2013 Marathon Thread



  • Mace,

    I'm fine.


    Great photo.  Hope you feel better soon.


    Good luck.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Belated well done on new PB at Frankfurt Tek (sorry, just been busy since I got back) imageimageimage
    XC cancelled today due to flooding. Can't say I'm disappointedimage

  • quick update, I did it 1:49:53 imageimage full report to follow later image

  • Well done StewartC imageimageimage
    That's some speed for swimming image

  • Evening 

    Just had a vey quick scan to see any race results

    Tek sorry I havent been here for a few days congratulatons on  a 15 min PB ! well done, even though it wasnt quite what you wanted still a great time, super pic too, hope you are feeling better soon

    Stuart C well done you you got that sub 1.50, very well deserved...saved by a few seconds, phew !!!

    Last minute decision to race today, and glad I did, I did Bideford 10 mile, out and back course with horrendous head wind coming back, 


    1st fV50 image

  • Good on you NN imageimageimage
    Hopefully not on duty tonight?

  • NN,

    Well done.


    2.44 miles done this morning image .

  • No work tonight  image pizza and chocolate !image 

  • NN - Pizza, chocolate and an F50 win, sounds like a good dayimage Well doneimage

    HM - Good running earlierimage

    Stewart - Well done on the new PBimageimage Easily under 1:50image

    OH - That's not the right attitude to haveimage I'm sure XC would have been great fun...


    11.1 miles @ 10:25 this evening. Reasonable about of hillyness. Felt ok, if a bit cold.

    I'm managed to accumulate 50 miles this week, and I'm not sure how... Can't complain I suppose, legs feel fine. Even managed a couple of gym session in there tooimage

  • no run today, and it felt frustrating staying at home knowing people were running! even worse watching the New York marathon! Eventually I went off swimming, sneaking in a good 48 lengths!

    Not sure how long I'll continue my "resting" streak, might be until Thursday, though it could well be until 6am tomorrow!

  • Did wonder whether I'd rather be running/swimming when lunching out progressed into dress shopping for forthcoming family wedding ...image
    Seriously getting there might actually have been a significant problem this afternoon.
    May get out for run in the morningimage

  • Eddies Half Marathon 2013 Race Report


    Woke up around seven, outside it was blowing a gale and the rain was battering against the window, this did fill me with dread.  Wanting to get to Fort William in good time for registration the family and I set off at nine, which gave me enough time for a decent warm up.  The weather conditions were good if a little cold and windy, but at least the forecast rain was holding off.

    The Race

    After a two mile warm up and chat with the guys we were sent on our way out of the Shinty pitch, the opening two miles were fairly easy with the wind at our back, so I just relaxed letting the legs turn over and not paying too much attention to the pace (8:08, 8:17).  Turning right towards Mallaig, now loosing the benefit of the tail wind, it was time to keep relaxed and not look to get pushed along at too fast a pace, the route ahead was to be run mainly on the pavements until leaving Corpach, I didn’t particular enjoy that and the constant kerb jumping wasn’t helping the hammy, even with that the fourth mile was the fastest of the race for me (8:12, 8:05).  Oh how the memories were flooding back from the marathon back in April, long stretches of straight road rising gradually into the distance followed by long slow descents, as always the views were stunning along the loch side, and the traffic wasn’t too bad (8:26, 8:13).  Not long to the turn watching the quick’s stream past on the opposite side of the road, I enjoyed this section of the race, seeing fellow Joggies and Harriers going by, exchanging encouragement as we passed, also knowing the turn wasn’t too far away helped to (54:10).  Now on the return leg it was time to maintain pace as well as possible and not let the negative thought take hold, the next two miles were tough I was struggling to close the gap on a group in front, I thought the company would help (8:28, 8:33), I was getting a little concerned that the pace was dropping too far below goal pace, handy the next mile had a descent, picking up the pace again before entering back into Corpach (8:12).  Another tough mile ahead but I managed to pass the small group on the incline, I could tell they were slowing just a bit more than me (8:38).  Just a parkrun too go, a little descent out of the village helped push the pace back into the right zone, but it was a struggle, the legs were feeling fatigued now I was just focusing on the runners ahead, trying to keep the work rate up (8:22).  Two miles to go, shortly after the marker I turned back into the wind and everything was now getting a little harder (8:26), only a mile and a bit to go, and the hardest and slowest mile of the race, not only the wind to deal with there was a nasty little hill to climb, I really was at a low ebb here, I started to promise myself, you don’t have to race a 10k next week if you get your but moving! (8:40), Passing the final marker I could hear the crowd at the shinty pitch, turning onto the park, I pick up the pace and managed sprint, well it felt like one to me, crossing the line in 1:49:53, almost two minutes faster than the time I got at Nairn.

    Absolutely delighted, can’t believe I managed to pull it off.

  • NN well done a wise choice and a 1st image

    SM6 good run and great mileage, never done that much in a week before but will plan to in the new year

    Stewart excellent run in tough conditions and great PB to go with it , you should be pleased image
  • IJ,

    I did start to watch that however as there didn't appear to be any British people in it switched over to the cycling.


