2013 Marathon Thread



  • Tek - Good luck for the cold LSR!

    Stewart - Good running

    NN - Nice running, a bit sharp at the end too

    Fiona - Great running

    Kaz - Take care

    HM - The snow we were promised last weekend barely materialised. Snowed for a bit but didn't lie.


    Just in from roughly 7.35 freezing miles (ave. ~9.15). Can't be too exact as my garmin went doolally. Apparently my run included 64 miles of ascent, not sure that's right...image



  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stewart well done on the one hour run. I agree with the pacing you're looking at, btw...

    NN well done on the MLR. Lol at the club pacingimage

    Fiona nice double and great pace on the 12 miler

    (( Kaz ))  It seems like you've had one thing after another for the last 9 months.  Wish you well soon.

    HM hope you're ok

    AGF or DILLIGFA?image Enjoy the Lulu run

    Stuart well done on the 7.35m...looks like you're really getting the hill work inimage


    Well I got round at last to the first long run.  It was -5C when I set out and it is still not higher than -2C now.  17 miles done at av.72% with a pleasingly low amount of drift (HR not snowimage).  Had to stop a couple of times for my inhaler as my asthma was really rattling in the cold. 

  • Well done on everyones training. Slightly jealousimage

    Tek - That exactly how I feel!! Maybe this has been the root cause of everything??

  • Tek,

    I'm fine.


    The snow is here and it's settling where it's dry.

  • Good to hear all is well HM4

    Tek - well done on your first LSR. Especially in the cold. 

    Keep the spirits as hi as you can Kaz. 

    Stuart, I know what you mean about the cold - I did the same. I wore a running buff for the first time = Brilliant. Mouth and nose lovely and warm. 

    Dog run complete - so pleased as that 19+ for the day image 

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Some fantastic running going on peeps Fiona, Jason, AGF,Teknik, Stuart, NN.

    Well done today AGF and Teknik and just for the record AGF why not GFA this time shoot for the stars and if you hit the moon your not far off.image

    Nice to see Jason back at the top but there is one who is gunning for him and it's not me, looks like marigold will be running you down in a week or so mateimage.

    Well double day done, two 7 mile runs and legs a little heavy again, swim and easy run tomorrow with a 10k race on Saturday in the snowimage.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Did you get out before the snow HM4?

    Fantastic mileage AGF. Do you have to try to sneak out of the house without Lulu seeing you when it's a non-doggie run? I use one of those buffs or it's hard to breathe when cold, like my airways are blocked.

    Stuart maybe the Garmin was feeling the cold too!! Good to get the run done.

    Well done on the long run Teknik, take care with the asthma in the cold! 

    6.25 miles for me on the treadmill tonight with 5 miles at 6:55mm pace. Rest day tomorrow! image


  • Nice running, guysimage

    NP- surprised to be at the top, but it's not something i'm going to get involved in chasing. Just focusing on following The Planimage Cut back week for me next week tooimage Nice runningimage

    2x6.5m recoveries for me today. Shiny new Yaktrax at the ready for tomorrow's MLRimage

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Cross post NP - another great double. image

    Marigold must be in training for VLM, jason will soon be as fast!image


  • Fiona- LOL!image I remember Marigold lapping me in the 50k last yearimage

  • Core and strength work tonight in gym pavements snow covered, forecast doesn't look good for weekend running!
  • Too late for JS group tonight but did 4 miles by myself with a cool wind.

    Well done on the training PB JSN image

    Chin up Kaz

    Good running SM6 Tek AGF NP (x2) JSN

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    But you're turbo charged now jason. image

    Hope the snow clears for you all this weekend. None here, assume same with you OH/kaz?


  • Stuart, major gps fail there, good run and pace in the cold

    Tek, well done getting the first long one out of the way, the cold air must play havoc with Asthma

    AGF, good double today,

    NP, some more good doubles, enjot the swim tomorrow

    Fiona, well done getting those miles on the treadie, enjoy the rest day, you deserve it

    MG1, good gym session, sounds like your going to be in there a lot over the weekend

    OH, Agreed the wind is a cold one, what js group do you attend

    Took the 3 mile group out tonight for a little trot around dalneigh, 3.6 miles in 39 minutes, wanted to get 8 in today so went out after and did 4.5m in 48minutes both around 11mm, easy run tomorow night and that will be it for another week.

  • StewartC - Kirkwall JS - just a small group but gets me out on a Thursday evening
    FionaC - no snow here either but 3°C as I came into work this morning

    Rest today (AKA work) but hopefully LSR tomorrow although wind likely to pick up

  • Hope the wind doesn't pick up any more OH, its awful through here and its such a cold wind.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Well done on the training everyone,  especially so in this cold snap. But if we want to get there we have to do it and we're all in it together, yeaaaah image

    The abundance of New Year Res runners seem to have hibernated round my way image

    Nurse - nice LT, and an impressive progressive 9 a la jasond image

    NP - great doubles

    AGF - good to see it's working with the hound image

    kaz - hang in there, you'll be back before you know it

    Stuart - 64miles is some climb image

    jason - MEGA stuff !!! Enjoy the recovery week. I'm sure if i did one of your cut back weeks i'd recover as well .... in HOSPITAL !! image

    MG1 - thumbs up on the core & strength work

    Stewart - how are you finding the HADD stuff now ? Comfortable with the mileage ? Did you do a max test ?

    enjoy the rest OH

    10M GA for me this morning, wind chill made it -8 in places, mainly along the exposed coastline, bitter in places image .... 85mins for bang on 70% image Been trying to do a bit more core & strength work recently, aiming for 3 x 20mins per week.

