2013 Marathon Thread



  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Go for it NP !!

    MG - sounds very pleasant and i imagine hard work on the sand. We have a local race every summer, the Harbour Wallbanger but having run on the course between 2 harbour walls often i wouldn't fancy racing it !!!

    Fiona - good for you giving blood, hope you're back to normal soon. I would imagine it would take a few days to replenish properly ?

    Nurse - what's your boy's target for Abingdon ? How's his training going ?


    3x2M @ around threshold 6:50 pace yesterday was hard work, and 7 very slow and hot miles this morning. Drenched in sweat when i got back around 7am !!! Very nearly jumped in the sea half way round but resisted the urge, i really don't know how as it's massively tempting image 

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Hi guys,

    sorry it been a while posting, I've been quite busy but still managing to get the runs done, some excellent training going on, so well done all, NP good luck for the games I'm sure you'll do great

    Biggest mileage month of the year and career, 230 miles and a 15 day running streak, expecting it to be another 200+ month this time around but I'll have a mini taper in two weeks time for my HM in Nairn.

    good luck to all racing this coming weekend image

  • Quick post before I head to the pub.

    Our walk was pretty much a disaster. I can't remember whose idea it was to try to do this in 11 days (not mine!) but they need a beating! The terrain we encountered was ridiculous, at points the 'path' was actually a stream. The weather didn't help either, 4 days of heavy rain destroyed our spirits.

    3 days in one of our group fell down a ditch and has done a lot of damage to his quad, unfortunately he done this 11 miles from any sort of road. So we walked on a bit, slept for the night then covered the last 7 miles to the road in the morning. At that point it seemed everyone wanted just to go home, which is what happened.image

    We'll be back for this next year at some point, with a more sensible timescale. Saying that, physically I feel absolutely fine. Had someone been willing to push on with me, I reckon there was a good chance of us finishing in 13-15 days.

    Anyway, I now have a week and a half off work to enjoy and it means I can get to parkrun tomorrowimage It's also good not having a 17kg load on my back!

    Hope everyone is well!image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NP race list updated - hope the 5k went well and good luck for the steeplechase on Sundayimage

    NN well done on the gym class and nice 7.5m run

    HM hope the cat's jab goes ok tomorrow

    Jason congrats on avoiding the carbs on the family meal. For me, cauliflower just doesn't cut it...image

    Channon well done on the 5m PB and I hope you didn't get too drenched on today's 7m

    MG well done for sticking in the beach runs

    Fiona nice 6m this morning

    IJ LoLimage

    mace good session this morning - must have been an early start !

    Stewart congratulations on a monster month, and for the streakimage

    Stuart what a disaster ! Glad you survived unscathed and good luck at the parkieimage


    Massage then Hot Yoga this morning.  I wish the rain had lasted longer as it was very hot this afternoon - I had to cut the run to 3m and escape back to the air-con.image


    Upcoming races:

    02/08/13      World Police and Fire Games 5k  No Pain
    04/08/13      Totnes 10k                                   Night Nurse
    04/08/13      WPFG 3000 SC                            No Pain
    06/08/13      WPFG 5k XC                                No Pain
    07/08/13      WPFG Biathlon                             No Pain

  • Channon,

    Excellent.  Hope the storm cleared up.


    Thanks.  I think we stress much more than her.  She's usually not very well after it each time however it's only mild which we put down to stress especially as she's an indoor cat.




    Sounds eventful.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Hi Peeps, well first event over with I didn't take my Garmin and still can't find my finish time. The race started well and it was a little on the warm side but after only 400m I found myself at the front so pushed the pace on. The crowed in the stand and around the track was fantastic, I knew I didn't have a fast finish in my legs and could have done with another 3 weeks of speed work so I just pushed hard. I knew there was a group of us and that they where in for the ride having been at the front for 10 laps two went past me and slowed it down so I went past and pushed the pace hoard for the next 200m, Think that was my down fall as all three went past me and opens up a gap which was never to close. So I finishe just out of the medals in 4th place in a time around 18:15 the only other time I know was the winners in 17:4* so it's a fair result and I'm happy how I performed.image the atmospher here in the games is fantastic.

