2013 Marathon Thread



  • NP - Good total so far this week, good luck tomorrowimage

    Stewart - Good run last night, good luck with the cricket

    Jason - Not exactly how I'd recover from a maraimage

    Tek - Nice we short MP run, it'll come down. Give it time...

    IJ - A mara in preparation for a mara sounds bold!

    Good luck to everyone racingimage


    Massive PB at parkrun this morning, bit wary as my Garmin measured the course very short but it was under tree cover and we all know what trees can do to Garmins... The event has been run 70 times, surely not short...

    9th place (first time having a single digit finishing positionimage) with a garmin time of 19:37image (PB of 66!!!!! secondsimage) Faster course than Falkirk, and I was totally and utterly destroyed at the end of it. Helps having people to chase.

  • NP well done on your hill run and good luck tomorrow, already getting the miles in image

    Tek good 6 yesterday.

    Jason the ultra looks a challenge which i am sure you will thrive in

    Stewart C hope the run and cricket has been good today

    SM6 fantastic PB, superb effort, you have got to be well pleased !

    22 m LR for me this morning in 3.15.44 @ 8.54 av , HR av 139, quite nice conditions then a bit windy. Steady for the first 15 then pushed the pace for the last 7, hopefully earned a nice Brazilian meal tonight image
  • OMGoodness! 1:16:13 for 10 miles of hills. That's 2 minutes off the PB I set last month on a flat course. Gonna hurt in t'morning! Lots of ice cream today!

    The Nottingham marathon is 3 weeks before Palma, so effectively will be the last LSR before, and the plan is to run with a clubmate who wants to do 9 minutes for every mile. It'll take 15 mins off my PB if the plan works! If I beat the 4 hour mark then I'll decide in the Palma hotel whether to "race", risking a burn out but also risking another 20 minute PB, or whether to just jog it (i.e. another 9 or 9:30 minute jobby) and enjoy the route.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Jason that's some schedule - Chester, Snod then an off-road Ultra !! image

    HM yes please image

    Stewart nice easy 5m, hope you're enjoying the cricketimage

    NP nice hill running, good news on the weekly total, and I hope the 10k went ok.  I hear what you're saying about the intensity - once I cut the Alpine adventure out of the stats, the month has seen a good increase in pace (see on)image

    Stuart yay!!! PB !!! What a great timeimageimage

    MG super long run - well done fella image

    IJ another PBimageimage.  Great runningimage.  Sounds like a plan...


    I turned up to a Fetch organised track event this afternoon.  There were quite a few no-shows, so we started with a 100m while we waited.  I couldn't get my legs moving and was disappointed with the 14.7 time.  Once a few others turned up we did the main one mile event.  I was intending to chase after one guy who was aiming for a 5:50, but set off a bit too quick and ended up leading all the way. I did a Stuart with a untied lace after 200m, and felt like I was going to lose a shoe.  Sprinted the last 100m and won by 3 seconds:  5:59 on the clockimage 

    Month stats (excluding the mountain runs)  38h52, 274.9m @ avg 8:29 (-0.13) @ avgHR 72% (+2%), plus another 15.4m sodding around in the Alps brings me to 290.3m (-2.3m)for the month.image

  • Well done Stuart! image

    IJ impressive image

    MG1 good length and tiime - enjoy the Brazilian!

    Well done on the mile win Tekimage

    Not so impressive for me today. Weather better than anticipated but still quite windy. First five miles (and last mile straight into wind. Wet for 6th and 7th mile but sunny otherwise. 2h12 today not quite a PW but slowest for some time.image
    Enjoyed my dip in the harbour immediately after the race but a solitary dip this year.


  • NP,

    I don't think so for the next 2 weekends.  There was a community day at work yesterday which was very physical & I've decorated 2 rooms today with Chris' help.  There's a 2nd coat to do in the kitchen which I've told Chris he's doing then blackberrying tomorrow and next weekend we're up in York for a wedding.


    Will do tomorrow!


    Well done guys.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Stewart good luck tomorrow, I hope the wind dies down a bit but at least it would be ok for the first 8 miles if the same as today!

    NP nice to see you clocking up the miles again. Hope you get a good day for your 10k.

    Teknik well done, a win!!! Amazing time too, I can barely keep that pace for 1/4 mile!

    Jason have you run that distance before or is this a venture into the unknown!?

    Stuart and IJ, great PBs!!

    MG1 well done on the long run, planning mine tomorrow. 

    OH not surprised that time was slower, it's tough in the wind.

    HM4 I would be hanging up the brushes and trading half an hour for a run.

