2013 Marathon Thread



  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Hi Peeps some very good running going on in the heatimage

    MG1 well done on the golfimage then again that's a long walk and out in the sun for a long time if you play badlyimage Also well done on getting out early for your long run that's a great 19 into the bankimage

    NN aww the summer of 76 image first real romance.........I remember it so well image. Well done on the intervals. Hope it cools down for your long run.

    Jason nice running also well done on the parkrun was still hot hereimage hope you enjoy your early run, you could always sleep in the sun when you finishimage

    SM6 well done on the Parkrunimage

    Fiona that's another great long run into the bankimage, glad we don't have the same problem with the flys, but just a few miles up the road and it can be very bad, small midge's hateful things.....Your HR has dropped so looks like your going well.

    AGF that's a fantastic long run well done was it on the treadmill? Hope you enjoyed the promsimage

    OH do you ever do any Triathlons? great swimming and runningimage

    Jim well done on the fence and good luck on the LSR todayimage

    SC well done on the run and the cricket winimage

    Channon well done on your runimage

    Took a rest day from running on Friday and put in another couple of footings for wallsimage Got up early yesterday morning and drove up to Ballymena and the Parkrun after a short warm up, watched a guy and his dog charge off at the start the dog must really enjoy running as it was barking like mad, they both kept up the pace the whole way round, wonderful to watch. Anyway time starting to come down and finished in 18:59 7th and 1st in age group so happy with that, I want to get it down by another 30/45 seconds in two weeks time just need to keep doing the fast stuff and stretching. Spent the rest of the day with my three sons, daughter in law and granddaughter and Anita took them all out for a meal and was entertained the rest of the day by the granddaughter and her dancing and singingimage Out shortly when it warms up a bit for 8 to 10 miles along the trailsimage


  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    NP- Nice Parkrun! Enjoy the trail runimage

    Don't know if it was the early start, the lack of breakfast, the 5 hours sleep, or all of the above, but I found this morning's run quite tough. Still, over and done with now!image 16.07m in 2.00.16 (7.29 av) Finished before 8am and temperature was 19 degrees....imageimage

  • Fiona , good 16 yesterday

    AGF thats some treadmill run, my gym is sweltering right now think i would pass out if tried that distance

    Oh good ing ploding and swim image

    NN hope the long run goes to plan today

    IC ,same to you , hope the LR goes well

    Stewart bet the cricket was warm never mind running

    Channon good one yesterday, i think even at midnight it would still be warm

    NP great park run, hope your trail run is not too warm

    Jason well done on your 16 at a nice pace considering you didnt feel great

    4 m easy earlier, 44 m for the week , now for another wedding image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Jason nice running mate not easy in the heat.

    MG1 well done on the early run enjoy the wedding.

    Nice to run with new people and off road on the trails was nice, but ended a little short at 7 miles.

  • well folks ...i can honestly say that i have never experienced chaffing in such epic proportions than i did yesterday. If you are squeamish or easily offended look away now. After a very nice 7 miler yesterday i realised that, as a result of new baggy shorts, i had severe chaffing between the thighs and along either side of my waist! i kid you not. i'm talking the serious raw bloody patch kind of chaffing that makes sleep difficult not the namby pamby stuff (i did warn you this wasn't going to be pretty)! While the long term solution would be to rid myself of these more 'fleshy' parts so as to avoid future chaffing, my question to experienced runers out there is what can i do today to make my 3 mile recovery this evening less painful? Answers on a postcard please......

  • Channon, hope you're better soon! get some tea-tree / witch hazel cream. It'll sting like hell but realy help. Otherwise, stick to some tight-ish cycling shorts, even with something baggy over the top, and work on some inside thigh toning exercises.

    LSR was great today; I ran with a clubmate for 13 miles of a 15 mile route - until she told me to leave her behind on a hill! I picked up the pace back to what we'd been doing after the hill, and at the end of the 15 mile route I then carried on to add a 3 mile loop to make the planned 18.00 miles. 2 hrs 52 or so, averaging slightly faster than my marathon PB. Lovely!

  • Thanks IJ. Will try that. Great run today. You must be pleased image


  • Thanks for all the good wishes for the Windmill Half Marathon. I had a cracking run in the heat, although a nice sea breeze to help you keep fairly cool downside it was in your face any way ran 1hr 36 mins 25 secs first 065 plus as there was no 0/70 prize

    Off to Folkstone till Thursday everone have some good training sessions

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    That's an early start Jason, not surprised the run felt tough. Reached around 20 here today but very breezy!

    NP nice result on the parkrun. image

    MG1 hope the wedding and rehydration goes well!

    Channon, ouch! Never had chafing but sounds very painful.

    IJ a very speedy LSR!

    Well done Mel, great result!! image 

    A short treadmill run for me this morning, inspired by NN! image 200m intervals 16k/hr with 12k/hr 200m recoveries just to get the legs turning over. Also tried the Brooks Puredrift on the first half mile of the warm up, felt very odd at first but then started to get used to them. Made the Fastwitches feel very supportive when I put them on. image 

    This week's stats - 62 miles, 8:13:45, average pace 7:58mm, average HR 158.


