Backpack....where to try?

Hi all, I'm looking for somewhere that might have a few different backpacks to try. I've done loads of research on-line etc and know roughly what I want ie approx 10L with bottle storage (don't use a bladder) with plenty of adjustment in the straps etc but I don't really want to buy on-line to then have to keep sending stuff back if the fit doesn't suit me etc.

I'm close to Sevenoaks in Kent so if anyone can recommend somewhere that would be great. Up and Running in Sevenoaks don't have much and although they were super helpful the Inov8 one that looked like it would be perfect in their catalogue is not available till Feb and the other Inov8 one they ordered in for me to try (very kindly with no obligation to buy) doesn't have anywhere to put a bottle so is no good.  I really don't want to have to wait till Feb as need something for long runs now that I can carry food, extra clothes, map etc especially when the weathers crap!

Thanks in advance. image 


  • Hi JLav. I live in Maidstone and can tell you you are out of luck. No such shop anywhere near us. Cotswold have limited stock and Sweatshop likewise although they do stock some OMM gear (both of which just off the M20).

    From personal experience and lots of trial and error I have found the Raidlight 14 ltr Endurance pack is near perfect and i have used mine amongst others for near two years now.

  • Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll just have to take a punt on one mail order and hope I don't have to try too many. There's a few that have been mentioned by peeps on here that sound worth a try. 

  • I've used the UltrAspire packs for a while now, expensive but so comfortable - have used them up to 100 miles / 24 hours and can't fault them.

    The range has everything you need, from small packs to 100-mile/UTMB specific kit.
  • I've looked at the UltrAspire ones....the Omega would probably be what I'm looking for but they are pricey!! I'm going to try the Salomon XA 10+3 as it's women specific and half the price of the Omega. I know price shouldn't be the deciding factor but I'm not sure I can afford nearly £100! image. There's a couple of ladies on here who use it and rate it highly. 

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