2013 Marathon Thread



  • SM6, well don for getting out there when you're feeling tired

    NP, another good double, hope the appointment at the hospital went well

    Fiona, well done for getting out when you didn't feel up to it, were you at JS last night?

    Tek, it is amazing that most are getting out in the snow and ice over the last week, we have been very fortunate not to have any here

    AGF, I hope you enjoyed your rest day image

    HM4, Hope you get out today image

    A four mile recovery run with JS last night, conditions were good, decided not to have another run after session, after the night's before effort, the legs were feeling fine but I thought they would appreciate an easier day

    4m 45mins @11:11mm AVG142(74%) 

  • Stewart - Nice run, and wise to give the legs an extra rest now and again.

    Fiona - Well done on getting out

    Tek - Nice long run

    NP - Good running


    Change of plan for me today. We have lying snow for the 1st time this morning, so decided to do recovery run to the gym, then weights. That ended up with me walking a mile and a half after coming to the conclusion that I was putting in too much effort (HR was over 160, for well over 11 minute miles), and I didn't really fancy falling either. I really hope it rains heavily tonightimage

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Did not get to JS last night Stewart, not finished at the hairdressers til 7:30! I did go to the Leisure Centre to change then just ran round town for a bit.

    Stuart shame about the snow, none here yet!

    A rest day for me. image 


  • Enjoy your rest day Fiona. Rest is the underated part of training image

    I know what you mean about treacherous conditiona Stuart - ice here is awful - snow that has tired to slush and frozen = skating rink !!

    Well done Stewart. 

    At least you made up for your cba witha swim today NP image I decided to walk yesterday and let Lulu do all the running image

    However I have just taken her out for a lunchtime jog around the racecourse. Lovely. Did an hours running earlier today too. However not doing too much as I seem to have a head cold. It will pass I am sure !!

    Enjoy your weekend running folks !

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM hope you got out today

    Fiona thanks...nice easy run last night. Hope you enjoyed the rest day.

    NP hope the arm's ok

    Stewart well done on the easy run

    Stuart sounds like a tough slog in the snow.  Hope the weights session went better...

    AGF nice running - hope you shake the cold quickly


    Sports massage and 90 mins hot yoga this morning, followed by a 4 mile recovery run.  Looks like more snow here tonight...image

  • Stewart & Tek

    Sadly no as I spent most of the day on the phone trying to sort out a delivery for hubby's new laptop as UPS/Apple screwed up!  The laptop is now due to be delivered either Monday or Tuesday.  I really hope it's going to be Monday as Chris has this day off as it's our first wedding anniversary.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • First of weekend's socialising tonight then plan is for swim and LSR tomorrow before nexr round of socialising.
    3 leaving dos this weekend - all for the same person - reflecting her various roles!
    Rained today and all snow now gone again


    NN FionaC NP Tek good MLRs Wed/Thu followed by some shorter (recovery) runs Tek AGF FionaC SM6 StewartC. Seems to be a pattern here

  • Gym session with trainer this morning, looking forward to my long run tomorrow but pavements are dangerous as they have turned to solid ice, hopefully the canal paths are better! More snow forecast tonight just to add to it all, bring on the thaw..
  • MG1,

    That's the same with the paths round me which still have ice on.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    SC easy day recovery for you nice image

    SM6 it's a lot harder running in the snow, hope you get rain soon, a few floods here now it's melting on the high ground.

    Fiona hope you had a nice recovery day image

    Teknik for some reason I get the this picture of naked people doing this hot yogaimage

    HM4 sorry to hear you haven't been able to get out.

    OH you need a medal swimming in the sea in this weatherimage

    MG1 enjoy your long run hope the snow stays away.

    Well lots of rain here, swam 1 mile this morning which included kicking drills then a recovery run this afternoon in the lovely warm rainimage as for the wrist the hospital is arranging some physio and I'm back on the 7th March, not sure if that will work as I have been doing as much as I can myself and its still bloody painful.
  • Well still no snow here just more cold rain...image off schedule today for the first time image instead of MLR 11 miles I did a very easy 8.5 as I am bringing this weeks LSR forward to tomorrow so I can run with my club, they are doing 16, and I know it will be nearer my marathon pace rather than my LSR pace (that's why I don't run with them often) no one seems to be able to stick to the suggested pace and if I don't keep up I get lost !!! it will be good hard run though, to get me out of my comfort zone imageimage



  • Fiona - Hope you enjoyed the rest day

    AGF - Well done on get out with the dog

    Tek - Hope you the weather hasn't gotten worse down your way!