    Well done.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Stewart - congrats on a well deserved result image

    Nurse - well done on 1st V50 image

  • Mace, looks like the base building phase is going well, which P&D plan are you going to follow

    Tek, get well soon, and loving the pic

    SM, good running this weekend, I felt the same after my tempo run last week, and you're not long after an illness, have faith I'm sure you can run well, great totals for the week by the way,

    AGF, nice long run, and hope it goes well in India, enjoy the treadie runs

    Fiona, good to see that the injury is improving, stay patient and you will be back running properly soon

    MG, well done the long run sounded tough good pace to,

    HM, well done on your run yesterday

    OH, shame about the XC, I would have prefered the aqua run image

    NN, congrats on your first place great time too, the pizza and chocolate is a fair reward for your efforts image

    IJ, remain patient no point extending the stay on the bench


    Probably an easy run this evening, the legs don't feel to mashed so the recovery shouldn't take too long, I'm not sure if I'll do the 10k on Saturday, will see how it goes during the week

  • well done StewartC, good result!

    gym tonight; I left my garmin at home so definitely no run! Also on Day 4 of a plank and squats challenge, so it'll be good to do some weights and stretches on top of that!

  • Great report Stewart, a fab time on what sounded like a tough day.

    I spent all afternoon on the NYC tracker. One of the girls I run with was 2nd GB lady and 67th lady overall. So very, very proud of her. image

    Well done NN, nice win.

    Legs really feel the weights session I did yesterday morning which shows how poor my strength is.


  • Good report StewartC
    Yep shame about the XC especially as I'll miss the rescheduled race.
    14.1 for me this morning taking in a few hills. Dry above the knees.
    Don't think I could have done another 16 todayimageimage

  • Just read the feature on the Harriers site, amazing time and the splits were so consistent throughout, the girls did good down at fort bill too, Sarah finished first lady 8th overall, amazing time too, a great weekend for the Harriers

  • Stewart - Great race report, well done. I take it the route is the same as the marathon just not as far down towards Glenfinnan, obviously? Assuming so, that wee climb at the end is a nightmareimage Suppose it would be slightly easier at 12.5 miles than 25.5.image

    I had a quick look over the results and seen that one of my parkrun rivals ran 92:50, I though he'd have went a wee bit faster than that.

    Fiona - Well done on the weights.


    2 x 2.5 miles with a quick gym session in between. Legs may feel heavy later...

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    AGF nice 15 miler !  Hope the hotel gyms are air-connedimage

    Fiona well done on the turbo and weights, and congrats to your team mateimage

    MG nice brisk 16 miler in the wind

    HM thanks, well done for getting out on the run

    OH thanks - shame abut the weekend's XCimage but great running this morning!

    Stewart excellent result !!imageimageimage and great reportimage

    NN great running from you too, well done on the FV 1stimage

    Stuart well done on the 11 miler, and great total for the week. Nice gym sandwich today.

    IJ enjoy the rest from running


    Finally felt well enough to venture out this morning - 3m easy, pace and HR not as bad as I feared.image

  • Well done guys.

  • Tek good news that you are back at it.

    SM6 nice sandwich of training

    OH well done on the 14 image

    Fiona well the weights will hurt a little but you will soon get that strength back

    9 m @ 8.33 tonight, nice, cool and little wind image invested in new Saucony jacket with flashing lights built in , looked like a running xmas tree image
  • StewartC - have you seen these pictures (Culloden)?


  • Good photos Stewart. image What shoes were you wearing?

    MG1 image that made me smile!

    OH that's a good hilly run not surprised you couldn't do more!

    Stuart well done on the gym session.

    Teknik good to hear you are on the mend - take it easy.

    Went to my first body balance class last night after a short treadmill run (4 min, 5 min and 6 min with 1 min walk breaks) got a fit of the giggles at the quiet bit at the end. Tried to hold it in but not very successful! image


  • OH, hope you have dried out after your run yesterday, shame that you will miss the xc, and I have seen the photos, glad I've got my go faster haircut before Sundayimage

    SM, yeah it is the same route, I'll need to find some routes that are similar in profile for my long runs this winter, well done with the run and gym work

    Tek, glad you're feeling better well done getting out and good to see the HR wasn't too elevated

    MG, another good run, better to be seen than sorry, I'm awaiting a new headtorch the one I've got some of the LED bulbs went pop

    Fiona, Sauchony Kinvera 3's, only a 4mm drop so I have introduced them slowly into my runs since the marathon, lol at the giggles, I always worry that I'll fall asleep, how did you find the rest of the class


    4 miles very easy last night, only managed to record the last two miles due to a garmin failure, kept the HR below 75% averaged 70% but is was slow


  • FionaC - but I seem to have managed to enter the Tigh Na Bodach 50k ultra (Glen Lyon) image on 30 November so will have to manage a few more miles ...image

  • OH, nice touch dry sock at half way, can't load the route map at work so I'll check it out once home, found a pic at 2 miles taken by a fellow joggie at th 2 miles before turning up towards nairnside



  • Morning,

    Stewart great race report, seems like we were all battling head winds on sunday....DONT TALK ABOUT KINVARAS !!!!! mine went in the bin, I think I did too much too soon, remember my tendonitis ? take care in them Stewart they are evil image

    OH 50k  , good luck with that, I look forward to the loooooong race report !

    Fiona, body balance/pilates all good for the core, I have been doing it regularly for 6 months now, and can feel the difference, same with the upper body weight classes I have been doing, I felt really strong battling into the head wind on Sunday, the condition were similar last year,its the nature of the course and I was 2 mins faster this year, I didnt fade in the final miles....keep up the BB

    MG1 love the sound of that jacket, I want one !! nice running

    Tek take it easy xx

    SM6 well done on the run and gym session, great mileage lately.

    Weights/cardio class with evil instructor this morning ..followed by nice gentle pilates



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