    NN all the best for your race this weekend.

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    NP- good running, but crap tactics! Lol! The rest must have loved having you as a pacemaker! Let someone else take the lead next time and stick back behind them until the final lap. Draft around om someone's shoulder- just don't get penned in. Track running is a very different beast to road running! image Don't miss standing on the water jump either- could be very painful otherwise...

  • NP, well done for giving it your best shot mate. No regrets, as you say beatebury faster chaps, but a great experience. Best if luck in the coming races.

    hi to everyone else. glad folk liked the thunder run write up. Also good to read up on how everyone is doing. On phone so hard to do a full round up - but keep up the good work and enjoy your hols MG.

    unfortunately have been in bed for last 3 days. Seems that 80 miles, 2 nights of no sleep and running in knee high puddles in a thunderstorm overnight has given me bronchitis/mild pneumonia. Antibiotics and rest to clear up my lungs and stop the mucus. Hopefully running by next weekend woukd be good, but it two weeks of no running in build up to Berlin, so that race will now be a get round experience image

    no regrets though.. enjoy your running folks...

  • NP,

    Well done, shame about the tatics.


    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  • get well soon AGF!!!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NP great running - only a couple of secs outside your PB, so you have to be happy with the raceimage

    AGF sorry to hear you're unwell - wish you a speedy recovery !


    10m for me this morning - 4m on my own then 6m with the club. I ran the club bit too fast and am now hoping I haven't ruined tomorrow's long runimage. Bit cooler weather here.image

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Tek- well done on the 10image

    AGF- get well soonimage

    8m with Parkrun this morning- nothing else scheduled today.... This recovery week has made my legs feel like leadimage 

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Thanks peeps.

    Jason but you needit mate you can't do youe weekly milage with out a recovery week every so often, as for the tactics well I enjoyed the race and droped over 39 seconds on 5 k from last weekend so still got to be happyimage. I have took on board the info on the water jump. there was a 70+ age group doing 2000m SC yesterday, fantastic hope I can do as well as them.

    Teknik you will be fine for tomorrow well done on the 10 miles this morning.

    AGF Get well soon mate but don't right off Berlin just yet.

    Just over 5 miles this morning but cant load it on Fetchimage 



  • Well done guys.


    The cat has been fine so far and was quite well behaved in the vets, only hissed once but there was plently of growling.  I went for a very small run (1.28 miles) this afternoon and felt very stiff so think more stretching is on the cards particularly as I've not done any for a while.

  • Slept in for parkrunimage So went for a short run in the afternoon. 3.7 miles @9:17, HR was very high again I assume because I still have this bloody cold. Felt ok otherwise. Longer run tomorrow.

  • Stuart,

    Nothing to feel embarrased about.  If you're under the weather with these night-time temperatures I'm sure you felt better for the lie in.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    mace well impressed with your threshold running in the heat!

    Stewart good to hear you are ok and a great month's running. image

    Stuart you'd have been mad to carry on, the rain was torrential and there's nothing worse....until the midgies start!

    Teknik nice 10 miles and good that your weather is a bit more pleasant for running.

    NP fantastic running! Great that you are back on form and I hope you are taking it easy today before the SC tomorrow - no building works! image

    AGF totally agree with NP that 2 weeks out at this stage does not mean Berlin cannot be a PB attempt, you have a great base! Hope you get well really soon.

    HM4 good that no major tantrum at the vets. I always find short runs the worst; until about mile 3 I feel that I can't run or breathe!

    Jason I'm sure your legs will thank you for the recovery week! image

    6 miles for me this morning with some 200's and 4 miles recovery this afternoon. The blister is back so stuck pins in it and just hope it's fine for tomorrow - too bad if not.

