Adidas Micoach

Want to attempt to get back into running this year and have a marathon in mind for August 2014 (planning ahead). Really am starting again from the very beginning and very much need some motivation. Thought maybe treating myself to some new technology may help. Wanted to get some general advice/opinion first though before splashing out £100. Like the idea of the HRM linked colour coded pacing and workout planner but not sure I fully understand the technology. HELP!?!


  • Have you got a smartphone? The micoach app is free, could try it out for a bit to help decide whether you want to supplement that with the footpod/hrm. It has gps tracking, can be loaded with training plan/diary, and has voice coaching (reads out pace/time etc in-run).

  • Yes, was quite impressed with the data following a bike ride the other day. Liked the nerdy graphs and charts. Went to use it again yesterday though for a walk I did but couldn't get a GPS signal!? Have bitten the bullet and ordered it now though as found it for £83. Fingers crossed it helps me run again image

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