2013 Marathon Thread



  • AGF,

    That's one cute photo & dog.  Agree with Fiona image.


    Good luck.  The Hellrunner races are meant to be tough.


    Well done on everyone's training.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Kaz1 fantastic walking image sure the dog will be glad of the rest.

    Jason that's still more mile than me in your recovery weekimage

    Teknik that's a great weeks running.

    Fiona 70 miles is great running taking into account the weather in Scotlandimage

    AFG another great weeks running and a great photo of Lulu but its about time you took your Christmas tree downimage

    HM4 are you running today?

    78.84 miles running and 1.84 miles swimming so just over 80 miles for the weekimage
  • AGF we like the pictures of Lulu!

    last XC yesterday. Quiet running fortnight ahead (determined by work) although hopefully will get out next weekend again

  • Jason - Well done on the race+extras, sounds a tough course

    Mace - Well done for at least getting out there. Sounds like a few rest days are in order though!

    KAz - 57 miles walked is seriously good going!

    AGF - Good running, and nice picture of the dogimage

    NP/Tek/Fiona/AGF/Jason - nice mileages for the weekimage


    17.3 miles @ 9.17 for me today. Would have been slightly easier if I hadn't eaten a mountain of porridge 45 minutes before going out...image

    47.5 miles for the week, aiming for 53ish this week including a 20 on Sunday or Monday.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    mace - sounds like a proper lurgy - rest up mate

    Fiona super mileage and pace!!

    jason sound advice

    Kaz lolimage

    AGF nice double (esp after the 20 miler); great week's total and I love the Lulu piccie. 

    NP super week's mileage in and out of the pool

    OH well done on the cross country

    Stuart nice long run - good week's total

    HM Happy Anniversaryimageimage


    Went out this morning for a slow 4m in case I CBAd on tonight's run to and from yoga.  With the rain and howling wind outside...sofa calling...

  • Tek,



    Yes.  I got out before all the rain - it's been raining constantly from about 1pm.  My legs were feeling quite heavy this morning, however 3 days in a row after 3 weeks of not running isn't a very good idea.  Depending on the weather I'm going to try & get out tomorrow as I've also got that day as holiday.


  • A 5 mile brisk walk this  afternoon with a 1 mile jog tagged onto the end. All ok, no pain but it was only a mile!! But its a start.

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    SM6 well done on the 17 miles and 47.5 for the week image

    Teknik well done on the 4 easy

    HM4 happy anniversary image and well done on getting out.

    Kaz1 well done image

    54x25m swim and 4 miles easy with 8 sets of strides in it image
  • Nice hour and half of gym work, cross training , core and leg work.

    Sm6 good run today and an impressive week

    Tek nice little stroll for you today

    No Pain, all that swimming is impressive.
  • NP_ nice mileage and swimmingimage

    Fiona- who's mad? Nice mileageimage

    kaz- well doneimage

    MG1- good core workimage

    Tek- nice running and sofaingimage

    What a day here! This morning I managed 0.1m before realising that the roads and pavement were lethally slippery- and no sign of gritimage Plan B came into operation- a mind-numbing 6.5ishm of laps of a very muddy football pitch in the darkimage. This evening I did a tad over 7m recovery again, this time in a RIDICULOUS wind. image

    Still - on a positive, 13.46m for the cause today and sees me pass the 400m for the month pointimage

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Amazing mileage jason, I'm hoping to get past 300 in January!! image

    Great that you've been out the last 3 days HM4 and Happy Anniversary. image

    Well done on the long run Stuart, especially on a Monday!

    Teknik sometimes an easy day does you more good than a really miserable run.

    Great that you got a short run kaz.

    Another great day's training NP! image

    MG1 nice cross training, some weights for me tomorrow.

    4 miles easy this morning then tonight 8 miles with 3 lots of 2 miles at 6:26mm pace off 3 minute recoveries.


  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭
    Great running Jason, in December I did 6 miles round football pitches I know how hard that is. 400 for the month wow.

    Fiona great speed on the tempo runs and 300 miles for the month image
  • Fiona- nothing mere about 300! image nice running tonight too!

    NP- not the best, but needs must!

