2013 Marathon Thread



  • Well done on run number 2 NP I should have done the same instead of sat here watching Eastenders image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Well its finished now so go nowimage

  • Um Um ..image I did do some weights after my run NP so that nearly counts as a double ...doesn't it ?

  • Night nurse, you did a quality run and rest is also good training image

    NP, good advice and good running today too. Super! CBA left you turbo charged for today image

    OH, sounds like a super run and nice change of weather for you.

    Good man Stuart. Go for it image

    Tek, damn work... Do they not realise you are in training.

    Hi HM4, keep warm. Lulu loves a run and sulks a little when I don't take her image

    A treaddie run in hotel tonight. A few miles of warm up/down and a 5 miles of faster running. Happy enough image
  • Hi NP, Thanks for your words of wisdom, I understand what you are saying and it has some great insight!

    I do know what you mean about longer races being more mental, I don't want to sound naive but I think my mental strength is pretty good!

    I'm completely fine with running while i feel tired, I would have gone and done the interval training session tonight even with my achey bones but I don't want to be foolish and do this when it won't benefit me.

    After listening to the advice here I think taking a few extra rest days this week will actually help me in my training. I'm not just skipping it because i feel tired/lazy because that is not a reason to not run in my eyes, but only if doing so is improving my ability.

  • NP- glad you got out!image That 3000miler was shifting!!!image

    Virex- welcome- I agree with everything NP says- well, on this occasion at leastimage

    mace- P&D is The Wayimage

    Fiona- Nice treadmill sessionimage

    NN- Nice snow free runningimage

    OH- well done on the tropical runimage

    Stuart- well doneimage

    After this morning's aborted effort, icy roads and darkness tonight saw me juggling my sessions and turning to the joys of running 15m on the track...image A bit slippery, but at least it was free of frozen puddles and floodlitimage. Pleased with the run cos it felt really comfortable- just as well as I had to turn the brain off and get into a rhythm to keep my sanity while going round and round and round....image15.01m in 1.42.41 (6.50 av) splits: 7:07 6:41 6:58 6:51 7:05 7:00 6:57 7:04 6:57 6:59 6:38 6:39 6:37 6:36 6:29 3 Woohoo!image



  • Wow.... Takes it to another level Jason image
  • Indeed...image very impressive Jason

    Well done for doing those miles on a treadmill AGF, thankfully I havent had to resort to that yet!!

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Great running Jason. image

    Virex as your in the building phase you can run a bit slower and build a good base of regular miles running more often then your used to, enjoy your first marathon and the training you do. image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Good that you found a safe place to run jason - marginally less boring than the treadmill (although I don't mind either image).

    Great double day NP, I'm still just doing one easy run for my double days.

    Nice running all that got out in the cold (mace, Stuart), snow (Tek), ice (NN - nice 4 miles in the middle!!) brrr!  OH the sky may be blue but it was freezing today - those cold swims must make you tough!!

    Another good day's training AGF. image

    Hope kaz is recovering well.

    4 miles easy this morning then 5.75 miles with the group - 12 hill reps in there so overall pace pretty slow. No snow here at the moment and despite being -3 ice not too bad.

    Hope everyone stays safe on the ice/snow, nightmare to fall and hurt something!


  • NP, you obviously live up to your name, a swim and two seven milers, well done

    Tek, great off roading in the snow, it is so much harder to run in

    NN, good LT at a cracking pace

    OH, probably a good idea going off road avoid slipping on the tarmac

    SM6, hope the 4.6 was not to slippy under foot, well done for the sign up to Lochaber on Friday

    AGF, Good tempo run on the treadie, I hope the weather up here stays relatively ok  I'm not very good on them.

    Jason, Amazing, 15 miles around a track, that is determination of the highest standard

    Fiona, kudos to you those reps are tough, last time I did it with Craigs group I only manage 10 in the time the quicks did 12, well done

    Two runs tonights seperate by 30 minutes, the first was a tempo style run, 4.6 miles with a 1 mile warm up and thre quicker miles, followed by .6 cool down


     The JS run was a little over 5 miles and a little slower but still a tough workout




  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done on last night's running Stewart. We were lucky that it was not icy.

    Another 4 mile easy run this morning.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    SC well done on your runs last night.

    Fiona nice run this morning.

    Just over 13.8 miles in the bank this morning in the rain and sleet.image

  • Well done on everyone's training.  Still horribly cold down here -4.5C this morning (6.45)  & 0C this afternoon (4.45).

  • Stewart- well done on the run

    Fiona- nice 4

    NP- Nice MLR in the usual weatherimage The "leader" on Fetch has got the message, or 20, I seeimage 

    HM4- brrrr!!!!!image

    5m recovery run this morning- not too slippery, but a couple of spots so still being cautious. 10.01m on the track this afternoon with a 5m tempo effort thrown in the middle. This run was scheduled to follow a recovery day, but with me swapping things around because of the ice yesterday it ended up following a swift 15 milerimage. Needless to say, my legs could still feel this and I was a few seconds off pace for some of the tempo miles- still happy enough consideringimage 10.01m in 1.05.08 (6.30av) splits: 7:11 6:56 6:42 6:05 6:07 6:03 6:04 6:00 7:05 6:51 5 In fact, i just realised that this is actually an unofficial PB over 10m- lol! (All my recent 10m races have been over brutal courses!)