  • Channon,

    Ouch.  Can't offer any advice sorry.  Hope it heals soon.


    Well done on everyone's training.  My run this morning was only 800m and that was painful.  I think I'm going to have to keep the distances really short until the bruising/pain when running is more bearable.

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Mel- cracking result!image

    Fiona- nice treadie session- wish we had your breeze here!image

    Channon- best thing for treatment AND prevention is Bodyglide- you can buy it online- think Wiggle are the cheapest. I use it all the time

    Just been out for the last run of the week- a 30 min recovery run. Decided after 0.3m that running in 28 degrees wasn't going to help, but hinder recovery and abandoned the plan! Stupidly hot here without moving! So curtailed miles for the weekly stats, but ok considering the weather! 102.19m in 12.44.55 (7.29 av)


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Channon ditto what Jim said witch hazel but it will smite a bit, I suffer with this on my lower back from my drinks belt and use telcos waterproof pad plasters and Vaseline to prevent it in the first place..

    Mel fantastic running and that's a time a lot of people would be very happy with, well done sirimageimageimage

    Fiona great running not very cool here image

    HM4 800 m better than nothing image

    Jason that's still fantastic milage for the week image


  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Channon, a nice 7mile run got to try and keep it steady when it's warm and OUCH! hope the chaffing issues get sorted

    Fiona, nice interval session on the treadie, and another good week stat wise 

    NP, cracking time at parkrun, and followed by an enjoyable day with the family, sounds like you enjoyed the trail run too

    Jason, probabably all of above, still a good run and that is hot for 8am great stats for the week

    MG, it was hot at the cricket but not as bad as it was last week, nice 4 mile run earlier enjoy the wedding

    IJ, another good run today well done

    Mel, great time well done image


    First 20 mile run of the campaign, ran down the south side trail above Loch Ness towards Dores and turned at 10mi, tricky underfoot on some of the route and the feet and hips felt a little sore at the end

    Stats: 20.3mi, 3:40:36, 11:01mm, 149(78%)

    Weekly Stats: 54.7mi, 9:40:04, 10:36mm, 145(76%)

  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Last 3 miles for this week- although hot so might need a recovery run to recover from that last one. Still i have to say it was chaffing pain free thanks to hubby's bicycle shorts - why didnt i think of them yesterday?

    wishing you all good running for the week ahead. 

  • Stewart - Well done on the first 20. How many are you planning to get in before Loch Ness? Good mileage for the week tooimage

    Jason - Great mileage as always! Even with bailing on the last run of the week!

    Fiona - Nice interval session, and cracking total for the week! Quick tooimage

    Mel - Fantastic timeimage Great stuff!

    IJ - Nice long runimage

    AGF - 7 pounds water loss over the course of a run sounds spectacularly high. Wouldn't you feel pretty ill at that?

    MG - Well done on the 44 for the week.


    Went out for 4 miles yesterday evening, but with in 500m decided to ditch the idea as my ankle was sore.

    6.0 miles @ 9:05 this evening. A bit quick and still a bit hot. This was after a quick gym session earlier this afternoon and a few frames of snooker, which I lostimage

    Long run (half mara distance) tomorrow.







    Mel great running very well done

    Fiona I would love it to be 12 degs here and hey, me inspire you ?!!image , well done on the treddy run superb weekly mileage I feel such a lazy cow !!

    Stuart nice 20 and good weekly miles I feel even lazier now  evict me from the thread if you like image

    SM6 you have managed to fit a lot into today, gym run and snooker, good luk on the long run tomorrow

    Well I really do struggle to run in the heat !!my long run was abandoned after just over 8 miles (I almost bailed out after 3 miles image )far to hot at 30 degs garden thermometer said 32 !! far too tired after sleeping badly after each night shift this week due to the heat, I am pretty stubborn and will usually slog through the miles but it was awful, plan is to get up early tomorrow and have another stab at 14 image mmmm image if not it will be another slow 7-8 in the heat followed by a swim....bloody good job I am not marathon training image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Just seen the forecast, looks like you guys in the South are in for another baking hot week. image

    Jason sounds like you did the right thing. Not much recovery in that sort of run. Amazing stats yet again!

    Stewart that sounds a really interesting run. Was it on the main Dores Road - where did you start/finish and when did you go off road? Another good set of weekly stats.

    Innovative solution Channon!

    Stuart I hope conditions are better for your run tomorrow. Just looked out the window and it's gone all misty here. image Probably haar up from the sea.

    Anyone tried beetroot concentrate? Like beetroot flavour syrup image (or how I'd imagine it) but as it was fairly pricey I'll have to finish it but it is so overpowering and there is no pleasant way to take it.

    Edit - just posted this and the mist cleared. Typical of our weather!


  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Cross post NN. You did well to try a run in that heat and you should make the most of not marathon training! image And you're sure not lazy!!


  • WELL DONE Mel image image image

    Well done one the 20 StewartC image

    Hope it stays cool for you tomorrow SM6

    NN probably wise decision. Don't think I could function at 30C!

