2013 Marathon Thread



  • Fiona well done on the race yesterday, great run on that curse and in the sun

    NP good news on the ankle

    AGF well down to you both on the 10 k

    Tek super weeks running good to hear you didn't vomit !image

    5 m for me this morning at 8.20 av , happy with that considering yesterdays consumption !

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done to you and Claire AGF!

    Teknik you did well to get out at all and MG1 sounds as if you had a late night too!

    Great to hear you got out again HM4.

    Sunny here too NP. image Been grass cutting and think I'd better go clean the car now. image




    No idea if the above will work but a nice view from mile 1 of yesterday's half (I'm 429)


  • Hi not been here much this week..strange week training wise, only 2 x 5 milers run, 2 spinning classes and 70 x 25 m in the pool on Thurs, had a strange tight feeling and weird swelling in my knee, on the same leg as ankle injury, probably connected in some way due to compensating, I really wanted to take part in a local half today, not to race it just to treat it as a hard long run and to so a bit of social running, not run with anyone for bloody MONTHS !!! since before pulling out of VLM image.

    Anyway did the race and was "aware" of ankle all the way, not helped by badly strapping it up before (dont know why I did that )..it was point to point, mainly up hill  and baking hot..but run through beautiful mid Devon country side heart rate up a bit ...but hey I did a race ..image 2 hours 30 secs


     NP  take care of that ankle, soft tissue damage is a bugger to heal as I a finding out.

    Fiona superb race result especially in the heat well done you,

    AGF nice running  and congrats to mrs agf

    Tek looks like you have had a good weeks running at nice low HR and decent pace well done.

    HM4 hills are good for you (apparently) nice running

    MG1 nice 5 miles..

  • Cross post, what a gorgeous picture Fiona

  • NP- great news re the ankle! image

    Fiona- my legs normally feel it 2 days laterimageimage

    AGF- well done to the OH on her pb!image

    Tek- tut, tut! image Well done on getting out there though! 

    HM4- well done on the 5mimage

    MG1- did you have a similar night to Tek's? Think you two will have to get your long runs done on Saturdays at this rate- lol! image

     I ran my leg of Welsh Castles Relay at midday today (24 degrees according to my carimage) from Brecon to Storey Arms (8.63m with 529m total ascent) in 57.33, which is about 3.30 faster than last yearimage. Then ran back (8.62m with the same DESCENTimage in 1.02.57) to get the long run in for todayimage

  • Jason that's great going in the heat with the climbs and descents, mine was an all day session at the cricket image, will be back to long runs next Saturday as normalimage 16 weeks until Jersey M  with a 2 week holiday in July so 14 proper weeks left .

    NN well done on getting through your race yesterday, hope the ankle isn't to bad today

  • NN- cross post. Well done, but take care....image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Jason that's great running up and down that hillimage

    Fiona that's a great photo it reminds me of the glens here sweeping down to the sea.image

    MG1 enjoy it while you can. Nice run this morning.

    NN great running up your hill as well in the race, like you will be taking care of the ankle.

    Tan topped up grass cut and car washed and the sun is still outimage.




    Jason super running !!

    Dont think I will training for Abingdon to be honest, frustrating as I felt strong all the way, just not confident enough to push any faster until the last couple of miles , mile 8 especially was a killer hill


    I cant feel anything now, I am just aware of it after about 9 miles..


  • NN,

    Well done.  I love hills however I do feel very unfit at the mo which may be colouring my perception of hills!  Well done on your training & race.


    Can you come over & wash my little car?  It's only an MG Zt (somewhere between the size of a 3 & 5 series!


    Thanks guys & well done on everyone's training.


  • Fiona- fab viewsimage

    resisted the temptation to go out for a plod just to round up the weekly mileage! Settling for 96.11m in 12.05.30 (7.33 av). The 5k race on Thursday cost me some training milesimage

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Jason that's a bloody fantastic weeks training mate.

    HM4 my drive is full of cars, two four x fours the crossfire and the works fire car so I think you need to wash your own lolimage.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Fiona that's a gr,eat photo of you crossing the finish line image

  • NP,

    Okay.  I'll get hubby to do it when he get's round to it.