    A 4m treadmill run for me this morning with fast bits and an easy recovery 5m this afternoon.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    SM6 great parkrun PB imageimageimage and 9th place.

    MG1 Great long run but just choked on my coffee when I read "Brazilian meal tonight"image lol and food was not my first thought image

    Jim well done on the 10 miles of hills and a PB taper time image

    Teknik great mile running for the sub 6 min mileimage and fantastic stats for the month.

    OH well done on the run in the wind/rain and your swim after the raceimage

    HM4 Enjoy York it's a city I know very well from my childhood and used to swim in the river in the town.






  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    NP, another good run on your hill, enjoy the 10k race tomorrow

    SM, a massive PB well done mate image

    MG, a cracking long run, enjoy the brazilian meal tonight

    IJ, you are running really well, a cracking PB on a hilly course you've got to be delighted image

    Tek, a sub 6:00m and a win too well done another cracking month of running well done image

    OH, the conditions were far from ideal, good running


    4 mile recovery run before cricket quite windy out today and we lost again, only two more game of the season left thankfully

    Monthly stats: 237.2mi, 40:03:43, 10:08, 145(76%)

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭


    Fiona, thanks got to do 5 miles before as well making it 18 for the day, looks like it is going to be a bit windy, well done on the double today, good stats for the month too

  • StewartC, FionaC, NP
    Thanks for comments but I was also beaten by my colleague (for the first time)image who obviously endured the same conditions (made her day!).
    Also wind wasn't as strong as 2 weeks ago.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NP, that made me laugh! image

    Stewart nice stats, you are due a huge PB at Loch Ness with the work you have put into your training. image

    OH she might have beaten you but I bet she didn't jump into the water at the end! image

    Gosh, a month end! Stats 285.9 miles (didn't see that one coming!), time 38:41:21, av pace 8:07mm, av HR 160.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    SC Great stats for the month, yep your due a big PB at Loch Ness.

    Fiona wow thats some months running and with speed sessions, it made me laugh a lot as wellimage.

  • Tek- nice miling image

    My monthly stats are inflated after today's recce of the ultra loop- supposed to be 23m, but a few nav glitches made it 26.5 with over 900m ascent- mainly offroad! 

    Monthy stats- 434.33m in 55.34.49

    av pace 7.41- also suffered today- lol!

  • Fiona,

    We have a good system based on the quality of the painting.  Unfortunately since Chris is better at glossing than me it means I get to do more painting image.  Awesome stats




    Well done on everyone's trianing.


  • Hope all goes well today Stewart (and mace if you run)

    Now realised that yesterday's time was also my first personal course worst in the 3 years I have been running, ie the first time I have not been able to better my time from previous ones.
    Bad day or reached my peak - time will tell ...
    Langdale Half in 3 weeks ...

  • OH- we all have days like that....imageimage

  • OH chin up, I agree with Jason: it was probably just an off dayimage

    HM yippee image

    Fiona nice training yesterday, and a great month's work - super speedy average paceimage

    NP sorry I got my days muddled - hope the 10k went ok todayimage

    Stewart shame about the cricket but great stats for the month - well doneimage. Loch Ness is looking goodimage

    Jason awesome month's mileageimage 900m ascent!!image...bad place to get lost !!


    20 miler this morning, run progressively in 5m blocks of MP +15%/ +10% /+5% / MP.  Pretty happy with the splits until the last few miles into the wind and uphill. 


    9:03 8:53 8:55 9:13 9:01

    8:39 8:25 8:33 8:27 8:43

    8:06 7:58 8:28 8:19 8:13

    7:57 8:01 7:57 7:58 7:40

  • Impressive stats for into the wind and uphill Teknik! Very windy here too, one of the girls at the club who is a sub 40 10k runner did the Moray 10k in 41:51 today - Stewart's half marathon converges on the 10k course for the last 6.25m so it'll be a tough finish for him.

    OH agree with the others, it's a one off.

    HM4 sounds like a good system.

    Jason that was some run yesterday! image You are going really well.

    Long run this morning, ended up 20.7m. Met one of the girls and ran/chatted until around mile 8 when she turned for home. A few surges in miles 14-17 all under 7mm pace (just for 1/4 mile) which felt fine, not at all tough and could have gone further. Tough by the uphill at the end but no change there whether 20 miles or 2 miles! image A really good, enjoyable run. image


  • 12.2 steady-ish today, finished 1 second above target marathon pace, so 9:01 average! Not bad for a recovery run!

    July + August = 401 miles, so happy with that!