    My mileage is actually going to be down on last January's 501- but they were a lot slower as I was training for a couple of ultras then image
  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Indeed, edited to remove that as I can be so negative! Trying to be more positive imageimage


  • There really is some serious mileage going on from everyone..I should get to 283 by the end of January my highest EVER and up till now not a session missed on the P&D schedule,

    Kaz that is some serious walking..how many hours did that all add up to ?
    SM6 nice pace for that 17 miler and what else were you meant to eat before ? I run so I can eat mountains of porridge..lol

    mace we all know we shouldnt run...but we have all run we should have rested .take care and get well soon

    Hm4 3 days on the trot fab great stuff hope you can make it 4

    Tek we all deserve a few hours on the sofa, I bet most of us here spend very little time sat doing nothing...enjoy it when you can

    AGF what gorgeous pics of lulu so shiny black I bet you feel dead proud when you are ot showing her off, well done on getting so any miles done, with and without her

    Jason I wouldn't enjoy doing those laps but if it were the choice of that or a treadmill I would take the laps..mud and all

    Fiona , tonight session sounds interesting hope it went well?

    NP nice days training running and swimming, swimming is the one thing that I haven't done so much of since starting this schedule I just don't have the time to run and swim now.

    I managed to get an easy 5 in tonight , I was prepared to take an extra rest day as I worked last night and picked my grandson up on the way home and had him all day so his mum could work..( the only person in the world I would miss a sleep for ).but the little dear did have a nap and a cuddle with me this afternoon..so I was a bit refreshed and got out for 50 mins or so once he went home

    Absolutely dreading tomorrows 10 miles with 5@LT its going to be blowing a hooly and piddling down !!


  • Jason, almost 90 miles in a recovery week, awesome, well done getting another double done in treacherous conditions

    Mace, hope you've recovered and feeling better today

    Kaz, 57 miles walking, very impressive, well done with the walk and jog session today

    Fiona, that a lot of miles at a very good pace well done, good double today, were the intervals done in the gym?

    AGF, what a lovely doggie, good totals for the week too

    NP, I tried the cold bath with the tea, I think I broke the WR for speed tea drinking image, awesome running and swimming totals

    OH, Hope the enforced cutback weeks go well

    SM6, good LSR today, 

    Tek, good to beat the CNBA daemon, relax and enjoy the rest on the sofa you deserve it

    HM4, well done for getting out today and I hope the weather gods play fair and you can get out tomorrow

    MG1, sounds like a good session at the gym, I'm avoiding the gym at the moment it is so busy

    NN, A good 5 miles recovery after a long day, hope the LT session goes well tomorrow

    10 miles this evening, it was very windy and it was raining as well, tried to do a progressive run but the conditions made it tricky, I also got snagged a few times in the 10th mile trying to cross the roads in the town


     Totals for last week: 49miles 8hr 33mins

  • Your right Night nurse, I am a little proud of lulu as silly as that is, as MG mentioned she is a lovely running partner, whom is always very happy to see me. That's a nice feeling too. She will do over 1000 miles with me this year, mostly running with me off lead and another 1000 miles on walks. Always brings a smile image

    Anyway apologies to non dog lovers and glad most folk liked the photo's. I have plenty of similar photos image

    I must say talk of 300 or 400 miles for newbies must be daunting for newbies ( me too) but I would say that the folk on this years thread seem to be running really really well. We all have our own targets and mist folk are on the road to achieving them. Keep up the good work!!!
  • Night nurse . I admire your dedication to your family and dedication to get runs in at difficult times when running shifts. You will smash Gfa this year. What's more many of us runners are selfish sometimes so it's lovely to hear you talking about you working around difficult shifts and family commitments. Your going to smash your PB !!
  • NN - Thanks, it only took just over 14 hours. But I don't have much else to do, and the dog needs walked anyway - although he didn't do all that!! Back to work for me, I think, on Friday. Good luck with LT today.

