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  • Tek- I'm ok, thanksimage

    NN/ AGF- well done on the 20simage, especially AGF on the treadieimageimage

    Will read back properly in a bit, but I missed yesterday's run due to family stuff image and workimage. Got back on track today though- polished off yesterday's 12m this morning and 2 x6.5m recovery runs for today sees me back on scheduleimage

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason 25 miles for the day wow well done mate hope you have now put your feet upimage
  • NP- feet are up and glass of red in front of me

    TBH, feeling fresh enough- the worst run was the first one where my lower legs felt really tight around shins and ankles. I don't know if it was a reaction against a rest day or against several days of running on hard snow and ice, but much better for the later recovery runs which were far smoother image
  • AGF how on earth did you manage to get your head around that ?? that really is dedication..it must have been very warm and stuffy too if our gym is anything to go by; well done indeed; and yes running 16 with the others was really enjoyable and the time flew by..there were a few more hills than I would have done if I had worked out my own route so I was  really pleased to feel so strong.

    OH well done one the 18..and braving nasty weather..I was lucky for mine today
    Mace hope you feel better for tomorrow LSR and don't feel guilty if you aren't feeling 100% its silly to even think about running 21 miles but you know that anyway..
    HM4 I hope you can make the most of your days off and get some running done

    Jason..wow !!

  • NP, good run and the view makes all the difference

    NN, a good pace and you finished it strong you must have been happy with that image

    AGF, hope you're feeling better, and 20 on the treadie in amazing, you definitely have earned that meal.

    OH, impressive stuff a swim followed by an 18 miles in the hail

    Mace, listen to the body if you need to rest up rest up, good luck with the 21 tomorrow, if the body allows

    HM4, good luck with the two miler, 

    Jason, 25 miles in a day, WOW! what can I say you're a machine

    not long returned from my recovery run 5 miles @10:56mm, so just over 8 miles for the day, l'm looking forward to the long run in the morning, hoping to do around 14, but it is time dependent, the youngest has a highland dancing competition at 1pm so I'll need to be done and dusted by 12pm

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Hope you enjoyed the shopping NP, payback time for all that running!! image

    Great  20 NN with the fast finish. Well done for not stopping at 16 when everyone else did!

    AGF amazing effort, 20 in the gym would be tough as they are so warm! Looked back the diaries and I think this year is going well....so far! image

    Can't imagine setting off for a run after being so cold in the water OH, well done!

    No point running til you feel better mace, you'll only end up worse. Take care.

    jason great to catch up but careful....!

    Hope you get the run done Stewart, really windy here now but I guess half of the run could be easy! image

    Easy run planned for tomorrow, will try to get out between the forecast showers.


  • NP,

    i know it doesn't sound too much however I have to add mileage gradually.  Whenever I've had a few days off like this I've tried to add mileage but it's backfired.

    Stewart & NN,



    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Thanks Guys. The treddie is not too bad, I watched 20/20 cricket, football focus and then 6 nations so was kept entertained image

    I must say everyone seesm to be having a stormer  !! Jason, night nurse and Stewart - well done on your runs too !!

    A jog with the dog this morning and after a late brekkie in bed I am about to take her for a walk in the sun !!! ( cannot say that too often ).

    Enjoy your sundays !!

  • Maybe if the treadmills in my gym faced a telly I would get my head round treadmill running , but all ours face a mirror image

    Stewartc enjoy the 14 miler

    Rest day today, back on nights tonight.


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stewart nice 5k PBimage. Well done!!. Good recovery run.  I hope the LSR goes ok today, and enjoy the highland dancingimage

    Fiona enjoy the easy run after that fantastic 21 milerimage

    NP LOL at the mankini - mmm, food for thoughtimage. Nice hill run yesterday.

    NN great 20 miler - really impressed with the progressive splits. Enjoy the rest day today. 

    AGF fantastic dedication for that treddie 20 image. Have fun with walking Lulu...

    OH great training - cold swim then the 18 miler in the hail and wind.

    mace wish you well soon

    HM enjoy the long weekend

    Jason 25 miles in one day! Wow!


    One mile warm up then 8m Club race today.  It rained heavily overnight and it was 8C this morning, so all the ice has gone.  Bit too much to drink last night meant I struggled, but 7:42 av pace was only a bit behind my planned half mara pace, so reasonably happy.

