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  • A sensible Choice teknik image

    I am shattered. I think the miles are catching up on me. A cut back week this week I think and a few early nights image   I am probably ditching the weekend race I had planned and will turn that into a long run most probably. I have a 10k and a 1/2 that I plan to race before the big day and thing a low mileage week with a long run at the end will do me more benefit at this tage of training !!

    Yes - I am Going for a sub 3:30 in Brighton.  The GFA thing is currently a dream - but we all need dreams and my thoughts are if I shoot for the stars in Autumn I might reach a hgher brnach on the tree I am climbing image


  • Lot of great running yesterday!

    Jason - That pace for an LSR is crazy!

    AGF - Great mileageimage

    Tek - Great mileage too!image Sounds like a sensible choice this morning

    Stewart - Well done

    NP - Well done on the 20

    Mace - Good running

    OH - Well done on the XC

    NN - Nice run! Shame about the 0.1!image


    12.6 miles for me at 9.13 ave. Felt crap for the 1st 8, then felt fantastic for the rest. Strange...

    Anyway, I'm now seriously considering running Lochaber on April 14. Assuming I just pile up a lot of slow miles for the next 11 weeks, then take a 2 week taper is their any reason I shouldn't do this?

    I know I'll not set a good time (still expect a comfortable PB!) but getting round in one piece would boost the confident no end for September.


  • Go for it stuart. Lost of mileage - nice and slow to avoid injury will set you up no end for the autumn ( assuming you take a couple/few of weeks off to recover/refresh )

  • Sounds a reasonable plan Stuart - Lochaber (mara) is flat too

  • Stuart there are some 12 weeks plans so it isnt out of the question if you have already got a few decent longish runs in the bag..and you will have plenty of time to recover before starting training for the autumn marathon.I always feel better after a good few miles too ...weird..guess its all about warming up.

    No snow here..just more rain !!

    Rest day for me , good job really been waiting all morning for a bloody phone call which I probably wont get image dont you just hate it when they say the computers are down and they will ring you back then off to work at 2 so wont even have time for my monday swim..image

  • Enjoy your rest day NN. Hope you get the call.

    A 7 mile jog for me today.... Dodging cars trying to splash puddles all over me.... With mixed success!!
  • Training session in gym with trainer and a 3 mile easy run for me today, now away for 2 days with work so no training which is not good image
  • AGF- Enjoy the cutbackimage

    Tek- wise choice- don't go getting youself crocked again!image

    SM6- Do It!image

    NN- Hope you enjoyed the day off and the phone rang!image

    MG1- Can't you take your kit with you?

    Nothing to report here- no snow or other dramas, just 2 recovery runsimage

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Great long run yesterday NN. Shame you missed your swim.

    Good decisions there AGF and Teknik. AGF go for it at Brighton, no reason not to.

    Stuart lots of time to train for a nice relaxed Lochaber.

    MG1 hope you can pack the gear for a quick run when away.

    jason nice to get the recovery runs in.

    A recovery 4m for me this morning. Started to snow here, not much lying but slippy so a treadmill run tonight; 20 lots of 200m with 30s recoveries. 10 at 16k/hr, then the next 10 a mix up to 17k/hr. image Great fun, 5 miles total.


  • Just 2 recovery runs Jason ... Your slacking image super running as always image

    Wow, that's great speed Fiona.... Flying !!

    I am going to go for it at Brighton.... I just do not know what "it" is yet the HM at silverstone in march will help tell me what my aim should be. The only trouble being its 2 days after getting back from a weeks holiday in Dubai for the wife's 40th... We will see what happens anyway...
  • Slight bit of advice needed if possible:

    So I'm training for London 2013, I'm using an ultimate marathon schedule found here in RW and it's been great so far. I'm on the fourth week now and my legs are feeling very tired. Its been an intense first 4 weeks, running 6 days a week and last weeks milage reached 46.

    I started running at the beginning of 2012 but after a 10k race in september i stopped pretty much altogether and only just took it up again a week before i started the marathon schedule. So I didn't start with the recommended milage you should be hitting regularly.

    So I've managed to keep to all the paces it's told me to and i've done all the distances it said but yesterday was my longest run of 15 miles and today my legs feel very tired, I did the 4 miles today as well but pretty much only just made it to the end before my legs collapsed. 

    Now, I don't mind feeling like this if it just means it's working... but does it sound like I'm doing a little bit too much and should maybe cut back on the schedule for the next week to properly recover?

    I'm not getting pain as i run, just a slight all over ache. The ache is only as i run but throughout the day they just feel tired. And this has been the general feeling of my legs for the last week and a half I would say.

    What should I do?

    Thanks for any suggesstions image

  • Well done on everyone's training & to those who've been running outside.

    Yesterday was really cold so I did the sensible thing & stopped inside & had to scrap about 1cm of snow off the car this morning.

  • Teknik, no point risking an injury, good recovery run

    AGF, it is good to see that you are listening to the body, enjoy the cutback week

    Good luck with lochaber, it's one I'm planning to do next year

    MG1, relax enjoy the double rest days

    Fiona, hope the interval session on the treadle went well

    Jason, awesome running as always

    HM4, you probably made the right decision

    5 miles tonight in wet conditions cold but not slippy under foot
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Virex - I'm guessing you've picked the sub 3:15 Plan?  Can I ask what was your 10k time in September?

  • Just tried my morning run- postponed after several attempts at finding an area NOT covered in sheet ice! image image
  • not good jason image

  • Hi Teknik, thanks for your response. I ran the 10k in 40:15 but it was cross country so very hilly! I came 7th out of 80.

