2013 Marathon Thread



  • Great history Mel, god luck with the weekend's half.

    Good running everyone elseimage

    Another day in the garden - mowing the lawn, building a compost bin from sheets of wood that used to be old pallets, painting the shed... lovely jobs!

    Club run this evening - after feeling like shyte yesterday, it was a much faster run, 10 miles in 88 mins. Much more like it! Luckily the cloud came over an hour before we started so it was relatively cool and breezy. Perfect!

    Means I still have to find 7 miles tomorrow and the weatherman's just said it'll be 28°C. Bugger!

    Have fun folks!

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Tek another controlled LSR, great running mate image

    Mel, awesome running history, good luck with the HM

    Channon, look after that ankle, don't want you on the injury bench

    SM, nice run, hope the weather is a little cooler over the weekend

    Jason anther good day's training well done

    Fiona, those ladies are speedy, three of them won the team award at the Lochaber Marathon this year, nice controlled run yesterday

    OH, nice JS run and cool down at the beach

    NP, another good run on your hill that a fair climb

    IJ, a speedy 10 miler good luck with the 7 in the heat


    6 mile run with JS, nice run along the canal and then up past the SNH building and back down via the Great Glen way, kept it easy running at the back, a really enjoyable run

    Stats: 6.04mi, 1:07:24, 11:06mm, 138(72%)

  • Its fair to say this hot weather is Lovely. like it loads.  Hot to run mindimage

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Channon nice easy run - RICE for the ankle

    Mel that's inspirational stuffimage. Good run yesterday

    HM hope the knees are easing up

    Stuart well done on the 9 miler - hope you get a cooler Sunday

    Jason good MLR and recovery yesterday - nice day's totalimage

    Fiona great 14 miles yesterday...glad you're enjoying the weatherimage

    OH good running with JS last night

    NP blimey that's some hill - 1200 ft. ! image

    IJ nice pace in the club 10 miler image

    Stewart glad you enjoyed the JS run - nice low HR print

    AGF nice easy run after yesterday's intervals


    Sports massage then 90 minutes hot yoga this morning.  Then a very heavy legged jog to the supermarket and back, for some last minute holiday shopping. Off to France tomorrowimage

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    This weekend's races:

    14/07/13 Windmill Half Lytham St Anne's     Mel Walker

    Good luck Mel for Sundayimage



  • Tek - Enjoy the holidayimage Where in France are you off to?

    Stewart - Nice easy run last night. Just what is needed in this weather.

    IJ - Nice 10 and at a good pace.

    NP - That sounds a tough run. 1200ft ascent over 8 miles is some going.

    Fiona - Good 14. Nice and speedy in such hot conditions.

    OH - Well done on the run. Not so well done on forgetting to put the dinner onimage Next weeks half is in Dundee/Broughty Ferry. At least according to my brother it's a wee bit cooler in Dundee than it is down here.


    Gym and a quick dunk in the pool for me today, glad I'm not running today. I suppose I'm reasonably young, but I can't remember it being warmer here than it is this week.

    I'm struggling more with the heat/humidity here than I was in Marrakech a couple of weeks ago.image

    Parkrun tomorrow is going to be interestingimage

  • Hi All

                if anyones at the Windmill Half I run for Burnden Road Runners grey vest with black diagonal stripe. Just introduce your self be pleased to see you. All have a good weekends training but be wary of the hot conditions

  • Hi sorry I have not been around much this week, training been ok but hardly had time to sit at laptop and catch up with everyone.

    Been up in North Devon for a few days my son and his family are there for the week...glorious, who needs airports and all that stress we have everything here when the weather is like this, hard to believe this time last year we were flooded in this area.,,did some running there so training ok this week.

    Had to get some kind of speed work done today, its far too hot to run outside so hit the dreadmill image..managed a hard session 5 x 4 mins @ 6.50-7 in miling with 2 mins easy recoveries, pleased as I cant hit and sustain this pace on the roads around here, tough going and left the gym dripping, but that that done for a week phew, will try and catch up properly later , but have read Mels running history, much respect to you Mel those times are amazing.

  • been working in the garden all day and have not run ;-( hopefully I'll get my 7 miler in tomorrow, though that could then impact on Sunday. Poo!

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a good run yesterday NP and more cross training! image

    OH I hope you are still getting some sunshine, very warm here today.

    That's a nice run last night Stewart.

    Teknik have a great holiday, I'm sure the trainers will be packed! image

    You obviously weren't around in the summer of 1976 (or was it 1977??) then Stuart!! imageimage

    Good luck Mel.

    NN good to hear that all's well with you. Well done on the fast session. I'm the same when it comes to speed outside! I always convince myself it is too hilly/windy and talk myself out of it, no excuse on the treadie!