  • Thanks guys image

  • Fiona,

    Thanks.   I'm going to see if 2 miles feels easier today.  Well done on your runs.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Jason nice 8m yesterday - hope you're legs are feeling better today

    NP looking forward to the steeplechase race report !imageimage

    NN hope the Totnes 10k goes/went wellimage

    HM glad the cat's ok and well done for getting out there

    Stuart well done on the 3.7m.  Hope you shake the cold soon, and good luck for today's LSR.

    Fiona ouch !image  I saw your stats on Fetch for the 200/200 session - great work-out !image

    AGFimage like the others said - no need to decide yet, just see how quickly you recover


    LSR of 20m for me this morning - managed to get out by 7am to avoid the heat.  Averaged 8:45mm, 73.6%max HR.  Bit of drift over 75% at the end as I pushed the pace, but happy overall. image

    Week's stats: 69.2m in 9h58 @ 8:39mm avg. and 73% avg. maxHR

  • Mace great threshhold pace, well done

    Stewart C congrats on your months totals

    SM 6 sounds like you deserved that lie in , hope the long run goes ok

    Tek nice 20 and a good pace atbhe endimage

    AGF hope you are recovering ok, i am sure you will still be in with a good chance of a pb with work you have already put in

    NP good luck in your next race image

    Jason sounds like your enjoying recovery weekimage

    HM hope the little run is ok

    Fiona good combo yesterday, hope the blister isnt to bad after the pin treatment

    Beach run number 6 for an hour at dusk earlier, nothing but a deserted white sandy beach and the noise of the surf for company , felt great even if it was like running in a tropical greenhouse. Only six days left of this image and 9 weeks til Jersey so the hard work will kick in again very soon !
  • Tek,

    Thanks & well done to you.


    Well done.  I'll be going out later on this afternoon.

  • Planned a slowish 18 today (between 9 and 9:30 pace would have been fine) but half my clubmates who would have run opted for an earlier run "to avoid the heat". I ended up with a couple of faster runners, doing a 14 mile tempo run - averaged 8:38 pace instead! It wasn't even particularly hot! Gamin showed about 19 degrees, and there was a fair wind most of the way round. Still hurt like an 18 miler though!

    Means having to add a few miles onto the rest of the week but that won't be a problem!

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Tek- nice 20- heat is not a problem here at the momentimage

    Fiona- ouch! Nice runimage

    NP- If your water jump had been here, it would have been overflowing within minutes!!image Looking forward to the report!image

    IJ- nice unplanned run- don't do that too often though....image

    MG1- Nice run-- different worldimage

    17.01m for me this morning in 1.58.55 (6.59 av) in monsoon conditions!! At least there was no problem with overheating, but parts of the route were ankle deep!! Roads on the way home quite flooded in places too- tricky drive. More later- with a 4m recovery paddleimageimage

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    MG1 sounds idyllic, make the most of the break!

    IJ nice tempo.

    Jason sounds a tough one in heavy rain.

    Look forward to NP and NN's race reports.

    16 miles for me along part of the South Loch Ness trail. Some uphill at the start which I still seem to be struggling with. Comment from my running buddy that I was unusually quiet on the uphill then wouldn't shut up once at the top! Av pace 8:07mm (I shouldn't post just after Jason!!image) Dry here but very windy.


  • I back from race

    Off road 10k ish ..6.51 according to garmin

     Not usually the sort of race I would do as I am not an off road fan but I want to get some faster hard running done as I rarely get to club due to shifts

    Perfect running conditions today cool and light rain here.

    Hated the start I had forgotten about the first 2 miles being virtually single file through woods, dodging tree roots ,very frustrating at times practically walking behind slower runners who had gone off too fast too near the front, nice scenery though I dont usualy notice things like that .

