New Years Honours

.... preposterous age-of-empire cap-doffing bowing-and-scraping flummery.

I don't mean the unsung heroes and community stalwarts. If they are pleased to be honoured in this way, then good on them and respect for what they do.

I do mean the slebs, the great and good and - since this is a running forum - the athletes. The championship titles and Olympic and other gongs are the recognition for their outstanding achievements. Sticking a CBE or knighthood or whatever on top is just bandwagon hopping by the govt. If you must throw this kind of honour at sports people, let it be for their input back into the sport after their competitive career is done. Honours inflation is a bad thing.

And a special mention for those who enjoy the best of both worlds by having us know that it was offered but they turned it down.

I wrote to the palace ages ago with instructions never to include me on the list, and I'm pleased to say they've done as I asked. image


  • I wrote to the palace ages ago asking that you be included Muttley - obviously my letter didn't arrive -

  • This is the only known occasion when I have turned down a medal.

  • Well it looks like they are giving out medals to everyone now - just a case of waiting my turn.  When the former chairman of the Financial Services Authority who seemed to be looking the wrong way when the credit crunch hit home gets a knighthood there must be something for everyone

  • nothing for my dad. again.

  • A world where the sporting elite have their hard work recognised and everyone isn't equal? We can't have that in your Communist utopia, can we Muttley? image

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