    Got to the gym this morning and had the weights room to myself. Not done them for months and the legs really felt it so shelved the hill reps and went for an easy 4.5 miles round the Bught instead. image Also loving the heat AGF but the forecast is for a bit cooler here tomorrow. image


  • FionaC
    It was '76! I sweated (literally) through my A levels that yearimage
    Easy 4.5 sounds about right for the heat
    Sunny through the day here (but I was inside), cooler this evening although had a hot run last night. Down side of the heat is that it's woken up all the insect life.

    Have a good run Mel
    Impressive climb NP
    NN inside on dreadmill with weather as described??? imageimage
    Iccle Jim our garden is sadly neglected image Enjoy your 7 tomorrowimage
    Tek - enjoy France
    StewartC sounds like a nice appropriate run

  • Fiona & Tek,



    I'm going to get out even if it's just a run up & down the road (1.2 miles)!


    I know and this is near perfect weather for me.


    Good luck.


    Well done on everyone's training & good luck for the weekend's racing.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart nice swim and gym work.  Good luck tomorrow.  We're off to a hotel on the beach in Provenceimage

    NN well done on a hard intervals sessionimage

    IJ nice cross trainingimage - hope you get to run tomorrow

    Fiona well done on the weights and easy 4.5m

    OH thanksimage

    HM glad you're feeling up to a run

    I think some of the OCD on this thread has started to rub off on me - my trainers are not only packed but are in my carry-on luggage so they can't get lost, along with the bottle belt, Garmin, its cradle and leads, HR strap, one set of kit including sweat bands, print-out of the training schedule and a couple of route maps.  imageimage

  • Tek have a great holiday

    Fiona nice combination of run and gym work

    IC good gardening enjoy it if you get out tomorrow image

    Spent the Last 2 days playing golf in Bournemouth, most of it quite badly , but plenty of walking done if nothing else.

    Plan to get out nice and early tomorrow for a decent LR
  • OH, ah the famous summer of '76 only a few of us on here will remember that one !!  I wasnt sweating through A levels though, I must be 2/3 years behind you...image not much really and   I know it sounds as if I am contradicting myself, and I hate treadmill running, but it was 29 degs and very humid here this afternoon, and the gym is airconditioned, no competition really for doing the intervals.

    MG1 sounds like a nice couple of days, the legs should be well up for a long run, hope its not too hot.

    Fiona I saw your recent long run on fetch well done indeed.and super gym/weights session too

    Tek thats not OCD, thats perfectly normal acceptable behaviour amongst runners...have a great time

  • Tek- I spent 3 years camping in Llanberis so I could train on the Snowdonia marathon routeimage Enjoy the holidayimage

    mel- best of luck for the raceimage

    It was our school's summer fete yesterday- much better weather for selling strawberries and cream than running. Finally got the pm run done at 8 o clock- just cooling off by then. image It was my recovery day image so just a slow 5.7m recovery run. Same in the morning at 6am- not too hot then eitherimage

    Today looks like being a scorcher- 8m lined up, including Parkrun- going to get HOTimage

  • NN - Nice intervalsimage

    Fiona - 76 was well before my timeimage Easy 4.5 sounds a good idea in this weather

    Tek - Sounds good, enjoyimage

    MG - Good cross-training, and good luck with the long run

    Jason - hope the 8 with parkrun went ok


    22:00 or so for parkrun this morning. Ran the first mile hard then realised this wasn't the weather for it, so eased up a fair bit for the rest. Can't complain, 3 fast miles done and I've not wiped myself out. image

    Meant to be a bit cooler this afternoon, so I'll go out for 3 or 4 easy later before the pub.


  • Jason , hope your runs go well in the heat!

    SM 6 well done on your park run, it is not the weather for sprinting thats for sure.

    Got out at 7.30 this morning which wasn't as early as i hoped but still quite cool ,

    nice steady 19 m in 8.48 av, first 12 m of the route had plenty of shade along the canal but the last 7 were very warm, time to cool down for a few hours, another wedding tomorrow so need rehydration therapy image hope everyone stays cool.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    OH know what you mean about the insects, covered in bites. image

    HM4 enjoy your run, I hope the bruises etc are repairing. I almost went flying this morning much to the amusement of passers by! One of those where you take lots of giant steps after the trip whilst trying to stay upright! image Then run on like nothing happened! image

    Teknik sounds standard packing! image 

    MG1 nice long run. image

    NN  & Jason looks like it will be hot with you both, hope the running goes well!

    Stuart sounds like a good result, a quality training run.

    16 for me. Did a mile then the Inverness half route and had to stop briefly at the car at 13.8m to get a drink. Could have gone on but passing anyway so last two miles nice and easy. Average pace 7:52mm and HR looks like it is getting a bit lower again. image Highest mileage week since March!


  • Fiona,

    I know that one particularly as this was how I tripped over.


    Well done on everyone's training.  The bruise on my right knee looks like it's starting to come out more, however I'm still hopeful of a run tomorrow.


