selling vinyl records... have you done it..?

I'm looking to sell my vinyl record collection...   apart from just a general load of mixed albums, I have two specific collections that could probably be auctioned.

Anyone had any experience of doing this and can point me in the direction of reputable auction houses...?

There is too much to list on ebay and I just want it out of the way as one large collection...   so..  I wondered if it might be of interest to record collectors.....



  • Is Record Collector magazine still going? I used to spend hours poring over all sorts of rubbish!

  • No idea..  haven't seen that in years...  good thinking though,,,  maybe there is an online version..    thanks..  I'll go and look..


  • No idea, sorry. Having never owned a record player my vinyl collection is rather small. I bet my original copy of From Genesis to Revelation is worth a bit though. image
  • I don't know but wouldn't be surprised if ebay is as good as anywhere - a lot of dealers sell their vinyl on ebay and while there will be fees any auction is likely to cost something.  

  • Phil - I have a stereo FGTR but not the mono..  I thought I did but when looking through I realised I didn't.   I do have 22 copies of Foxtrot though...  different pressings from around the world..  all original and not re-prints...  the one from Argentina is interesting as the colours are slightly different.  

    Popsider - there are too many to list on ebay.  I can't be bothered and I doubt it would be worth the time...    I'd rather just find a dealer who will take the whole lot and then its all gone...



  • Jesus Christ!! The only reason I've got a single vinyl copy of Foxtrot is that I like the inner gatefold so much. TMB tickets for Shepherds Bush confirmed BTW. Gig Friday, London Marathon Sunday. That'll be some weekend!
  • I have a lithograph artwork of the Foxtrot gatefold signed by Paul Whitehead with a nice message to me.  I took him out to dinner when TMB played in Quebec City, Christmas of 2000.   That was our first Lamb tour...  and this will (apparently!) be the last.   I'll be at the Saturday show....  shame you'll be at the Friday..  we could have had a beer...


  • There's still a decent market for Vinyl, I bought some in the last year from Ebay. Prices are not that high though to be honest unless its a real rarity

  • Gah! My brother wanted to go Saturday but I thought that might be a bad idea the night before my biggest race of the year. Not so much because of gig beers but because of the bastard journey home from the Bush! Have a good gig, and I bet it's not their last. They're like Status Quo with more instruments. image
  • very limited market for it these days, ive been djing a little over 20 years now and accumilated just over 7000 12" records over the years, i tried to give them away free a few years ago (i have switched to digital formats a while ago and they were just taking up space) and i ended up giving some to a charity shop, and the rest went to the tip, it was heart breaking to see them trashed, but nobody wants vinyl any more, only a few audiophile purists and they wont buy anything even slightly played unless its very rare

  • The tip!  *Sobs*  I have decks.

  • I got my vinyl as far as the tip but I couldn't do it.

    They're under the stairs now, the drive belts on my turntable (Dual CS505-2, a classic) rotted away, so that really did go to the tip.

  • I found an unopened 8 track copy of Foxtrot...    I don't even remember buying that as I've never owned an 8 track player before...!    I sent out a few emails to some dealers and have had one offer to take the lot off my hands as long as its cheap!   Not sure how cheap he means...

    I suspect you are right Marc..  its all digital thesedays...  I haven't bought an actual CD for a few years...   and we sold a load of CDs on ebay a couple of years ago...  still have quite a few, but they are never played and just take up space...

    Same with VHS cassettes...  all thse old bulky formats are just junk now...


  • I sell vinyl all the time. I'm interested in buying your collection deprnding on where you live? I'm in Manchster.

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