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason that's fantastic running and amazing splits when you look at what you ran yesterday.
  • NP-thanks, mate- confidence rising here! image
  • Jason - Great running!

    Fiona - Nice run

    Stewart - Well done

    NP - Good running in those conditions!

    HM - Compared to where you are, its a tropical minus 1 hereimage


    Rest day here, so it was a bit annoying that my new running stuff got delievered this afternoon! Think it's 7.5 miles for me tomorrow.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN nice 9m with a good LT pace yesterdayimage

    HM - eek that's cold

    OH good muddy 11m on the trails

    Stuart well done on the 4.6m and great news re Lochaberimage

    NP nice double y'day and a solid 13.8m today

    AGFAGFA lol and well done on the hotel treddieimage

    Virex enjoy the rest

    Jason awesome 15 y'day and wow what a tempo effort todayimage

    Fiona good session y'day morning and nice easy 4m today

    Stewart 2 good sessions well done


    Brass monkeys here. 2m w/up and w/d and 6.3m 'supposedly' at MP (80 to 83%max).  Was more like 75% with a few spikes uphill.  Happy with the pace (8:41mm). Long run tom (will be -4C).image


  • Teknik's- OMG, image Minus 4 is grim..... Well done on the run and lol at AGFAGFA image

    Snowing here now!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
  • Teknik, nice, I approve the new Monica for AGF, good running in the freezer

    NP, another good run the conditions sounded awful

    Jason, your paces are scary

    Fiona, good recovery run, are you doubling up today

    Another 60 minute plod around Inverness, keeping it easy at just over 11mm, I've decided to switch off the HR alarm on my runs, I'm not enjoying trying to keep the HR down it is not helping as it feels like I'm fighting it, so I'm going to run to paces, but will still monitor HR to make sure I'm not running to fast, my goal for the HM is sub 2hrs, and I think the paces below are suitable.

    LR - 11mm, Steady 9:15mm Tempo 8:50mm - 9:00mm

  • Evening

    Stewart nice running..just go by feel if you aren't enjoying the HR stuff, it is our hobby after all and meant to be our relaxing/thinking time...unless you are doing speed work of course..just enjoy..image

    Jason..you must be the only person who pbs in training ..amazing I love your splits and would be happy with 1 x 6 min mile on its OWN !!

    Nice run Tek and enjoy tomorrow chilly long run

    SM enjoy the new kit ...new trainers was it ?

    NP nearly 14 well done 

     MLR for me  7 on my own then 7 with club..who said they would 9 min mile !!! bit quick towards the end ...as all club runs turned into a race..14 in 2.05

    9.32...9.30...9.29...9.30...9 10 ..9.13...8.55..8.54..8.38..8.57...

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Great MLR there NP. image

    jason another fantastic run and you're back in your rightful place on Fetch! image

    Stuart great to get new gear, always gives the training a boost.

    Well done for getting out in the cold Teknik, always a thought!

    Stewart that sounds sensible on just keeping an eye on the HR but running to pace.

    Another double day Stewart; 12 miles for me tonight av pace just under 8mm. Happy enough with that, legs not feeling quite so fresh as they did on Monday.


  • NN, great run tonight was it meant to be progressive, thanks for the advice,
  • Stewart..well sort of as the last 7 was with running club...and I knew the pace would increase towards the end..it always does...no one wants to be last back to club house do they ? Thats why I took the first 7 on my own..VERY easy..

    I usually go with the 8 - 8.30 group which would have been too fast for MLR

    Fiona..another doubles day ..good going..

  • Awesome running Fiona, hope the legs feel better tomorrow, probably the hill reps last night,

    NN, a good choice to move into another group
  • Hi,

    Fiona- Thanx for asking,  I am recovering slowly.

    Just bn signed off work for another 2 weeks today image I am managing some brisk walking(without my rather large dog as he pulls to much) and some gentle X training. Very sore in evening thou so think I may be trying to do to much. Doctor said today since I have a manual job, that I am likely to be off for 6 weeks and doubt that I can run before then either. That only leaves 8 weeks to train for Paris from practically no base.image

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Good run NN and see what you mean about a race at the end!

    Stewart think you are right. Still a bit tired today but 4 easy miles done and just tonight before my rest day tomorrow! image

    kaz good to hear from you and at least you are headed in the right direction. Looks like Paris will be very much for enjoyment and run to feel. Your health is most important, take care.


  • Stuart,

    It's -2C now so I'll still have to scrap ice of the car in about 20 min.  Dread to think what it's going to be like on the way home, particularly as we're due some snow tonight.


  • Hi Everyone. Rest Day yesterday. I needed it image

    tek - thanks for you proposed new name. Obviously I am nowhere near GFA at the moment - so will stick where I am for now. but come the end of the year you never know image

    Some super medium long runs yesterday guys, and good training in general ( Eg jasons training PB). Keep up the good work. Most of us seem in good form.

    Kaz - Good to hear from you. Best wishes for your recovery. At the very very least have a nice break in paris in April tp look forward too image

    A run this morning and a planned jog with the dog this evening before tomorrows snow  ( Another rest day maybe )

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