Half ironman virgin

I was wondering if anybody could recommend a good half ironman training plan.  There is such a vast amount around im finding it a tad confusing. Ii was hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction.  By the way this will be my first half.


  • I was having the same problem but after speaking to a few people i came up with my own that seems to be working at the minute. The problem is these plans are a rough guide and it all depends on current fitness what plan you take/they recommend you take.

    I train 5-6 days a week, 3 days running, 2-3 days cycling, 3-4 days swimming and 3 days gym. Monday gym and swim (I always go swimming after the gym) get my body used to how i will feel after swim on race day.

    Tuesday Cycle and run, depends on session I am doing but will go cycling first if its on turbo or shorter ride due to time the run will be speed/tempo.

    Wednesday as Monday, Thursday as tuesday but run will be hill work instead

    Friday will be as Monday but with bike as well depending on time this session maybe done on Saturday. Sunday Long run followed by recovery swim.



  • Thanks Paul, will have a think about adopting a plan like that

  • www.beginnertriathlete.com

    Some very good free plans on that site

  • I've done halfs the past couple of seasons and I just blagged it.  Basically same as Olympic distance training with longer rides and 10mile, long runs.  Worked for me.  I got away with it for Vitruvian, Monster and the Viking.  Mind I'm bloody slow so maybe should have had a plan image



  • 1/2s are awkward buggers to train for - a bit like half marathons in many ways.  you need to develop endurance for the distances involved but also retain speed of some sort as you do tend to go at them much harder than you would an IM race.  think of a 1/2 as an extended standard distance so try to train at a similar intensity as you would for a standard but obviously for a longer period - that's about as simple a plan as can be.   a few good brick sessions will help as running a 1/2 mara after you'e hammered the bike leg is always tough so get used running longer off a hard bike ride.

  • I like that idea fat buddah, cheers.

  • as a fellow 'virgin' im going about it slightly different ....

    I am entered into the outlaw half, so set my fink'ish programme to peak at the outlaw full 5 weeks after the half...... so In principle, all things being equall ( and assuming I get my ass back into gear ), I shall be race ready come June 2nd.


    Im also not expecting to finish in podium places....but somewhere around the 2/3rds of allowed time point at about 7hrs ish.

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