  • Fiona that's fantastic running/pace etc. superb.

    hm4 good luck tomorrow.

    Stuart, sensible move mate... Good time still!!

    mg, brilliant long run too ....

    i got up late today. Boiling when I got up so went to gym for a long run. 18.5 miles @9:14 pace. Felt comfy which is good. Lost 7lb in water during the run. Literally dripping off me it was. Lots of water needed now before off to proms at Warwick castle later...

  • Nice weather for running here cool but dry with a bit of wind (enough to blow the insects away image) .
    Longish swim for me (~1k) followed by 12.4 mile plod.

  • Jason  I hope the park run went well, and good planning on the timings for your runs I take it you dont find running late messes up your sleep ?

    And I remember 2009 when I did Snowdonia marathon, myself and partner ( at the time) stayed in Llanberris and did a few days training on the marathon route
    It was hot too, I also remember by coincidence there was the 10 mile Snowdoina race taking place and we watched that, straight up and down Snowdonia image

    SM6 well done on the 22 min park run, phew in that heat must have been tough have a nice pint or 2 later

    MG1 that really was a very good long run pace, I feel lazy not training for a marathon but also relieved that at the moment I dont have to be banging out 18-20
    milers in this heat, so very different to when I was training for london this winter, and wearing 2 pairs of tights !!

    Fiona I am also covered in bites !! you really are doing some great long run paces lately well done indeed.

    HM4 hope you get out for that run tomorrow how did you bruise the knee ? sorry been away for a few days, missed that bit

    OH I am envious of your running weather today well done on swim and long run

    AGF crikey massive long run on the treddy hardly surprising you lost 7lbs

    Just slept off my night shift,
    no running today not had a rest day for over a week and back on nights tonight long run planned for tomorrow when I get up, I shall leave it till as late as possible in the vain hope it will be cooler, have my doubts though, but it has to be done

  • NN,

    I tripped over a tree root running & have 2 bruised & grazed knees along with 2 grazed palms & I've now found a bruise near my elbow. 


    Can you send some of the cool weather down here for night-time?  Well done on the training.


    Thanks & well done.


  • NN- Running late can mess up my sleep, so it is a case of compromise. I would have liked to have left today's pm run until MUCH later, but with the early long run....How do you find sleeping through the day at the moment??image 

    OH- Very jealous of your weather!!image

    Fiona- great running!image

    AGF- image Keep drinking! Well done on toughing it out!

    Just back from a 5.7m recovery run- 30 DEGREES!!!! Glad it wasn't longer or faster. Feel sorry for those doing the hilly Tenby Marathon at 10 am tomorrowimage I would have the letters DNS against my name if it is 30 degrees....

  • put my thermometer on the decking as I painted the fence - in the sunshine it maxed at 50°C so I decided that whether my run could be shaded or not, it wouldn't be enjoyable. The 5pm thunderstorm got close but never quite reached, so no rain or temperature drop. Even with the thermometer moving into the kitchen, it still read 28° at 7pm!

    LSR tomorrow, though most of the club are off to a 6 mile race. I've got 18 to do.

    Yee ha!

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Tek, enjoy your trip to France 

    Mel good luck tomorrow

    SM, good time at parkrun still very hot out

    NN, a fast treadmill session well done

    Fiona, nice long run today at a good pace

    Jason, some more good runs from you another big month very hot down south

    MG another good long run

    AGF, awesome treadie run 

    OH nice swim and run all the better with a cooling breeze

     IJ, enjoy your lsr tomorrow


    3 mile recovery run this morning along the canal before the sun took hold, played cricket this afternoon and we won by 7 wickets image

    Stats: 3.39mi, 37:26, 11:06mm, 135(71%)


  • Mel - run well tomorrow image

    IJ - have a good 18!

    Fiona - Wow! thats great.

    I got my 7 miles in this evening after procrastinating all day. was waiting for it to cool down but eventually got tired of waiting and headed out at 7.30pm. it had cooled down by then but sadly not by much. really enjoyed the run though - slow and steady. Nice little recovery run tomorrow i think.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Gosh, you guys are so lucky! image Just drove home and it's 12 degrees out there now. image Happy to trade with anyone.

    Amazing long run in the gym AGF! Hope you drank lots, 7lb is a lot of fluid loss!

    OH nice swim/plod. I hope some of our insects disappear too.

    NN enjoy the relaxed summer of running, you'll be back to VLM training before you know it! image

    Jason/IJ that is hot! Channon sounds like it's hot with you too.

    Stewart well done on the win! image

    Thanks for the kind words all but lots of improvement still needed! It's amazing how the fitness/speed goes so quickly! Must do a proper speed session soon. image 


  • Fiona- I would gladly take your 12 degrees! That way I would still be in bed, not getting ready for a long run!image


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