  • Hi everyone. Sorry i havent been on. My knees have started aching again after being back to work, 12 hour days not helping. Tried a 10 miler last saturday and had to stop after 5, was keeping it easy aswell. As soon as i even try to jog out to the car or anything the outside of my right knee aches and i have to stop. Iv been stretching every night to try and keep loose and im working close to home for the next 2 months so going to try and go swimming as much as i can. Once my leg starts getting better, what mileage should i drop to to ease back in. I was running 2x 4mi easy, 2x 7mi and was up to 14mi on a sunday. Im planning on slowing my pace down to 8.30 for the easy aswell until i get back into the swing of it.

  • Fiona, hope you enjoyed the recovery run today

    HM4, you're right to take your time and build the mileage slowly, why risk injury,

    AGF, enjoy your walk

    NN, hope your relaxing and enjoying the rest

    Tek, well done on your club race, how's the head

    Only 13 miles today, but to be fair it is all the legs could take, the last couple of miles were a little uncomfortable, resting up now, will get on the foam roller later hopefully that will iron out the kinks.

    13m 2:21:xx @10:53mm
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a nice day with you AGF. image Hope the sun stayed out for Lulu's walk. image

    NN see your point about the treadmill, a lot to be said for the brick wall in my garage! image Enjoy the rest day.

    Teknik sounds tough, well done on a good result.

    spark, shame about the leg. I'd just start easy at a few miles to see how it goes. You can then build back up fairly quickly if the injury stays away.

    Well done on the long run Stewart.

    Did 5 miles easy and it was blowing a gale on the way back. Nice to get out.image


  • In 24 hours the pavements and roads have got back to normal and not a bit of snow and ice left , rest day today and look forward to a good weeks training .

    Fiona C good run after yesterday efforts

    Stewart C good 13 miler, do the foam rollers work well? They have them in the gym but have never used them, I always go for plenty of stretching.

    Have one of the Hell Runner races in a few weeks , has anyone done this event before?
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Bit of reading backimage

    Jason nice to see you put your feet upimage hope you enjoyed your red wine.

    SC Well done on your recovery run and 13 miles today, I spend about 15 to 20 mins every night on the foam roller.

    AGF Nice recovery run and I hope you and Lulu enjoyed the walk in the sun, nice if you can get out of the wind here.

    NN Enjoy your rest day dont work to hard tonight

    Teknik well done on the club race that would have blown out the cobwebs from last nightimage.

    Spark sorry to hear about your knees I would cut back and start easy and build on the 10% a week better safe than sorry.Nice to see you backimage

    Fiona nice easy 5 miles for you, wind is the same hereimage.

    MG1 enjoy your rest day.

    Well got up to the sound of the windimage I made a mistake last week or the week before and ran with it at my back for the first half of my long run this week however I ran into it for the first 11 miles this week before turning back for home. I also put in some miles at marathon pace all be it wind assistedimage. Splits:8:13, 7:56, 8:07, 8:00, 7:37, 8:05, 7:48, 7:52, 7:49, 7:35, 7:49, 7:48, 7:46, 6:55, 6:41, 6:47, 6:41, 7:03, 7:27, 6:58, 8:13, 8:35, 1:24 So 22.17 miles in the VLM bankimage and my legs are ready to go againimage





  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NP an amazing run, you must be so pleased. image Still got 12 weeks too!! Even better that the legs could go on after 2 days hard running!

    MG1 the foam rollers are great. On mine this morning as my right knee playing up and it does help.


  • Tek - Good running yesterday, and today even with a bit of a hangoverimage Having not had a drink this year yet, I'm missing feeling like death while out running on Saturday mornings.

    HM - Well done on getting back out

    MG - 25k on the treddy is great work!! Bet you'll be glad to get back out on the road though!

    Fiona - Great long run paceimage

    Stewart - Nice running today, and congrats on a nice new shiny PBimage

    NP - Nice couple of runs this weekend, especially running 11 miles into the wind today

    NN - Great running!

    AGF - 20 miles at the gym? I think you're a bit madimage Good work

    OH - Well done on the swim and LSR. I think your OW swimming might be even more mental than AGFs treadmill LSRs...

    MAce - Hope you got out today

    Jason - Great total yesterdayimage

    Spark - Take care


    Lower body weights, and weigh in at the gym yesterday. Back down to 11'13, from 12'7 at new year. So pretty pleased with thatimage I think the snow and ice promptly dissappeared once I got home from parkrun yesterday!

    Was going to do 17 today, but as it was forecast to rain all day I decided against it. Might have made a big mistake, as since the tennis finished, it's only rained for about 10 minutes. It's very windy though. Could go for a short run or hit the gym but have a pretty serious case of cba'd.

    17ish tomorrow morning then.

  • NP_ great running, mateimage

    spark- hope the injury keeps away and you get back on track

    Fiona- nice run- wind is stoopid here too!