    Yes it is the sub 3:15 plan i'm working from image
  • Virex, it sounds to me your overtraining. Take a day or two extra rest and start again. Where from I do not though. The toughest part is getting to the start line without injury. Also try and get a few hours extra kip to help recovery image

    5 icy miles with the dog this morning image
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Virex, i'm guessing you've got age on your side as that's a decent 10k time for somebody who has just taken up running.

    What sort of mileage were you doing up to your 10k ?

    I tend to agree with AGF and you don't have enough base/endurance  - 3 months off for a relative newbie and you're jumping into a plan and hitting decent mileage already. Too much too soon ?


    Tek - wise man !!


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Lots of great training going on yesterday Fiona your intervals where very goodimage after my swim 54x25m front crawl I had a CBA dayimage...

    Jason nice ice running same here this morning so I ran on the road.

    Virex can I ask whats your age and what is the longest run you have ever done? Your 10k time suggests 3:15 but if you havn't run further than 10 miles in the past you wont have enough endurance in your legs, but by running the 6 days a week and building the miles in this phase your building your endurance base, we all get tierd during this time its natural but it will improve over the next couple of months but dont be afraid to miss a day and take a days rest.

    First of two runs done today 7 miles off footpath due to ice.


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF - sensible decision re: cutting back. Hope a few early nights will do you good. Dubai sounds like a mini-taper for Silverstone...image

    Stuart nice 12.6m.  I agree with OH and the others - do a slow, sensible, even-paced Lochaber and you'll be a good place for Nessie. 

    NN hope you enjoyed the rest

    MG nice easy 3m

    Jason - not good!!  Hope you can get out this evening

    Fiona great treddie intervalsimage

    HM stay warmimage

    Stewart well done on the 5 miles

    Mace - thanks. Are you still doing Hadd subLT's or are you now fully P&D?

    NP nice start to the dayimage


    Work getting in the way here so just a 5 miler off-road this morning at sub70%max. Snow but no ice




  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Virex I agree with AGF, Mace and NP. That's a quick 10k time but I see from your profile you've been running less than 20 miles a week, so endurance is going to be an issue.

    Take a day or two off.  You might want to ditch the intervals for a while (and replace them with some slow easy miles).  Maybe dial all the paces back by 20 to 30 secs per mile, and re-assess after you've done one of the Half races in the plan...2.29x your half is the male first-timer average...

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Teknik wrote (see)

    Virex I agree with AGF, Mace and NP. That's a quick 10k time but I see from your profile you've been running less than 20 miles a week, so endurance is going to be an issue.

    Take a day or two off.  You might want to ditch the intervals for a while (and replace them with some slow easy miles).  Maybe dial all the paces back by 20 to 30 secs per mile, and re-assess after you've done one of the Half races in the plan...2.29x your half is the male first-timer average...

    Doh, why didn't i think of looking at his profile ... i said you was a wise man Tek image

    Fully P&D now mate. Will definitely be going back to HADD though. I was thinking during this morning's run in the pissing rain and freezing cold wind, how i'm looking forward to doing some nice 70% Sunday morning HADD runs along the seafront in the summer image

  • Hello everyone and thanks for all your advice! (Too many names to mention)

    So I'm 22 and before my 10K i was doing about 20 - 25 miles a week.

    Longest run i did in training for the 10K was 12 miles and that is the only race i've participated in so far. Big jump to the marathon i know but i'm very excited!

    I think it's good advice to take a couple of days off this week, hopefully will recover nicely and get back to the routine after that!

    Cheers guys
  • And the amount of weekly milage on my profile is now outdated as ive been hitting 30 - 45 in the last few weeks haha
  • AGF,

    Well done.  I bet the dog was pleased with that.


    I intend to!  You guys know what I'm like with cold weather.


    Hi & welcome to the thread.

  • Afternoon..

    Well done everyone that managed to get out on the roads..as for Fiona..that is a mental session on the treadmill..brilliant image 

    Mace..ahhh those were the days eh?? I shall be back to a bit of hadding myself after VLM

    No snow here, just a bit icy this morning that soon thawed though and had a bit of light rain while running...bloody cold though..

    9 Miles with middle 4 @ LT 7.40..7.35..7..34..7,37


  • 11 miles including the icy muddy trail up our little local hill. Blue skies and bright sun. No snow. Jacket left at home image

    Well done to all those struugling to get out with the weather

  • 4.6 miles for me tonight. Bloody freezing out there. Rest day tomorrow.

    Decided I'm going to sign up for Lochaber after I get paid at the end of the week.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Virex a couple of years ago I trained with a guy who was in his early 20's who had a far faster 10k pb than me (I was about 48 years old at the time and was doing 3:11 in the marathon) every week he did the long run but never backed it up during the week with a few very easy runs and a tempo/speed session the reason was he said his legs where tierd. Marathon running and training is very diffrent from 5 and 10k training/racing 90% of it is mental, this will come over time and also as you get older. Where you are busted after a 10k because you push through whilst the lactate builds up and your lungs hurt, where as with a marathon its a grind and a journey and in two half, the first half is up to 20 miles and the second half from 20 miles up to the finish line. You have to be able to run the last 6.2 miles on tierd legs otherwise you will just want to stop and walk. I think most people on here would agree that at some stage during there first or second marathon that they have wanted to walk or in fact have walked. So how did they over come this the next time? Well its my guess that they did more miles in training and more longer runs which at some time ment having to run on tierd legs. If you have to take a day off take a day off if you have to run a faster training run slower run it slowerimage

    Teknik nice off road run.

    NN Well done on your  LT 9 mile run great pace.

    OH Well done on your 11 on the muddy trail.

    SM6 Well done on your 4.6 miles, yep it's cold out.

    Jason see some idiot ran over 3000 miles in 58 mins to take top spotimage gggrrrrr

    Second 7 mile run done as a progressive run.image





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