2013 Marathon Thread



  • Hi


    Quiet here today

    Stuart a nice evenly paced mp run , remind me which marathon are you doing ? the P&D schedule seems to be working for you ..you are running very well

    Tek well done on the mlr

    IJ  you are getting the miles done..nice training

    SM6 I think as long as the 10k is first you should recover well enough for a half nice 10 miler today

    OH nice club run..warm here too, but dry.

    Back from 10k race..which I very nearly didnt bother with as I had rubbish sleep today after last nights shift but am I more than happy with the result considering the lack of hard club runs and speed work, but I have been doing alot of hill work recently and although it was a flatish race I think the hills have been helping with strength and speed it was quite a boring 2 lap course so I wont bother with a long race report, except to say I was running steadily behind a much younger female club mated till about 6k never daring to overtake her as I knew she was a lot quicker than me she runs well under 44 mins...and it would have meant I was running too fast, anyway eventually I bit the bullet and went for it, really chuffed to beat her by a good 2 mins....to then discover she had a baby 10 weeks ago..!! hey ho it was nice while it lasted image

     I would have been happy with any under 48.30 but here are the mile splits..


    47.33 ave HR 91% only 5 secs off my fastest 10k in the last 4 years image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Well after a days building work on my rest day yesterday and a late night watching the Kings of Leon I took another rest day today..... Feeling a little guilty nowimage.....  I need to look at some shorter 10k races in the next couple of months and need to start adding some miles. But on a possitive note it's the first day in months that I have not had any hip/butt pain.

    You guys are going well.

    NN hope the 10k went alright tonight.

    OH good luck with the half this weekend.

    Teknik nice running 

    SM6 Looking good.

    SC nice running.

    Fiona I still cant get my run loaded up, your running will only get better with the fast ones image

    Will get out tomorrow morning for 8 miles might even do my hill.



  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    NN cross post, great running and well done on the timeimage

  • Stewart C nice consistant running last night

    Tek steady run last night woth club and solo image

    IJ good running, especialy the llaat mile

    SM6 good 10 earlier, just wanted to push a little more on that last mile last night - did hurt a bit

    OH well done on the 7.2 , pretty humid down here too

    NN great 10 k well done image

    NP glad to hear your hip is on the mend, enjoy going up your hill, i am sure you wont be able to resisit image

    1 hr bootcamp followed by 1 hr training session with trainer, used a parachute resistance kit for the first time, was tough, definitely recommend it , great couple of hours work, rest tomorrow then LR saturday
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    OH warm here too image

    Stewart nice 10 last night. Jamie did well - a 44:08 400m and they are through to the final!! image

    Teknik more quality miles. Nice.

    IJ good efforts on Tuesday.

    Stuart good to have some races in the diary. image Shame about your 10k HM4, any others around?

    Great result NN, well done! image

    NP great that the pain has gone, maybe a bit of rest is what it needed. image Hope you can start getting the runs on Fetch again.

    Managed to get to the club tonight and a lot of tired legs so the consensus was for a steady run. I thought why not until the guy who is coaching us ladies appeared and told me to stick to the plan. Pleased I did until I got home. Did 6 * 3 mins on/off only to get home and find I should have done 8. image Also 5 miles easy this morning.


  • Quick post results out 1st FV 50image !! 

  • Great news, well done, NNimage

    catch up lTer, time to run!

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NN well done!! imageimage


  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    Tek, another good run you're racking up those miles

    IJ, some great running from you, and that is a pacy last mile

    SM, I'm sure you'll be fine, I'm doing a double too, 10 mile last saturday and HM this, well done with the 10 miler

    OH, a good JS run good luck with the half this weekend

    NN, consistent splits during your 10k got to be happy with the time image congrats on first place image

    NP, enjoy your hill, and good news about the hip/glute

    MG, great training sir, enjoy your rest day you deserve it image

    Fiona, nice doubling, sounds like a tough interval session on tired legs, good news about Jamie image


    Took the 5 mile JS group last night and ran it a little quicker than I was meant to image

    Stats: 6.06mi, 56:42, 9:21mm, avgHR 148(77%)

    Rest day today, first time in a while I've had two in a week.

