by too much support ,cushioning etc ,a real battle is going on ,good luck Paul

    ps other research reckons its fasiotis not itis ie no inflamation has been found ,may be a degeneration caused by poor blood flow (caused by shoes ? ) 

  • Hi Paul. Well the mizunos do seem to give more pain. seems they are less supportive. I think although the wave plate makes stable, the arch in the mizuno is very flat compared to my n.balance and this seems to be giving me problems. There is so much conflicting information minimalist vs support/stability. My aim was to do a marathon but at this rate im going to struggle and dont know what to do next. Orthotics? Ive been stretching but still running and from what ive read with pf this is not the way to go. Really frustrating. Do you have an idea of why you started wuth your pf?
  • Pulling your toes back has been shown to ease it .My physio suggeted arch supports  but i think this will only give temporay relief (  may allow the fascia to heal as stops it it having to work ) On the other hand the new philosophy says supporting the arch from below  will weaken it .Just did a 15miler and was ok but feet  sore after .I'm going to try :1 bending toes back ,walking in minimalist shoes ,going barefoot at home , and running in a neutral shoe . Will let u know if any good .ps think i developed it after  wearing shoes that were too tight in toe box .Good luck Paul 


  • roll your arch on a golf ball, acts as a massage

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