Shaky and rubbish

I've been running for about a year, after lossing 5st. When I started I felt quite unwell after each run or workout, but a running friend told me I hadn't taken in enough calories during the day and a fruit snack an hour before with a drink of squash during the run seemed to make all the difference. I also normally have a small piece of chocolate when I get home too. But the last couple of weeks I've felt awful for the whole evening after I've run. I've had a headache and felt wobbly on the inside, despite my legs and muscles feeling strong. I'm running about 3 miles in 35-38mins. Any ideas would be well recieved. Thanks!


  • Dehydration?

  • I don't think so as I do take account of my fluids during the day, and always take juice out with me. I will keep it in mind though, thanks.

  • Firstly I probably wouldnt be taking a juice out with you ... you should be able to run comfortably for a while longer without taking fluids with you if you are well hydrated during the day

    Sounds to me poss like a need to eat, try a quick refuel when you come in, a glass of milk or something and see if that improves

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