2013 Marathon Thread



  • Well done to everyone for some absolutely terrific Running.  I think the vast majority of folk did some terrific Long running.  No only am I impressed with the long runs - but the speed people are running at in training seems superb - especially when they are doing speed work midweek too.

    In particular Fiona and NN training seems to see them training at speeds and distances that indicate that they are on track to blitz their marathon PB's. mace looks like he will have a storming at his first Marathon. Tek is building well after injury. NP & Jason are running times and distances that I cannot imagine in training and are on track for excellent runs to beat PB's too. Everyone Else, ( OH, Stewart, Stuart etc) are also putting in the miles and looking good. 

    I am pleased with my last few weeks training, but if truth be told - I am far to slow, have been doing very limited speed work and eating too much.  I think I now need to get some speed in the legs and if that means reducing the mileage so be it.  That said - I did a 10 Mile bumble in the countryside this morning with Lulu. She loved it and it was enjoyable. So maybe some intervals when i am away with work this week..... we will see how that goes.  Oh yes And I need to get another 20 under the belt next weekend as I have only done 1 so far !!

    keep up the good work folks.....Hopefully we will have a good Spring image


  • Snow now falling but not settling ...

  • A cute video for you ......Lulu out in the snow with the wife !!! ... image


    ( sorry for the self indulgence )

  • NN - Well done on the 20, nice low HR tooimage

    NP - Good swimming

    AGF - Still plenty of time before your marathon to get more 20s and speedwork in. You're well ahead of me, and I think we're running the same day.


    Sounds wild outside today, glad I ran yesterdayimage  I'll do 6 or 7 miles tomorrow evening I think.

  • AGF - there's a reason I don't post my training times image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    AGF now you have the miles up start adding some more speed before you drop the miles you will be amazed what you can do even if it's a tempo or 1 mile intervals with 3 min recovery. You have nothing tp loose.image Also great running yourself looks like Lulu is so full of energy.

    SM6 Enjoy your run tomorrow night.

    Just over 6 miles in the bank recovery run with 90% of the pace faster than my 20 yesterdayimage legs feeling ok again.



  • AGF- thanks. Tempo runs are the key now, rather than raw speed IMHO. Lulu looks full of beans!image

    NP- well done on the fast recovery runimage

    2 recovery runs here for 13.25m today, followed by sports massage. Just took great pleasure in turning off the 5.30 running alarm for tomorrow- only 1 run on Tuesday this week, being a recovery weekimage 

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Jason enjoy your sleep in.

  • Nice easy 5 miles recovery run round the streets and parks of Harrogate in snow again , quite enjoyable to run somewhere new.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    AGF you are running really well, you've built up the miles and can get a few faster runs in, plenty of time and you have a great base! When you said you were eating too much I stopped and looked at my massive bowl of spag bol! image But finished it. image I'll try just to have one choc tonight. Love how Lulu bounds before she grabs her toy!

    NP another great 'easy' day! A good recovery after yesterday's long run.

    jason I always waken at the early time even when I switch the alarm off, it's really annoying! Hope you get a good rest.image

    Nice to get a change of scenery MG1.

    6.25 miles for me tonight on the treadmill. Blowing a gale out there but no snow (yet). Just an easy/progressive one tonight. 


  • NN, Another greater run and you must have been a little tired after three night shifts

    OH, only a few flakes of snow here today, but the wind is strong and blustery

    Carter, How's the marathon training coming along

    Mace, hope you find a suitable stretch to run on tomorrow

    AGF, Your dog is lovely, a bundle of energy

    SM6, I hope you enjoyed the rest day

    NP, good swim and run today, the cold bath is something I thought about.....but have always decided against it image the tea however sounds appealing

    Jason, Enjoy the recovery week, that will be about 90 miles thenimage

    MG1, good run, it is nice just to get out there and enjoy it

    Fiona, Good runs today the wind make it feel so cold.

    Tonight's was a 60 minute, just over 5 miles recovery run, it was very windy and cold, but I got it done none the less, I was almost tempted to doing the run on the treadie at the sports centre, but as it was dry I battled the elements instead.

    Stats for the run

    60mins, 5.26mm, @11:27, avgHR 135(71%)


  • Fiona- I will wake up- but I won't get up! image

    Stewart- nice running! image About 90m? Umm... Thereabouts image
  • Carter,

    It's still pretty evil.  Parts are sheet ice and on the way home tonight one of the roads had black ice on it & unfortunately it's the main road into town from the A3M.


    When it's safe I will be straight out there.  I'm itching to get out now - always a good sign image!


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    wow 2 pages to catch up on...

    Mace thanks. Still have to be careful with the knee. Well done on finishing week 6

    NP monster 20 miler y'day. Good swim and recovery 6 today

    Jason well done on your 20 miler too; that's a fine week's total. Nice recoveries today, and enjoy the lie in...

    Stuart well done on y'day's 15 miles; good week's total

    Stewart good progressive 12.5m y'day and solid 5 miler today

    Fiona nice recovery and well done on the treddie this evening

    OH cold baths are strictly for the summer, in my book...

    MG well done on the 5 miler

    Ksizzlepod there's a few HR slaves on here - good starting point is here http://www.fetcheveryone.com/article-view.php?id=434

    NN fab 20 miler and well done on the HR improvement.image

    HM glad you're looking forward to getting out there again

    Carter welcome

    AGF great 10 miles with Lulu - loved the vidimage


    3 runs today - recovery in the morning, then 3 miles to yoga, an hour's yoga (new class), and 3 miles home again. Total 9.5m, all fine...

  • Fiona C, yes enjoyed the change of scenery but pavements were a bit risky, good running through the snow though in the parks, good run of yours on the treadmill.

