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    Like others have mention, reading this AND the P&D thread really inspires and encourage me to get out the door when I don't feel like it, at least I have been able to do every run in the schedule so far without having to resort to a treadmill like some of you.

    Fiona, a good days training, you seem to get doubles done on a regular basis, very impressive

    Jason enjoy your well earned recovery week..

    NP you seems to slog out every session in very bad weather gritty running, inspirational indeed..

    AGF , I loved the clip of lulu..what energy she has..fantasic..

    Tek 3 runs.!!! .well done you..

    Recovery week in the P&D schedule..ONLY 55 miles image

     Nice easy 8.2 miles with a few strides in 71 mins , very cold and windy with light snowfall, the first for us here..



  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Nice easy run NN and I noticed that you have done really well sticking to the schedule. Great to get an easy week.

    4 miles easy again this morning and not as creaky as last Wednesday after the run and weights. image Planning my MLR later. -4 this morning so might be 2 pairs of gloves tonight!

    Hope the weather is improving for everyone.


  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    No improvement here, Fiona!

    Just got sent home early due to sudden and heavy snow- and it was touch and go getting the car up my hill! Looks like I'll get to try out the Yaktrax on today's run!
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason hope you enjoyed your sleep inimage

    NN well done on the easy run in the light snow, funny you said you get inspired by the training threads I think it's great and has the same effect on myself it's great for motivation the way everyone supports each other.

    Fiona well done on your first run of the day after last nights run and weight session.

    I got the OH to drop me off in Belfast again with two hats on and two pairs of gloves, for the first and last couple of miles there was ice under foot so I ran most of the 13.5 miles at or around MP image
  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Enjoy the recovery week Nurse - i spent most of mine (last week) stressing about snow, as i'm sure most did.

    Hope it warms up on the MLR Fiona image

    jason, i'd be interested to know what you think of the Yaktrax as i was contemplating getting some myself.

    14M MLR this morning and i was shocked to see so much clear pavement. Not complaining though, and the run was much more enjoyable than yesterday's 10M dodging traffic / sliding about. Ran it a bit easier than i normally do and felt good.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    NP x-post, totally agree ; when i wake at 5am i always look on here and have a read which makes it easier to head off out the door in the dark.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Splits for today's run: 8:20 7:42 7:11 6:49 6:26 6:25 6:23 6:32 7:30 7:14 6:45 7:33 8:14 5:07 very happy to get some pace into a run this week image
  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    Mace- nice 14 miler image

    Nice running, NP image

    Off out in a bit- nothing like as fast for me- loads of fresh snow now.... image
  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    Waiting a while on second thoughts- just until the white-out conditions pass..... image
  • Hi just got up..

    Fiona , yes I have managed to do every session so far..only had to shuffle things around a bit over Christmas and new year,as I said  fortunately the weather isn't quite as bad in this part of the SW as in many other areas.

    Jason I used yaxtrax a couple of years ago great aren't they once you get confidence in them, sounds like you have alot of snow to contend with today image

    NP nice run.. I too wear 2 hats but one of them is a swim cap..image.seriously really toasty.

    Mace nice ML run..

    12 miles for me later

  • jason djason d ✭✭✭

    NN- Hope the 12 went well. Today was my first run in yaktrax- i now LOVE THEM!!!image

    13m ML run done and dusted- hard work through blizzard conditiomns. Fun not worrying about pace and uneventful ..... until 2m from home when I stopped to watch a Transit van coming down a back road hill, thick with snow, fail to make the bend, mount the bank and land on its side! Had to clamber on top to open the door to help the driver out. Luckily, no apparent injuries and he was more concerned about his van - what a plonker!!image Left him with some onlookers to wait for the ambulance I got them to phone to check him over. Only problem was, when I ran up the hill to the van, I forgot to start my Garminimage

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    lol jason

    When i read the word "plonker" it made me think of Only Fools n Horses and i imagined you arriving on the scene of the van crash in your running gear like Del and Rodders in their batman and robin gear.