  • got home from Dad's party / bbq at about lunchtime today, no hangover oddly enough, as I did drink at least 7 cans of John Smith's while chatting to my brother and a cousin until 4am. Four hours of sleep (in tent, in garden) and I'm now thinking about a 9pm early night! MFP says I over ate by nearly 4,000 calories in two days, so I suspect I'll be gaining weight this week! image


    Well done on the race Fiona image

    Good mileage Jason; I'm jealous! image

    Well done everyone else who ran image

  • Jason - I agree with NP - Super training !!...as per the hill running in your relay - great to see y/y improvement

    Teknik, All running and no play is fine- but falling off the rails every now and again is the spice of lifeimage Glad you avoided the sicky. Good weeks running too. Your speed is really coming on for your 70%

    More good running HM4 !!

    MG - I can imagine yesterday may have been messy, I often go to internationals there but missed this one  = well done today.  

    Thats scenary/Race looks like a very enjoyable one Fiona. Well done again. i snooped at the photos - and even saw you clapping in some of them - you did enjoy yourself. !!

    Good for you you NN, That ankle has been a right bummer for you this year after a really cracking period of training. Hopefully the niggle will calm down soon for you and you can crack on !!


    A cracking day here. Lovely weather - a splendid lunch out and got plenty done too. Young Lulu is knackered after 10 days of running, running, running image


  • AGF,

    Thanks.  My calves are feeling it!

  • http://webkit-fake-url://DBECD5C4-2CD7-4047-A40E-AB000FEE3940/imagepng

    Profile of today's run....

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done NN, it's great to get a change of scene/company isn't it! The guys I went West with yesterday are trying to persuade me to do Harris half in July - 2 ferry trips away.

    Wow Jason that was one tough run in the heat! I hope the quads forgive you for the downhill run tomorrow!! image Another great week's training by you.

    NP sounds like a nice day. I cut grass then my cycle run was cancelled so hoovered the car and just about to wash it when the cycle was back on - the car can wait! image 17 miles done and although sunny a really cold wind on the bike but I'm getting braver. image

    IJ an early night sounds essential!!

    AGF there was a pipe band just to the right of the picture so I thought they deserved a bit of thanks all dressed up in the heat in the middle of nowhere! image Lulu may be tired but she will be one very happy dog!

    I'll try to have a look at that profile Jason.



  • Just back from brief dalliance with the dark side - Dirty 30
    Great day. Weather baking hot (apparently about 25C). All terrains - coastal paths, steep hills, thick muddy forests, pathless heather moor, zig zagging to 470m pass, rocky mountain paths, landrover tracks along with some road sections. Stunning views throughout. Found it difficult to run on a lot of off road sections so time not great (8h34) but thoroughly enjoyed the day.
    And, of course, into the sea on completion
    Will read back later (probably tomorrow)

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Sorry wasn't on yesterday, got back from my long run and there was a BBQ going on so beer and lots of not so healthy food for recovery image

    MG been there once see the Aussie  bowl out England in little over a Innings on day four

    Tek, you're running so well at the moment well done on the 6 yesterday, and for not throwing up during your 13 today, great stas for the week

    Fiona, well done a great time for an easy run glad you found running naked liberating, great photo too looks lovely

    AGF, welcome back hope you've enjoyed the break

    HM, well done with the parkrun and the 5 hilly miles

    NP, well done with the easy 6, hope the ankle is ok too

    NN, well done with the race, looks a hilly one, and as others have said take care with the ankle

    jason great running today in the heat, great totals for the week

    OH, well done mate, and you would have need a dip in the sea to cool down


    16 miles for me yesterday and of course being the idiot that I am I left it until all the mist had burned away leaving blue skys and a blazing sun.  It was pretty much the same route as last weekend's, up until mile 8 and then up hill into the Kingsmills area from the Longman, tried to hit MP from mile 8 but I couldn't manage it, the heat got to me so plodded the last 4 miles home, could have cut it short but decided to get some miles under the belt

    Stats: 16m 2:47:13 @10:26mm avgHR 156(83%)

  • Stewart fabulous long run must have been tough in the heat, there is plenty of time to get some MP running done leave it for a cooler day (or get up earlier image) and at least you could eat guilt free at the BBQ, a well earned feast 

    OH your hilly 30 makes my run look pancake flat , and as for  getting in the sea ,image rather you than me, a super days running well done indeed  I hope you had a good recovery feast too.image

