Not your usual Garmin v Polar thread

I have been a polar user (both bike and running - S725X with Footpod, Cadence and Speed sensors) for years.  I like the protrainer software and data display.


 Over Xmas I have used a Garmin Forerunner 410 on my right arm. 


 That garmin data for speed seems unusable for interpretation and very erratic.  I also, through inexperience, used the virtual pacer but as Garmin measured short vice the race I thought I was on pace but actually was running 2 sec per mile slow.  I started my polar 20 sec after start and because of the cycling on the garmin I rarely saw how long i'd been running so found running towards a time tricky.  I manually lapped my splits on the polar and would do that on the garmin if I were to get one.  Is this standard of data normal? Has anyone else used both? Is it just personal preference or is there more that I can get out of the Garmin.  The HR functions appear very scant with the Polar Fit test, own optimizer etc beating anything the Garmin has.  I have the S725X and am thinking of getting an old P1 GPS unit which works with it or going to Garmin as I like the ability to upload data to Strava and view routes.  I cycle and dabble in tri so would be looking at the 310/910 although I am unsure as to how much i'd use the swimming functions and consider them to be gimmicky.   



  • Hi,

    I have a Forerunner 410 and your heart figures look very erratic. Are you sure you are not picking up interference from your Polar unit? I very rarely get any spikes at all in my reports.

    Have a look at the dcrainmaker website for some excellent in depth reviews on GPS HRMs for Triathlon

  • That is the GPS trace not HR. I didn't use HR on garmin just looked at my mums stats. I have read some of dcrainmaker's reviews before so will revisit
  • Hi again,

    Sorry I looked at it wrong. My figures are quite steady and certainly not like the ones you show. The dips are caused by slowing down for gates and cattle grids


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