    Rescued the van driver then ran off into the blizzard image


    I'd imagine, as Nurse says, the Yaktrax are great once you have confidence in them ...

  • Jason. A local white knight. Good for you fella. Good deed done. Well done on your MLR.

    Nice running too NP.

    Thanks NN, hope your run went well

    It seems today is MLR day... Well done Mace - top work. I laughed at you vision of Jason.

    Fiona, hope yours goes well too.

    A cut back week for me this week as last weeks cut back did not happen. Hence only 8 today... But I mixed the 8 up a bit !! image
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    NN hope your MLR went ok.

    Jason well done on the 13m run and for stopping for the plonker, a couple of years ago I was called out in near blizzard conditions I had 360 blues on the Fire car flashing head lights, two tones and snow chains on, in fact they where on for near on three weeks. I was going as fast as I thought was safe for the conditions as some idiot passed me only for me to pass him about a mile up the road, when he went off road........

    AGF well done on the mixed speed session.
  • Fiona,

    So do I.  I was hopeful today as it was 1C getting into the car at 7am however we had snow/sleet on the way home and it's going to be -2C tonight (the warmest it's been recently).


    Sounds like it brought some excitment to the run - hope the driver recovers quickly.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NP nice 10 miler in the snow, and today's 13.5m at those splits looks like a tough day out!

    OH well done on slugging through the 11 miles

    AGF nice tempo yesterday, and well done on today's 8m

    Jason LOL at the van story.  Was it this time last year you were throwing yourself into the hedgerow to stop in the ice...enjoy the Yaktraximage

    Stuart well done on that cold 8 miler

    Stewart nice running with the JS group. Hope the 1m intervals go ok...

    Fiona nice double with intervals yesterday, and well done in the cold this morning

    NN nice easy 8 miles.  First snow!!  image Hope the 12 goes ok

    mace good running with the 14 miler. Lol at the Delboy vision...

    HM hi


    I went out for an easy 3m this morning in case everyone CBAd on the club run tonight. 

    Of course, everyone CBAd because it's icy in patches here, so I ran on my own tonight. It was supposed to be a 6 mile subLT (MP) run, but it was too scary, plus I could only find 2 miles of safe road, then I turned home.  So 4m at 75%max rather than MP, and 7.7m for the day. 


  • Rest day for me.

    I once saw a similar accident through my car mirror with truck hitting the verge and turning over on its side. Driver unharmed. It was later written up in local paper as driver having taken evasive action to avoid a bus (I saw no other vehicle!)

  • HI

    I have a place in the 2013 VLM, and I am not a long distance runner - in fact I am not a runner of any sort lol 

    However I have been training hard and on Sunday I reached 14 miles in 2 hours 17mins - so my question is as a none long distance runner is this time okay ?

    And also when I am in the marathon will it be okay to run and walk ?



  • jason djason d ✭✭✭
    Ag- yes to both! image
  • Back now fed , showered and warmed up..

    Tek better to be safe than sorry ..still some nice miles for the day and  yes we have been quite lucky here quite heavy cold rain/sleet, tonight but not cold enough to freeze just yet and still no snow to speak of, we seemed to suffer more than most a few weeks ago with the flooding

    Jason that's your good deed for the day, how annoying that you forgot to reset garmin, I hate it when that happens...how did we ever manage without themimage ?

    AGF enjoy the cut back week, if I tell someone at work I have only run 8 miles they look at me as if I am mad and say "what do you mean ONLY 8 ??'

    One of those fab runs when everything seemed to go right, it was very cold, wore 2 pairs of tights, once I get going i see to run really well with low HR the colder it is !! more oxygen in the air apparently !!