    OH - Swim must have been a bit cold this morning!

    MG - Good work on getting to the gym, hope the LSR goes well today

    NP - Nice swimming

    NN - Good luck with the quick long run 


    8.3 miles inc/ 26.26 parkrun. How I kept upright during that in an absolute miracle...

    Gym soon, and weekly weigh in.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM did it snow again down there?  Froze overnight here...

    OH sounds like a heavy weekend training image

    MG well done on another gym session...take care out there...

    NP sorry to hear the arm's still painfulimage

    NN nice easy 8.5. Hope you survive today's Long Fast Runimage

    Stuart well done on 8.3 including the ice-skating.  Hope the weigh-in goes well...

    Jason - are you ok?


    2m warm up then 6m trail run with the club. Really icy and slippery.  Hopefully it's going to rain later, which will clear the roads for tomorrow's club race.image

  • Tek,

    No.  It's nearly perfect winter running weather for me!  Sunny & 3C.  It could have done with being a bit warmer however you'd expect me to say that.


    Well done guys.  1.27 miles in the bag for me this morning.  Depending on weather tomorrow (and how my legs feel as I did run a bit too quickly) may do 2 miles.

  • HM4, well done on getting out hopefully that will be the worst of the bad weather image
  • Stewart,

    Hope so.

  • Pavements and roads were deadly this morning so went to the gym , 25 k on the treadmill is so boring but better than nothing I guess, not sure running that far on the treadmill is good for the legs.

    Hope everyone has some good running this weekend.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Nice running yesterday AGF, I hope your head cold is better?

    Well done on the icy run Teknik. Very icy here in places today but a stunning day, blue skies. image

    Sounds like a fun weekend OH image

    Did you get the long run MG1?

    NP another great hill run and amazing recovery pace yesterday. image

    NN hope the long run goes well today. No harm changing the schedule to suit, I just use them as a very rough guide!

    Stuart well done on the parkrun and good luck with the weigh in - you should do it after a long run image

    Well done on getting out HM4, will be great to get another one tomorrow! image

    21 miles for me this morning, just loved it - so sunny! Chilly and breezy but can't get much better for January. A fair bit of black ice but stayed on my feet. Av pace 8:16mm and felt relaxed all the way round.image Happy.image


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM well done for getting outimage

    MG good long treddie run

    Fiona fantastic 21 miler, great pace too.  

    NP - forgot to say LOL at your yoga image...I have to say, the first week, someone turned up in a bikini.  Funnily enough, I haven't missed a session since...image

  • Fiona C no outdoor long run pavements, roads and canal paths too dangerous so 25 k long treadmill run, hopefully that's the last snow and ice for the winter.

    Looks like you have had a great morning !
  • NP, nice recovery run, hope the physio session help,

    NN, enjoy the long run today, hopefully it won't be too fast,

    SM6, good run today and it sounded like a tricky parkrun,

    Tek, another good run today, good luck with the club race tomorrow,

    MG1, nice dread mill session

    Fiona, another good 20+ miler in the bank, well done

    Tek, lol I'm sure the class is now over subscribed

    I did parkrun this morning, it was the first since may last year so I was expecting a pb (31:xx) conditions were good, it rained last night, making the underfoot conditions slippery in places. I went out too fast 8:01mm slowed considerably too 8:45, 8:47mm

    Finished in 26:17m, got to be happy with a PB

    Planning a recovery run later, as I didn't have time this morning
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done MG1, this is the first year (so far...touches wood!) that I've not done a 20 on the treadmill. In 2010/11 I did 3 but it's still good training. image 

    NP/Teknik, had a laugh at the hot yoga image! image

    Done some baking....now to wash the car (never did get it washed over Xmas!)  


  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Cross post Stewart, great PB!! imageimage


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Sat in waterstones drinking tea waiting on the OH getting her hair done then its shop till I drop lolimage

    NN well done on last nights run

    SC well done on the PB and extra miles image

    SM6 nice park run and gym session.

