Adidas MiCoach

Want to attempt to get back into running this year and have a marathon in mind for August 2014 (planning ahead). Really am starting again from the very beginning and very much need some motivation. Thought maybe treating myself to some new technology may help. Wanted to get some general advice/opinion first though before splashing out £100. Like the idea of the HRM linked colour coded pacing and workout planner but not sure I fully understand the technology. HELP!?!


  • I got one last jan. nope. Never used it. image

    From what I can work out, there are better things out there......
  • I used it, and thought it was very good.  However, at the time I had it Adidas released a firmware update almost weekly, and they usually caused trouble.  I now use the Micoach site to create workouts that I load in to my Garmin.

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