    I could see a couple of girls about my standard about 50 m in front that I had to catch to get my placing back, but it took untill the 3rd mile when we got to a field with a bit of passing space before I could actualy run past them , I had loads in the tank by then and stormed past loads of runners overtaking till the end, one male club mate I ran past shouted "hey what are you on? can I have some "      image

    you can tell by my mile splits how annoying it was ,, but hey i loved it, the slow start probabaly helped the speedy finish 

    I hadnt done this race in years, the last time I did itI was 44 !! 7 years ago..when I used to enjoy the shorter stuff the club website has the results going back yonks so hunted it out, I did 53.40 back then today I did 54.39 so very happy, looking at results most runners (apart from the real racing snakes who were about 3-4 ins off pace) most took about 5-6 mins longer than normal road 10k ..so hopefully I should get 47-48 mins in my target 10k at the end of the month, just need to get some speed work in,,image splits..8.18...8.39...8.42..10.29...huge massive muddy hill wished I had worn off road shoes at this point,..image  now on to flat lanes and road flat road lovely jubbley !! 7.20 7.40...last bit road a field ..3.38 ...ave hr 89% image 

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Teknik that was a good 20 that you did, an early start! Nice stats for the week too.

    NN although that sounds like a really frustrating start well done on flying to the finish! image Very good time too compared to the last time you did it. It looks like you will get your target time on a road race.

    Cleaning the car now, just enough so it does not embarrass me, alloys are totally black at the front. image


  • NN - Cracking time, sounds a bit of nightmare for the 1st couple of miles. I had the same issue in my half a few weeks ago. You should be good for a nice 10k later in the monthimage

    Fiona - Nice 16 miler

    Jason - Well done on the 17 in the monsoon, sounds like the same weather as we had earlier in the week!

    IJ - That looks a nice hard run today, well done!

    MG - That sounds like a great run, well done on getting some running in while on holiday!

    Tek - Cracking 20 this morning!


    Couldn't be bothered with a long run today so just done a 6 miler. I'm off work all week, so getting a LSR in won't be an issue either tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Considering doing either the Haddington half on Saturday, or Bathgate Half on Sunday

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    Fiona- nice long runimage Mine wasn't tough- it was nice and cool- I would take heavy rain over hot weather any day for a long runimage

    NN- great racing- sounds like fun to me!image Well done for controlling the frustration early on to reap the rewardsimage

    SM6- just make sure you get the LR doneimage

    4m recovery run done and dusted to finish the recovery week- back to it tomorrow!image weekly stats: 76.06m in 9.26.58 (7.27 av)

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Teknik fantastic long run in the bank sir.

    MG1 great beach running, sounds great just running next to the surfimage

    Jim nice tempo run and glad it wasn't as hot as everyone else thought.

    Jason great long run in the rain/monsoon, more about the water jump to comeimage

    Fiona great hill running glad it kept dry for you can you get over and give the three cars in my drive a cleanimage

    SM6 so long as you get your LSR in image

    Well went to watch the start of the WPFG Triathlon which was fantastic then made my way up to Mary Peters track for the steeplechase. After been told it was starting late at 13:20 and not 12:30 I watched some of the javlin, only to find out it was starting at 13:00 so a quick change and a rushed warm up saw me on the start line. prior to this at about 10:00 I had set up a hurdle at the back of the track and jumped it a few times just to build up my confidenceimage. Well the gun went off and as this was a mixed age group race found my self tracking a 18 year old from India. After 1200m I was starting to feel it in the legs, boy that jumping takes it out of you. Anyway I had managed to get round without to much fuss untill the last water jump. I planted my leading foot on to the top of the jump and it slipped on some water and I duly took fell forward hitting my left knee before doing 2 1/2 somersaults with half pike before entering the deependimage This won me a gold medal in the divingimage anyway having got out of the water jump I completed the next 120m and final jump with no problem and came...............1st winning a gold medalimage






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