    HM4 well done for getting out at last I'm sure 3 miles won't kill your legs tomorrow image

    MG1 well done on the dreadmill image

    Teknik well done in poor conditions, was it you in your manikini?

    Fiona fantastic 21 miles in the bank conditions much the same here blue sky but very cold and the further up my hill the closer it got and lots of black ice. Your in your grove training wise at the moment image

    Hill run 4 up 4 down 4 undulating for just over 12 miles great view over to Scotland this morning.
  • Afternoon.

    Great running everyone..

    Fiona fabulous pace for that 21 well done you..

    Stewrat congrats on the PB...especially if it was slippery

    HM4 still chilly for you then..where do you live..?

    MG1 impressive miles on the treadmill I dont think I could handle moe than 3-5 miles.

    SM6  so is it still icy where you are ? hope the pounds are melting away even if the ice/snow isnt..

    Tek just dont wear a thong !!

    Beautiful day here at the moment in sunny Devon, lots of rain overnight though and more to come later.

    20 miles done and dusted..2 hours 57 mins ..16miles  with club then 4miles on my own I managed to pick the pace up from 9s average with club ( which is a bit better paced than usual)  and managed  to do the last 4 on my own a bit progressive .9.06...8.52..8.45..8.38..



  • Blimey - there has been some good running today. 

    Fiona - Wow - Have you ever been so good at this stage of your marathon campaign. Brilliant running,

    Night Nurse - another great one. Do you think it helped running 16 with others. Great to still have speed at the end too!!

    No Pain - its sounds like your afternoon shopping is going to painful  ( for the wallet and min - lol ) Well done on your Sat hill run.  Your certainly running strong !

    Great PB Stewart - Nice to see you smash expectations !

    MG - well done on the treddie run. Needs must and that will certainly make you stronger !

    Stuart/Tek, well done on your 8 milers. Souns like you both struggled with Ice etc. 

    HM -well done for getting out and running !

    I still have the head cold fiona, despite going to bed at 8pm last night image.   That combined with very icy pavements etc made me decide to run indoors at the Gym. Banged out the 20 miler quite slowly as I wanted to run within myself. So probably all Under 70% MHR - but hopefully that means it will help with the body adaptions. Will need to do some Long runs with MP pace nearer the time !

    Comfort food tonight. Sausage Chips and Beans image Why not - earnt it image

  • NP - I think I got a PB today 2°C!image
    LOL at hot yoga
    Well done on hill run in black ice today - hope the views were worth it

    NN All our snow gone (into the sea perhapsimage)
    Good you were able to get out yesterday
    Today's 20 sounds impressive
    (I never run as fast on my own)

    SM6 still icy with you then? Well Doneimage

    Tek rain on our compacted snow made it lethal for a day

    HM4 Good you've managed to get outimage

    MG1 25k on dreadmill sounds devoted!

    StewartC Well done on PB imageimage
    (a while since I've done my one and only 5k - no park runs here)

    AGF 20 mile dreadmill - devotion again!

    Managed another 18 miles after my chill swim. All snow gone now but hail showers and a brisk wind to contend with.

    Next round of Socialathon coming on ...

  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Great running folks I've had a brief read but am struggling to take it all in at the moment as I'm feeling like crap last 2 days. Today I woke up at midday having turned in last night at 9pm !!! So ended up knocking my run on the head. Feeling well guilty now image

    21m tomorrow, just hoping this clears and I can man up.
  • NN,

    Petersfield (north east Hampshire).


    I think I should be okay for 2 miles.  I've also got Monday & Tuesday off so I'm hoping to get out then.


    Thanks guys & well done on everyone's training today.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    NIght Nurse that's another great 20 mile run into the bank well done image

    AGF well done for doing 20 on the dreadmill and with a head cold more miles into the bank image

    OH is that your body temperature after the swim in the sea? Fantastic 18 miles after that. I know from doing the few triathlons early last year and this year that it takes a time to get used to the cold water, I was soaking in a cold bath 3 or 4 times a night for about 15 mins trying to get used to the cold are you at that stage now where it only takes you seconds to get used to it? And how long before you start to feel really cold?

    Mace better to take the rest sounds like your body needed it.

    HM4 a mile added each day would be fine. image
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