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Stewart - sub 4 not far off me thinks image you're certainly building endurance and the pace/HR is promising

    Tek - how do the HR splits look ? Nice progressive there.

    OH - we all have bad days, sure you have improvement left image

    jason - cracking recce

    Very impressed with the long runs and huge monthly mileage stats, well done all.


    I was a naughty boy and went against my Fizz's advice to miss today's Kent Coastal Half but i couldn't help myself image Problem is i've got an appt with him this week and he said he has friends running so he's bound to check me out image

    Anway, i revised my target from 1:32 to 1:35 and was quite happy to get 1:33:54 with a bit in the tank at the finish, and the hand not really giving any jip. It's quite an up an down route so not that easy to judge and there was a noticeable wind in places along the coast especially the last mile or so. And a pb by just under 3 mins so i have to be image 


  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Oh, strange goody bag which included a tiny chocolate bar, bag of ready salted crisps and a can of red bull. Dubious nutritional content image to say the least

  • Well Done mace (hope the Fizz thinks so too)

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    thanks OH and don't forget, even if you have peaked there are still WAVA ratings image


  • Fiona I checked your stats on Fetch and that was a really great runimage

    IJ well done on the 12.2m and the mileage stats

    Mace nice going at the Kent Coastal - I had forgotten it was a while since you'd done a half...nice easy PBimageimage

    My HR stats upon further investigation were better than I thought - Fiona's graph was pancake flat compared to mine, but I guess I started off at an easy pace...so 1-5 was 65%, 6 to 10 was 70%, 11 to 15 was 75% to 76%, then the MP 5 miles were 77 / 81 / 79 / 84 dropping to 83% as I crowned the hill.  So the MP miles felt harder than my HR would suggest...


  • OH next time it will be different image

    Fona great stats for the month and good pace today !

    Jason amazing month for you sir image

    Tek great 20 earlier, nice 5 m splits and pacing

    IC good recovery run this morning

    Mace big congrats on the PB, great stuff and enjoy the good bagimage

    Easy 4.5 this morning, 45.5 m for week
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    MG, cheers ... nice week

    Tek, it always seems harder when you keep checking the Garmin for HR. I don't think i'll ever race to HR again for that reason. Couldn't get my head round it when i first started racing after months of HADD and people were saying don't race to HR.

  • MG - Nice Long run yesterday, and great total this week

    Mace - Well done on the halfimage

    IJ - Nice run today, and a nice total for the last couple of months! Impressive 10 miler yesterday tooimage

    Fiona - Great numbers last month, and a nice looking 21 miles todayimage

    Tek - That looks another tough long run, might try some runs like that when I'm back marathon training in a few months. Well done on winning your mile race, just think how fast you'd have been if you could tie your lacesimage

    Jason - Massive total last month!

    Stewart - Good total for last month, hope the half went well today.

    OH - Hard lines, we all have days where the body doesn't want to play ball (mines usually occur when I have a marathon to run...) I'm sure the next race will be betterimage


    5k recovery run this afternoon. No hangover from yesterday surprisingly so could have done my long run today, but I'd rather watch Arsenal-Spursimage

    Uploaded my run from yesterday onto the computer to see what my garmin thought I ran, and I'm slightly more optimistic that I actually ran 5k yesterday. Seeing as my garmin had me running through a tea shop twice and over a couple of walls...



  • Jason fantastic stats for the month mateimage.

    OH we all have bad days or off days for one reason or another, just keep plugging away.

    Teknik like the long progressive run today and another 20 miles in the bank.image

    Fiona fantastic running and another long run banked. image

    Jim nice runningimage

    Mace great PBimageimageimage hope the hand is ok and the Fizz don't check up on youimage.

    MG1 nice run and just a few miles more than last week image.

    SM6 nice cross country/assault course tea shop running.

    Well went to the Laganside 10k with no expectations of racing just getting the miles in, set off with my mate and ran the first two miles with him at a steady pace where I was able to talk, running without my Garmin I didn't have a clue what pace this was. After about two passed we where passed by a former club mate and that's when my horns came out and the pace picked up. Chatting with him I for a few hundred meters or so before running away from him, I enjoyed the rest of the race running past people to finish strong in 40:07 ok this is some 3 minutes off my PB but at the end of a good weeks training and running my hill yesterday its a step in the right direction at last and no hip pain image


  • Well done guys.  3lbs of blackberries picked and 2 lots of blackberry & cabernet sorbet made & Chris has done an apple & blackberry crumble.  I'll post the sorbet recipes in a separate post.


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