    Stewart C nice little run in the elements tonight.

    Teknik nice days running and stretching for you.
  • First snow settled - maybe get out this afternoon?
  • Tek,

    Thanks & well done to you.


  • macemace ✭✭✭

    3 runs is just showing off, Tek  image

    Stuart - some improvement there ?

    Fiona - 6.5M on a tready is about 6M more than i can cope with image.

    Snow is thawing round here though still a bit slippery in parts and some really sneaky ice cold slushy deep bits image

    Headed out this morning for the scheduled 10M w/5 @ HM pace. Had to drop my niece off last night so drove around a bit trying to find some decent stretches but there was nothing really cleared enough to give me confidence.

    On top of that, i've had a few twinges ( knee and calf ) since the weekend runs in the snow - i think it's probably due to the miles i did off road/cross country and probably just generally running in snow. So i ended up playing it by ear.

    Did the 10, but only got about 2M in ( 2 x 1M ) at around HM intensity. And much of that was trying to run on the better parts of the road while avoiding traffic so not really an enjoyable run at all.

    I think i'm probably going to take this week a bit easy and stick to around 70% HRmax as i think that's what my body parts are asking for. Especially so as it will be my biggest week @ 68M with a first ever 20 ( 21M image ) on Sunday.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    MG thanks; hope you find some safe parks up there

    HM thanks

    mace lol.  It's not easy getting the tempo runs in at the moment. 


    6.77m in the snow/slush today at 70%max (which worked out at 9mm downhill on the path, 10mm uphill through an ankle-turning cow field)image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Mace well done on the 68 mile week don't worry to much at this stage about hitting every intensity.

    Teknik well done on your 6.77 off road cow field runimage

    Was to do 7 miles with 5 at Tempo this morning but with more snow falling during the night and during the run I changed this to 10 miles with 3 at MP which was still hard to hit in the snow, out later for a short recovery run.
  • Just in from first run (slow plod) in snow this year - 11 miles including our local hill with track covered in virgin snow.
    Biting cold wind made it less pleasant in parts and the snow covered a variety of hazrds beneath.
    I did (unusually) have a mobile with me today but thought did go through my mind on the off road stuff whether I should also have taken a survival bag. In the event of an immobilising injury, it would be a while before anyone found me.imageimage
    Now back in front of open fire with cup of tea image

    Tek mace NP good to get out
    hope you take the 21 in your stride this weekend mace

    Seriously not safe to do any tempo workimage- we've got some sheet ice hidden under fresh snow too

  • Hi all. Well done on today's and yesterday's runs in the snow. Really good work and dedication. I felt cnba earlier but read the thread and thought bugger ... Best do something. Ran 5 miles tempo (7.07) and then 800metres at 6:40 so pleased I did it and thanks for posting your dedication.

    Glad you liked the video. She's part of family now. Also thanks for comments on doing some speed workimage

    Keep fitimage
  • 3 runs Tek! Well done. Reminds me of my 4 on Christmas Eve so i could have Christmas Day offimage

    mace- the others are right- building the miles is the main priority at this stage- well doen on the milestone week (in advance!)

    OH- well done on the adventure- glad you got back okimage

    AGF- I like your idea of "Best do something"!!!! LOL! Excellent running thereimage

    Only 1 run for me  today: 10.21 very easy paced miles- it's my recovery weekimage

  • 8.05 mile trundle for me tonight, probably should have run a bit faster. Can barely feel my fingers...

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Never got out for an easy 4 miles people came to look at the house image fingers crossed. Will ad a bit extra on to tomorrow's MLR image

    OH well done on your 11 miles.

    AGF well done on the speed all you need to do is extend the 800 m

    Jason nice 10 mile run mate.

    SM6 well done on your cold run.
  • Tek, another controlled run, good triple yesterday

    Mace, you're right to listen to the body, impressive totals for the week too

    NP, some more good running today, in tough conditions

    OH, that is a good point I never thought about getting hurt out in the wilds, hope you have finally defrosted,

    AGF, great session well done

    Jason, hope your enjoying the recovery week, you'll be back to triple digits next week

    SM6, good run has the feeling returned to the fingers

    JS tonight, a two mile run down to the sports centre, took the three mile group, introduced them to stratherrick hill, didn't here to much cussing, then a three mile run home, nice easy running tonight, will be a harder session tomorrow, 6*1m with 3min recoveries.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done on last night's run Stewart, were you at js tonight?

    Nice easy run jason, you really deserve this recovery week!

    HM4 hope it clears for you soon.

    Nice running Tek - 3 runs and yoga is good going. image Sounds a tough run today too.

    mace good that you got 10 done despite it not being best conditions. High mileage too! image

    NP another good days running, all this snow running must have same strength effect as XC! image

    OH nice running and sounds ideal being in front of the fire! Not much snow here, hope we have missed it.

    AGF you've been putting in the miles, well done for getting out. This thread also inspires me to get going. image

    Stuart hope you've defrosted.

    Cold here tonight too. Did 4m easy in the morning the an interval session tonight, 6.5 miles. Then weights. Home late via the supermarket so tomorrow's early start will be a tired one.image




  • NP- careful playing catch up, mate..... image

    Stewart- nice running/ leading image Yes, back to triple digits next week and building miles and pace- but going to enjoy this week while it lasts image Good luck with the speedy session tomorrow image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Fiona another great double days training.

    SC good nights training enjoy your speed work tomorrow.

    Jason I will only be adding 1 or 2 miles to the MLR of 13 so not muchimage
  • Good man, NP

    Nice double, Fiona image

    Right, bedtime- and no morning run image
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