    Cool (14C before wind chill) here - just a gentle walk today (too windy to get the kayak out)
  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    SM, I'm planning at least 5 20+ mile runs, 3 x 20 1 x 21 1 x 22, well done getting the 6 done better luck next time with the snooker

    NN, hope you can get the 14 in before the heat takes hold,

    Fiona, the trail starts at the bottom of Torbrek Road if your going down it's on the left handside, there are blue markers marking the route, the climb is not as bad as the great glen way and the views are good, I've uploaded the run to fetch, so feel free to have a look

    OH, looks like being a windy week up your way,

  • Stuart, your right 7lbs of fluid was a lot to lose in one go. I did manage to drink 2 litres when running and felt "ok". I was just "dripping" - literally. Fair to say that I drunk lots of water for the rest of the day.....

    Stewart, well done on the 20 - thats a long run on your feet. You will benefit from it though.

    Fiona - now we know the secret - beetroot juice. I knew you had a secret to be running that fastimage

    Night Nurse - sounds like you did the right thing and stopped. Whats your next race?

    Mel, Super race result.

    Channon - Lycra is the way to go image

    jason - super weeks running again - really good.

    NP, sounds like your enjoyng your new club.

    Iccle Jim - Nice long run.


    71 miles for me last week, so pleased.

    A cut back week planned this week as I have a few things I need to do. However started the week with a nice slow 12 miler image




  • Sun peeped out briefly this afternoon although still windy.6 miles done then haar came in.
  • OH - Well done on the 6 miles earlier

    AGF - Brilliant total for the weekimage

    NN - Hope todays attempt at 14 went a bit better?

    Stewart - You'll be in great shape if you get those in. Sub 4 the goal this time?


    12.7 @9:10m/m this afternoon. Big struggle beyond 10 miles, I assume down to dehydration again. Wasn't as warm as it has been, but its very humid now.

    Couple of easy runs midweek, probably Wenesday and Friday then half marathon on Sunday.

    I noticed someone posted on fetch earlier mentioned that he recorded the temperature when he finished parkrun as 36 degrees!! Glad I decided to slow down after a mile now that I've seen thatimage

  • AGF super mileage for the week well done, I have a hilly 6 mile race coing up this Friday evening, no doubt it will still be hot

    SM6 well done on the 12.7, where is your half and what time you hoping for ?

    OH 14 degs sounds perfect.

    Fiona I tried the beetroot concetrate at VLM expo this year its vile !! but I love beetroot...odd.image

    Slightly cooler today 'only' 24 degs, image managed a slow hilly trudge of 13.3 better than nothing, I didnt get up early enough to get out while it was cool.image come on give me  break I am nocturnal dont forget !!

  • NN - Good run in the heat. I'm the same as you, I can't get out early, or late enough to avoid the heat. Really glad I don't have a marathon to train forimage

    Half is in Dundee, not particularly aiming for a time tbh. I'm much less prepared than I've ever been for a half, however I'm much faster over the shorter stuff. I'll probably just head out at 95 minute pace and see how it goes.

  • Stuart, due to my shifts, I am knackered on days off so cant get up much before 9 let alone out the door and running, if I am between shifts I have to run between 4-6 pm so yes still hot !! good luck with your half, hope its nice and cool

    Got new trainers today, been keeping my eye on the outside of the right one in the current pair and I can see its  well worn compared to the left, just under 500 miles done in them so time for a new pair,  I can see why I had the tendon probem, got a small blister on the outside of that foot today so those trainers have had their day, and are binned taking no chances just goes to show how weird I must run , right on the outside of the foot, 

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Stewart- well done on getting the first 20 out of the wayimage

    Stuart- glad to hear the ankle is ok- good luck with the halfimage

    Fiona- I haven't tried the concentrate, only the regular juice- which I find very tastyimage

    NN- No point in killing yourself in the heat... Well done on the long run though- superb effort at that temperature!!imageimage

    5.7m recovery run for me this morning, followed by 7.68m of a hilly loop tonight. This consisted of 5 laps up and over the hill in 24 degrees heat- a hill which 2 years ago I couldn't get to the top of without stopping- lol!image Sounds like progress to me! Sports massage afterwards gave my legs the all clearimage


  • Well done on everyone's training. 

    The temperature when I got home 6(ish) was 26C so much more bearable however still humid.  Tonight it's going to get down to 14C so hopefully will be able to sleep better.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Stewart I've printed out the South Loch Ness Trail, looks good! image

    AGF a good start to a cut back week. Also a good longer run Stuart.

    OH I hope the haar has cleared, I'm heading up to Caithness early tomorrow so hope to get a decent drive up the road.

    NN/Jason I also love beetroot and the juice. The shots were pretty good too when I tried them but this stuff is a different make and very thick.

    7 miles for me tonight, very tired or I would have gone further but happy enough with that. Very breezy here tonight but quite pleasant running into it as it was nice and cooling.


  • AGF great mileage for the week, very impressive image

    OH good run earlier on, could do,with some of that weather here

    SM6 super effort in the heat image

    NN well done on the 13.3, what new shoes have you got?

    Jason great double the hilly route sounds tough going!

    8 m in 8.46 av, went out late afternoon it was still very warm so struggled at the end a bit
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