    Safe running at the weekend folks, be careful in the snow


  • OH, lots of hilly runs around Kirkwall, and in my limited experience it is always windy up there

    A quick question if I may, I've been running in my Mizuno Precision trainers now for over 500 miles, there is hardly a mark on the soles but the uppers have seen better days, last night and this morning my legs feel like they are in bits, around the outer area of the shin, calf's and knees, more so on the left leg, could it just be the trainers.

    I'm going too swap rest days Friday instead of Saturday, give them a chance to recover.

  • Good double there NP. Hows the wrist?

    You too Fiona. Thats good speed from you too. image

    Jason - good to hear your not chasing miles for the sake of it - your training is impressive

    Well done in Getting out OH - especially in a biting wind.

    Core is Important MG - I need to do some !!

    Good running stewart - good to give something back too !! Yes - it could be the trainers. I swap mine evry 400-500 for that reason !!

    Good to hear things are going well Mace - keep up the good work !!

    Snow here today. There was a small amount of snow yesterday that provided a light covering. This means that this morning was sheet ice everywhere - so after about 10 paces the dog realised that this was no longer going to be a run image


  • X-post

    Mace, I've done a few hill reps and a hilly run recently and got the HR up to 188, so I've used that, I've not been enjoying running to HR over the last couple of weeks, seems like I'm fighting it and as a result I'm not relaxing, I'm still keeping the pace slow 11mm and I'm checking the HR after the fact.  I think I'm adjusting to running more miles quite well up from 30+ to 40+ a week, the majority of this is easy.

  • NP,  At the moment my training times etc do not match up to a GFA attempt in brighton. My best recent race times give a Macmillan predictor of 3:19. I need at least 3;15 and i do not convert well over longer distance.  Its also a mind set thing. I am going to "go for it" but that means improving my 3:34 as much as possible. I do not want to be "dissapointed" witha 3:24 should I get it - as that would be a 10 min PB.  That would be crazy to be disapointed. However training times/miles are better than my PB so I am optimistic that I will see a good improvement.  The key to it all is to lose another 1/2 stone between now and race day despite havinga weeks holiday panned in the sun !!

    Fiona, No - I do not sneak out. She has to Learn that I am "top dog" so to speak.  She gets plenty of exercise compared to many dogs and has to learn that sometimes I go out without her image  I do however sit down with her for 5-10 mins before i go out and calm her down ( she lies back down in her basket ) from her initial excitement where she thinks she is going out.  Also if I just disapear then she goes looking for me and gets worried that I have left her. If she she me go then she does not really worry - just sighs and sulks....   ( sorry too much info )

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Stewart - i'd say replace the trainers mate. I think 500M is a sensible replacement milestone especially so if you're getting some niggles. How have you been coping generally with the mileage ?

  • Good, I'm having to stretch and foam roll a lot more, the calves especially apart from that I feel I'm adapting well, with my paces being so slow it does take some time do get the miles in, fortunately I have a understanding partner

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    X-X-post image

    Stewart - you do seem to be building slowly and if you're running all easy then it could well be the trainers need replacing.

    Re HR, maybe that 188 is on the low side which is why you're fighting to keep it down ? I did a max when i started HADD and got to 173 ... 6 months later i hit 181 in a HM. Could make a fair difference to your zones.


    AGF - sent you a message a few days back, don't know if you've seen it ?


  • Another X post

    Mace, you could be right about the HR and it is worth looking into, I think 11mm is about right for my slower runs given my HM time in October 2:03:xx and my goal of getting a sub 2, it will be interesting to review my HR readings running at a given pace over the next few weeks, 

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Mace well done with the cold 10 mile run, not nice out.

    AGF well for what it's worth I think with the increase in miles and base fitness you can do itimage

    Stewart I use the foam roller every day better prevention than cure, also use more than 1 pair of trainers at a time just to allow the cushioning to improve between runs.

    Swim this morning 54x25 m front crawl no change with the wrist.... Weight down just dipping under 11 stone image
  • Thanks for the Confidence NP.   I was hopingto swim today - but gym has closed due to H&S  ( due to snow ) image

  • Fiona,

    I did get out this morning however I got sent home when they found out that the A3M was really bad.  Unfortunately where I live only has 1 main road to get to work.  However there are loads of little country lanes you can use but if the A3M is a struggle then you have no chance with the lanes.


    Well done to everyone getting out running & well done for everyone's other training.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Kaz: Let's hope it's the end of it all nowimage

    HM hope the larder is full!

    AGF great day's total y'day. Shame about the dog run...

    NP well done on the 2 x 7m y'day. Nice swim and impressive weight loss.  Enjoy the race tomorrow!

    Fiona nice treddie sesh. Hope you enjoyed the rest today.

    jason nice recovery runs. Sounds like you're kitted out for the MLR todayimage

    MG well done on the gym work

    OH nice 4 miler...good luck on the LSR

    Stewart well done on the runs y'day; hope you get out tonight.

    mace I'm really impressed with that 70% paceimage


    90 mins hot yoga this morning. 5.15m recovery this afternoon. Snow is settling now; pavement starting to be dodgy but the roads are ok.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Teknik well done for getting out blizzard conditions here so ran an easy 5 km on my treadmill, looking forward to running in the snow tomorrow image trail shoes at the ready.
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