    SM6- great weight loss and enjoy the postponed 17image

    Today saw me doing an enforced raceimage It's an inter-club Team Pursuits where each runner sets off at 15 second intervals and the team of 5 with the quickest aggregate time wins- Good fun, but interfered with planned 16m LR....The race was 6.6m through the edge of the Preseli Mountains and wickedly hilly as a result- my first (downhill) mile was my quickest at 5.28, my slowest (VERY uphill) was 8.40!!!! Just to add to the interest, at a few points the road was over the socks deep in water from the ice and snow melt- brr! At other points there was a torrent running down the roadimage Oh, and just to make it really interesting, we had the same gale force icy blasts here- I actually got blown almost off the road a couple of times on the hill tops. So how did I solve the dilemma of the long run and missed miles? I went round again, of courseimage Not quite the miles planned, but a much tougher 14.28 for the dayimage 

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Jason great running in poor conditions bet your second half was a bit slowerimage
  • Lots of great running going on, some in awful conditions. Well done everyone!

    No running here this week yet, but lots of brisk walking instead. A total of 57 miles for the week.

    I would like  to think that I am nearly full recovered and ready for some easy jogging this week  but I will see how it goes.image


  • NP- Oh Yesimage

    kaz- fingers crossedimage

    Recovery week done and dusted- lets get back to it!!image

    89.13m in 11.51.21 (7.59 avimage)

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Spark welcome back. Sorry to hear about the knee - take it easy and I'd stick to the 10% rule when re-building

    Stewart well done on the 13 miles. Head's ok (now) thanksimage

    Fiona nice easy 5m

    MG glad the roads are back to normal. Can't help on the Hell Runner, sorry

    NP fantastic 22mimage

    Stuart well done on the non-drinking.  Well done on that weight loss !!

    Jason well done that sounded really tough!

    Kaz glad you're out and about - 57 miles walking is superbimage


    Just discovered the date thingy on the Fetch training log, so...

    63.1m in 9h44 (9:16 av pace) (I passed the "half Jason" test)image


  • macemace ✭✭✭
    Managed to get out but probably shouldn't have.

    Decided to run a loop as I wasn't sure how it would go even though I felt ok when I started. Spent miles 9-14 trying to find a loo for a trot stop, most of that was up and down hills into the wind. Then as I got to my house at mile 16 I popped a gel and took a drink, started feeling a bit dizzy then half a mile down the road bailed out .... just hit me .... I felt I couldn't run another 100 yards let alone the 4.5M left

    Have felt all afternoon that my bones have been chilled !!
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    jason you madman! imageimage

    kaz 57 miles walking!! image Well done, bet you can't wait to get running again.

    mace hope you are ok, stay warm and recover before getting out again! image

    Nice stats Teknik and jason, just did the date thing (still use a paper diary too so just checking! image) 70 miles, 9h16m av pace 7:57mm.


  • Fiona - I certainly can't. But I think the dog will be happier so the doesn't get walked as much!!!image

  • Well did another 7 tonight to make 14+  for the day. Pleased with that after yesterdays 20. Tomorrow will mainly be a rest day - partially becuase I am at a conference and the days timing and location means zero change of running ( partial excuse for a rest day ).

    69 Miles for the week. Think This week coming had better be a rest week as that is now 4 high mileage weeks in a row and somehow. Less is sometimes more - I must think of that this week image

    I promise not to post any more photos of Lulu... image



  • 57 Miles walking Kaz - great job. Good to hear your about to start running soon again too.

    Jason/NP, well done both of you for some more brilliant running !!

    Mace. Well done for giving it a go. You never know if you never try. Your mileage has been great. Think this is probably the body asking for a few rest days and early nights.  Plenty of Vit C helps too.  By neext weekend I am sure you will be rocking and rolling if you take a couple of days off !!

    Stewart - well done on the 13 miles - this training will pay off !!

    Tek - 63 miles - super work mate, especially as you have a few extra weeks until your marathon!! - You will arrive in very good shape if this continues !!

    Hi Spark - sounds like a tough one. Hope the knee improves

    Stuart - thats good dedication sir. I need some of that weight loss...It will certainly help come race day !!

    Fiona - super mileage - but the really impressive thing is the speed for those miles. Very very good work !!

    Hi MG - Hell runner sounds to tough for me - sure you will go smash it !!!

  • AGF- great photo image If you have just done 4 hard weeks then, YES, a recovery week is called for? At least, I wouldn't do more than 4, and often when things get speedier, 3
  • AGF - Lulu looks gorgeous ! Nice training partner to have.
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Lulu is beautiful and please do keep posting photos of her. image


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