    More walking  for me today, then another gentle jog tomorrow for hopefully a bit further, maybe I will just walk run 5 miles or jog the lot if I feel ok!!image

  • Kaz,

    Well done

    Stuart & NN,

    Not a chance with how the forecast is and I don't think my legs would like it, however I do also have Thursday off as well so will try & get out then.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • Ah thanks AGF ..running has always been my 'me' time its the easiest thing to fit around family and shifts, gym classes courses etc are always at set times whereas you can run whenever you have a spare hour...or 3 (for the odd 20 miler lol )

    Kaz ,like AGFs lulu another fit lucky dog on the the thread thats get their share of walks, hope the jog goes well.

    HM4 hope the forecast is wrong so you can get out..

    weather not too bad at the moment unlike what Carol on the BBC says its NOT raining and its NOT windy  image so out for 10 now...then got a training afternoon at work.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Great that the weather is ok for your run NN, hope you get out too HM4 - I don't mind getting out for the short runs in rubbish weather but it is a thought for longer/speedy sessions. image 

    I hope the recovery continues kaz but be careful not to push it, you are doing so well!

    AGF I totally understand the proud feeling with Lulu! She is one lucky dog and has certainly landed on her 4 feet with you. image

    Stewart the run was on my own treadmill in the garage, well done to you for getting out last night. Nice weekly mileage.

    4 miles easy this morning for me.


  • 50mph winds and heavy rain forecast for tomorrow. image
    Maybe as well I'm grounded.image

    Hope to see you out and about soon Kaz

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    NN well done on the cuddleimage and easy 5 miles yesterday hope you got out for you 10 with @ 5 LT.

    SC how did you feel after the cold bath? did your legs feel refreshed? Well done on your 10mile run and the total for the weekimage.

    AGF Like Lulu's walking plan and running plan for the yearimage Dog lover here.image

    Kaz1 nice planimage

    Fiona nice first run of the dayimage

    Wel plan said 10 miles with 5@ LT for me today as soon as I stepped out the door the heavens openedimage running in shorts the legs felt a little on the cool side but there was little to no windimage splits for the total run:7:52, 6:09, 6:31, 7:19, 7:02, 7:06, 6:02, 6:10, 6:36, 8:07, I split the 5 miles at Tempo up and kept the pace steady in between, very happy at this stage of my trainingimage easy running for the rest of the week as I have a trail 10k race on Saturdayimage and use that as a Tempo run. 





  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    HM hope you're enjoying your day off

    Kaz nice walking and jogging. Glad you're up and out there...

    MG good work in the gym

    jason well done for slugging around the football pitch and good work in the wind last night

    Fiona nice double with some speedy long intervals yesterday.

    NN fabulous month so far; well done on the 5 miles and hope today's LT went ok.

    Stewart well done on that 10 miler

    AGF blimey that was a late night...image

    OH 50 mph windimage

    NP nice tempo pace !


    11m for me today - 5m on my own on the flat, and 6m on hills with the club.  I handed out the 40 CLICSargent vests this morning...everyone is excited about running as a team.image 

  • NN, Hope the LT session went well

    OH, looks like impeccable timingimage

    NP, the legs felt ok afterwards, however every inch of them were screaming for me to get out of the bath image a good tempo session no need for the cold bath todayimage

    Tek, another good mixed run, a worthy cause you're supporting

  • Well when I got up the weather looked ok...but as usual by the time I actually sorted myself out and got out the door the rain was coming down and the wind was picking up , neither a head wind or tail wind..more of a side battering wind....always a shock these sessions..aiming for sub 7.40s seem to take a while for legs to get the message...2.5 miles easyish either side
    LT bit.. 7.50...7.45...7.33...7.32...7.35 
    AVE HR 84.5% 

    NP great pace and how macho...the shorts in this weather I mean !!image

    Tek ..that's unusual a midweek club run during the day ? nice mileage for  the day..are all the 40 vests doing VLM ?

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stewart thanks

    NN - well done on the tempo.  My 'club' is for old geezers and housewives, and meets in the mornings. The charity effort is for our local Half in Brentwood (which has been picked this year as a race for the RW pace makers)image

  • Oh I see !! well  its brilliant that they are getting some encouragement....hope they collect lots of money..

  • Tek,

    Definately have done.


    Well done on everyone's training.  Didn't manage to get out today as it's been really wet & windy.

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