very clever bit of web site design... not in a good way!

I have been trying to help a friend find a new phone contract this morning, searching the internet etc...     the friend found this deal on vodaphone....



The link was sent to me by text, but when I clicked on it, the costs changed to..:




This is where those cookies that we all ignore have worked their magic..    they know that I've been searching and have increased the costs of the phones accordingly...

Look at the cheapest option...  £27 in the top option but the link shows £33 for me.

Bloody cheek...!




  • is that legal?

  • I've been told that the same thing happens on Amazon, and when you search for holidays, Eurostar and air tickets etc...


  • I have found this when booking airline tickets.

    I was advised to delete all internet history and cookies and then re start my computer. This did work in the past. I am not sure with the new cookie rules if it works anymore.


  • I use Chrome if I use incognito mode will it make a difference?

  • It should do - I would have thought that you will just get the 'we use cookies please click to accept if you want to continue' again

  • That was for Scooby not GB - sorry GB

  • I've had this happen to me when looking for holidays on the Thomas Cook website and sending links to my husband.

  • Its clever..  sneaky...   but highly misleading....


  • Expedia do this also. I suspect that it is now the norm for most Internet selling. When clearing the cache clear out the cookies too.

    However when you are registered with a website I don't think you can avoid it as all your visits will be monitored.

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