    Jason I cant access your run profile, hilly I take it ? looks like we all had hot hilly runs this weekend

    AGF you must have the fittest dog EVER image

    Fiona go and enjoy that half with your pals , running is more than about getting a good time as I learned yesterday,I never thought I would be happy with a 2 hour half marathon, but the company, atmosphere, scenery tee-shirt and suntanned legs made it worth whileimage 

    I was expecting the ankle to be like a balloon today but no, nothing !!, I think maybe the bulky bandage I had strapped on caused most of the discomfort (and I am a nurse image )I didnt have a cold bath but I stuck my lower leg in a bucket of ice and stretched and massaged  well.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM well done on the hilly 5m

    MG nice groggy 5mimage

    Fiona great piccie - lovely day but a bumpy course!

    NP busy day!image

    NN well done on the social Halfimage. That was a big hill! Glad the ankle is holding up.

    Jason fantastic running in the Welsh Castles Relay!  529m climbimage.  Great week's total, too.

    IJ nice cross trainingimage

    AGF glad you enjoyed the weekend. 

    OH wow the Dirty 30 sounds like a tough day out! 

    Stewart well done for sticking to the 16m in the heat - I gave up on the "MP" section, too, yesterday.


    4.8m easy this morning including some strides.  All ok hereimage

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Running in the sun ? Good weather ? Freezing down my way all weekend, even wore a base layer yesterday image

    Nice racing Fiona and Nurse, good luck with the ankles NP and Nurse, nice week Tek, mental week jason

    AGF - finally got my 2 dogs to the parkrun on Saturday. After pulling like a couple of huskies for half a mile they settled down and were a joy to run with image

    Stewart - nice sun tan though ?? How are you finding this round of P&D ?

    OH -WOW !!! Well done

    MG - good work on dubious fuelling image

    HM4 - good to see you getting the miles in, look after the calves

  • Tek - Nice run this morning

    Stewart - Good lung run on Saturday, well done

    OH - Well done at Dirty 30

    Jason - Cracking total for the weekimage

    NN - Well done on the half. Looks pretty tough.

    Fiona - Well done on the age cat win at Skyeimage


    Well hillwalking just north of Blair Atholl yesterday. A nice day, that nearly turned into a total disaster. Decided to only do 2 of the 3 hill we planned then, the cut off down the side and walk back to the car. Unfortunately, the mist made navigation a nightmare and we ended up in both the wrong place, and heading the wrong direction.

    Had we just retraced our steps instead of looking for a shortcut we couldn't find, it might have saved us about 4 hours, and caused much less stress...

    I'll see how I feel later, but my feet are pretty sore from yesterday so probably won't run.

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    NN, good to hear the ankle is ok, worked off some of the BBQ and beer yesterday playing for the 2nds, 3 wickets for very few runs didn't do so well with the bat

    Tek well done with the easy 4 with strides,

    Mace, early days but so far so good, and I'm enjoying the training

    SM6, ouch an extra 4 hours in the hills hope the feet recover quickly

  • SM6 - we've all been there and done that in the mistimage

    FionaC Well Done image especially in the heat which can't have been to your advantage

    Stewart well done on the 16 in that heat!

    NN - the sea was really welcome - honest!
    "running is more than about getting a good time" that's what I decided when I gave up trying to force myself to run over the rough ground. Whatever it was a beautiful day, views were stunning and I was enjoying myself.

  • Fiona nice picture with both feet off the ground coming up the hill! image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Jim I hope you have recovered well enough imagemore miles or less eating for the rest of the week.

    AGF glad your getting lulu out as much as possible great running by you pair.

    Fiona sounds like a nice bike ride is it the down hills your getting better at? Stuck at work here untill Wednesday and just swanky to be out in the sunimage

    OH sounds like you had a great day spit running and a swim, friends of mine did a Tri in a lake at the weekend and its the warmest it's ever been for a few years.

    NN great news about your ankle but have you managed to get it suntanned to mack in with the rest of your legs image

    Mace makes a change for us up North to get the sunimage

    SM6 hope the feet are better soon.

    SC you getting ready for the test or just on standby?

    well did a 1 mile swim this morning counting tiles along the bottom of the pool.... the decided to give the ankle a turn over as its been ok most of the day, so 3 miles with 3x.3 miles at 5:30 pace no issues with the ankle and so will do a full session tomorrow image

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