    12 MILES 1 hour 45

    9.20..9.06..8.49...8.56...8.52.. 8.46...8.53...8.44...8.36..8.36...8.32..8.29..
    AVE HR 74.9% 


  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Welcome APG and agree with jason. image

    Sounds like a really adventurous run jason and tough - snow and hills!! image 

    Great MP running NP, you're really flying and still 12 weeks to go! image

    You did a quality 8 AGF. Good to mix up the training. image

    Nice forward planning Teknik, more miles in tough conditions.

    Good to get a rest day OH.

    13 miles for me, av pace 7:23mm. Felt ok but 26.2 miles at this pace will take a lot more training! Just as well there's 12 weeks to go! image The legs felt the intervals and weights from last night.




  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Cross post NN, fantastic MLR for you. I've not worn 2 pairs tights for a while - normally it's the ski thermals beneath the tights. Nice! image


  • NN, 55 miles for a recovery week image, good 8 miler last night, and a good consistent pace for a low HR,

    FionaC, good double runs again, with the way your training is progressing you'll manage it,and it is all the more impressive on the back of a tough interval session

    NP, another good run in tricky conditions, 

    Mace, glad the run felt better today,

    Jason, an eventful run, must have slammed on the brakes and went straight on, 

    AGF, sounds like an enjoyable run enjoy the cutback week

    HM4, have you managed to get out yet

    Tek, nice easy double, better to be safe than sorry, a fall could put you on the bench for a while

    OH, the local rag using a little creative license to make the accident seem more than it was, hope you have enjoyed the rest

    APG, welcome

    Tonight's run was my first attempt at longer intervals, training for my last HM I did 800 repeats, today it was time to do some 1 mile repeats.

    The session consisted of 2m wu 1m cd and 3min recoveries between reps

    split times for the reps are:

    8:34, 8:37, 8:22, 8:33, 8:36, 8:40 HR163-166 (86%-89%)

    totals for the whole run: 10.7m 1:42:20 @ 9:35 avgHR 155(82%)


  • Some fine running the past couple of days guys. Especially given the conditionsimage

    10.3 miles slow just done. Felt slightly tougher than I expected, but it's probably because I done it straight after work. Tempo run tomorrow morning.

    Hope everyones training goes well todayimage

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    NN Great running well done for getting it done before workimage.

    Fiona with another 12 weeks still to go your also flying, great splits for your runimage

    SC Well done with the mile interval session, I plan on doing another one next week last time was Christmas dayimage

    SM6 Nice MLR enjoy your tempo run tomorrow.image

    Well went out and did just over 10 miles this morning nice and steady got an appointment at the hospital later this afternoon and will get out after that for a short recovery run.image


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    OH hope you enjoyed the day off

    APG - like Jason saidimage

    NN fantastic splits for that nice low HR!!

    Fiona wow speedy 13 miler - super paceimage

    Stewart 6 x 1m repeats is a monster session! Well done indeed

    Stuart nice 10.3 miles. Good luck on the fast session tomorrow

    NP good 10 miler. I was going to ask - how is the arm?


    I got my long run in this morning. 18 miles, very icy in parts, so I gave up slipping around the park trail and played chicken with the cars on the road.  9:31 av pace and a tad over 70%max HR. 

  • Stuart/Stewart/NP and Tek. Some superb running there. Well done to you all.

    A few dog strolls for me today. That's all image resting... image
  • Stewart,

    It's finally getting better so maybe tomorrow.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Stewart 6 mile reps is a tough session, well done!

    Stuart well done getting the run done when tired.

    How is the arm NP? Nice steady run there.

    Gosh be careful Teknik, falling on ice or playing chicken with cars - tough choice! image Nice long run.

    Enjoy the recovery week AGF.image

    6 easy miles for me tonight. Almost didn't go as it's been a long day but very pleased I did. image


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Teknik great long run well done image

    AGF you not take Lulu for. A short jogimage

    Fiona well done for getting out image

    After sitting in the hospital all afternoon and then getting stuck in rush hour traffic I gave the 4 mile recovery run a miss as CBAimage
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