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Hi all,

I've just got back into running after a few years out and have set myself the challenge of completing the SouthDowns Marathon in 2013.  With this in mind I need to include hills in as many training runs as possible, but currently end up driving out to The Chilterns to find some.  I was wondering if anyone could recommend any hilly courses in Hertfordshire.  I live in near Hertford so the closer the better.



  • i sometimes visit family in hertfordshire and have a book of walks for he ares.  im always surprised how rolling some of it is.  Maybe have a look for a book of walks and try running some of them. 

  • Thanks for the tip Gee Bee, I have just ordered a book of Herts walks from Amazon.  If you can remember any specific walks you've done that are particularly hilly I'd love to hear about them!

    Happy New Year!

  • I leave the book down there, but I'm sure one went up to the ridgeway from a small village in north hertfordshire, and having run the sdw, the terrain was pretty similar.
  • I've asked the wife, I think it was from wigton near thing.
  • Depends what you mean by The Chilters. They run right up to Cambridge. Try starting from The Raven in Hexton. About 30mins from Hertford, just the otherside of Hitchin.

    There ate some smaller hills out towards Ware and just East of Stevenage.
  • It may have been aldbury or pirton, she can't remember, we've done walks from all these places. The other side of hitchin rings a bell.
  • Cheers guys, this gives me lots of places to try.  Thanks for the tips!

  • Loads and loads of hills around Hemel/Berkhamstead/ Tring and surrounding villages. Not sure these areas are near enough to Hertford though.

  • Run from Hartham Common up to Bengeo and then carry on up to the Old Monastery overlooking the A10 (cardiac hill as it's known locally)- two cheeky hills in sequence to be getting on with.  You can also loop around on the trail path next to cardiac hill to do it again and again.

    Slightly further afield, but a more 'route based' set of hills, and Royston Heath would be a good bet.  The Harvest Trail run there was very impressive in terms of hills, so see if that course is published on-line.


  • Hey guys and girls, im in Borehamwood, tons of hills over this way!

    I take my long runs from Borehamwood through radlett, frogmore, park street and head in st albans. Plenty of hills over here! image

    Let me know if you ever want to meet up for a tour! image

    Forgot to add that im training now for the Northdowns west 50 so all of my runs are focused on trail and hills as well

    Hope I could help a little...

  • Gade Valley Harriers in Hemel put on three marathon training runs that anyone can enter on the day. 12m end of Jan, 17m end of Feb, 20m end of March. These have some challenging hills. There is a link to their routes on their website - http://www.gadevalleyharriers.co.uk/london-marathon-training-runs/



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