Really tired of wet feet / shoes !

The winter runs are taking it out on my road ASICS 1170 and avoiding the puddles & mud (is this actually possible at the moment?) on forest runs to try and keep feet a little drier is getting wearing. Looking for a reasonably priced hybrid shoe as my trail runs generally include some road sections. Tried the Brookes Cascadia 7, but the lack of waterproofing ha stopped me buying them just at the moment. Any recommendation of a more waterproof shoe ? Eg ASICS Lahar 4 GTX or Salomon range of GTX shoes ?


  • if you run in asics 1170,s then i would look at the asics trabuco range..........also have a slight support.............look for last years colours and they should be cheaper.......your feet still will get wet in trail shoes........merino wool sock dry very quickly though

  • I have the trabuco trail shoe, great support really comfortable and they do keep you reasonably dry but they are much heavier than my other trainers, still you can't get everything from one shoe. I use injinji socks you still get wet but don't get the blisters

  • I am personally looking for a less waterproof trail shoe. I have Nikes currently and they're waterproof, but what that means is that when you go through a puddle and water or mud comes over the top, it stays in. I did an incredibly muddy 10k in the summer in them and did the second half with mud sloshing around inside my shoes.
  • Yes shoes that drain well and wool socks for the winter!
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Mud sloshing around inside a shoe! how does it get in? do you put them on without tightening them up?

  • if you're running through ankle deep sludge mud thats like custard consistancy, no amount of tightening will stop that comming in, 

  • I'm having to scrub the mud out from under my toenails after each run these days.

    I can't see much point in trying to waterproof shoes, as it comes over the top (and if it's raining, it will), you sweat, and so on.

  • he wears the 1170's the trabuco are not much diferent in weight.well niot that i have ever noticed image

  • I got some Inov-8 debris gaiters this year, and they've been really good for off-road running through deep mud and puddles. I use them with Salomon Speedcross, and although they don't keep my feet completely dry (eg when I was wading in knee deep water on a run last week) they keep out the worst.

    Well worth £15 (bit less from Wiggle - Debris gaiters).

  • Thanks for that, I've just spent my christmas wiggle voucher on a debris gaiter- I was meaning to get some after my last race, but it slipped my mind.

    Hopefully no more stones in shoes on long trail runs!

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