  • Well done NNimage

    MG1 parachutes sound interesting ...image

    FionaC StewartC - JS/club keeping the pressure up image

    Chest a bit sore again last night - possibly more due to broken night's sleep (work) rather than run - here's hoping ... image


  • Morning
    NP guilty !! you train hard and a rests needed sometimes hope KOL was a good night, and I am glad you dont have a pain in the bum image

    Fiona how annoying, athough I am sure missing out the 2 wont make a difference in the greater picture, its the OCD that is hard to deal with at times isnt it ? !image

    Stuart enjoy that rest day, 2 weeks without a rest is a long time

    OH hope you are looking after yourself take it easy

    Not done anything yet..will do easy 7/8 later

  • Hi Guys, Slowly starting to feel better here - however I am currently limiting runs to 30 mins to ensure I do not over do it.

    NP, hows the ( double) world champ feeling this week? Sounds like you enjoyed the kings of leon the other night. Nice one. trust the retirement is treating you well !!

    MG, Whilst I agree with tek that you do not need to worry about HRM training in your build up to your next race I would suggest wearing your monitor as often as possible. Do not worry about the stats yet - but at least you will collect some historicaldata for when you start doing it properly. This will be a good thing..

    Night Nurse,  Congratulations on the Modern era PB. Your race sounds like you paced it well. The high mileage from early season coming will have helped for sure !!

    Fiona, So whats the new plan all about then? How created it for you and whats your target? The marathon in October or something different? Your now ahead of me on fetch again  - Think you will stay there this year now image

    Teknik, Thanks for your comments mate. Well done on your continued impressive training. Once you taper you will see another "jump" and you will run the race of your life ( and it will be well deserved)

    OH - Sorry to hear that you have a sore chest too. its not nice and I sympathise big time !!!

    Young Cowboy. Its lovely to hear from you and good to hear that you are running consistently after your Injury at the start of the year. best wishes to your ( growing ) family........ image

    Jason - your running is awesome - but I am a little worried you will be in girls shorts soon with that waistline image

    Stewart - That run you posted with your times shows me that you bang on target for sub 4. Little drift at sub 4 pace. I suggest not wearing your watch on race day as you risk worrying about HR and articifially underperforming. Race by feel on the day and the taper will help loads too !!

    Iccle Jim - I must say that your training and racing is going very well. Consistency breeds succus ( look at Tekniks improvements )

    HY4, Hiya, Running to how you feel is not a bad idea at all.....

    ( apologies If I have missed folk )






  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart good 10.5m run last night.  I think I might have gone wrong on the race list - can you check your entries on http://www.fetcheveryone.com/blog-view.php?id=53497?  Ta.image

    HM sounds like a sensible way forward - you've got to enjoy what you're doingimage

    OH thanks - good luck at Kirkwall. Hope the chest is easier today.

    NN great running, nice splits and congrats on the FV50 prizeimage

    NP hope you enjoyed the concertimage; nice day's work tooimage. Glad the hip/glute pain is easier.

    MG parachute trainingimage. Hope you enjoyed the day offimage

    Fiona nice double - speedy intervals too !

    Stewart good run with JS last night. Enjoy the rest day - and can you check your races on the Fetch blog too, please?  Good luck at Nairnimage

    AGF I'm sure that steadily easing back into it is the right thing.


    Lazy day here - 90 minutes of not-so-hot Yoga (radiators on the blink) and a little 3m recovery run.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Weekend Racers:

    17/08/13      Nairn Half                       StewartC
    17/08/13      Kirkwall Half                   OH

  • 18/08/13      Kirkwall Half                   OH

  • Great run Mo

  • Tek - Good training today. As for the race list, the GSR is October 6, not Sept 1 as is down on your list. I assumed it would be then as it's usually 4 weeks before Loch Ness, but for some reason it's been moved back 5 weeks. I probably won't run Stirling on Sept 15 as I now have something planned the night before. So my current (committed to) races are:  Linlithgow 10k - Sept 29 and Great Scottish Half - Oct 6

    AGF - Good to hear your back training.

    NN - Great racing, well done on the time and the 1st FV50imageimage


    40x25m swimming (33 minutes).

    Wanted to continuing running, think I had ran the last 9 days but decided it's wise to have a day off today. 6-7 including a shot at a parkrun PB tomorrowimage



  • Tek you should try the parachute training, you would enjoy it I reckon !
  • NN,

    Great result.  Well done.


    That sounds tough.

    AGF & Tek,



    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a well deserved rest day Stewart. Good luck tomorrow, I hope it is not too windy! image

    OH take care, I hope the chest is recovering?

    NN hope you got your miles done.

    AGF good to hear that you are feeling better and very wise to be careful. Still doing Amsterdam on 20th October but seems like the "no-plan" plan has gone out the window! image

    Teknik a nice easy day after all those miles you put in! image

    Stuart good luck with the PB attempt.

    Good to see you getting the runs logged on Fetch again NP.

    A rest day here. image 


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    OH hope your well rested and good luck for tomorrows HM.

    NN hope your easy run went ok.

    AGF glad your feeling better and building slowly back up.

    Teknik well done on the lazy day with the hot yoga and easy run.

    SM6 well done on the swimming good luck with the parkrun PB.

    Fiona its good to be able to log runs onto Fetch again, I have changed my lap top from the old and slow windows to my new Mac book pro and I am still finding my way round it, I bought a years subscription to one to one training in the apple shop and hope to start going in to town next week and having a few lessons.

    Well taking it easy for the next few days and after yesterdays run rushed round packing as it's the OH's birthday today and mine tomorrow so three nights booked into the Slieve donard Hotel and spa. image Looking out at a gale and cant even see the mountain "Slieve donard" I was going to run up it today but will wait till later and hope the rain and wind blows out.






  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Happy Birthday Anita!! imageimage Enjoy the break NP. Windy here too.

    Just in from 6 lots of 5 mins/3 recovery, not fast but enjoyed it! Never quite sure what pace I should be running at.  An easy recovery jog planned for later.


  • Happy birthday for tomorrow NP. Enjoy your mini break.

    fiona, a good session that.  One way to test the speed is to run the last one as fast as you can. Off its faster than the others then you know that next time the reps can be faster. If its roughly the same speed then you judged it right image

    A jog for me a parkrun this morning with lulu and Claire. Enjoyed...

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    OH sorry - good luck tomorrowimage

    Stuart thanks - now corrected.  Nice swim session - how did the parkrun go?image

    MG I get enough stick when I'm running - adding a parachute behind me is not going to helpimageimage

    Fiona hope you enjoyed the day off, and good set of intervals this morningimage

    NP happy birthday MrsNP and happy birthday to you for tomorrow!  Enjoy the weekend awayimage


    1m warm up then 6m with the club - a few fast pushes downhill then a long 3m haul uphill trying (and failing) to keep the HR under control.  Now off to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversaryimage

  • Just a swim in the rain (and wind). No running today (trying to be good for HM tomorrow)

    Happy bithdays to the NPs imageimageimage

    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Tek imageimage

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Congratulations Teknik and Mrs T! imageimage

    Interesting AGF, will do that with the intervals.

    Good luck tomorrow OH.

    My sister's 50th today so heading across later today for a meal. image

    A brisk south westerly wind here with showers, could make it tough for Stewart on the way back (pretty much an out and back course).


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF sorry x-post - nice family parkjogimage

    OH thanks and well done on the swimming

    Fiona thanks, enjoy the meal with your sisterimage

  • NP happy birthday, enjoy your weekend

    Fiona well done on your intervals, enjoy your meal

    AGF nice park running with your teamimage, like your thoughts on the intervals, would it be the same for the last mile in a tempo run?

    Tek nice 7 earlier, congrats on your anniversary

    First long run for 4 weeks earlier and god did i know it !!!

    20 m @ 8.53 av, hr rate at 143 av , very windy conditions.
  • I don't think so MG. tempo ruins are normally not V02 sessions so you should have a "sprint" finish.....

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